How to Write Sample Resignation Letter for a New Job

Resignation is a part of the job search. But one should prepare themselves and learn how to write sample resignation letter for a new job. Start by drafting a brief letter of resignation that outlines your reason for leaving.

Be sure to thank your employer for the opportunity and express your desire to remain on good terms. Once you’ve finished writing, review the letter carefully to ensure there are no errors or grammatical mistakes.

This article will discuss why writing a professional letter is essential and what things you should remember when writing a resignation letter for a job you just started. 

Why Is It Important to Write a Resignation Letter for a New Job?

A resignation letter for a job you just started confirms that you wish to move out of the company shortly. It also informs the employer why an employee would want to leave a job they had started on recently. 

It could be for a job offer that provides career advancements, better positions, higher salary packages, or personal reasons. 

In any case, it helps document that the employee is willing to leave the company and keeps the employer informed on the employee’s decision and last day of working.

Without proper documentation, it will be difficult for the company to keep track of the time duration left with the employee. 

Also, for the employee, the acceptance confirmation against this document is required if the person gets a new job letter. 

Resignation acceptance is an essential document required to be submitted before joining the company.

How to Write a Sample Resignation Letter for a New Job?

It is essential to be aware of the dos and don’ts to write a resignation letter for a job you just started. Here are a few pointers to help you create a resignation letter template:

Make Sure You Want to leave 

Your resignation is the key to your exit from the company. And you must ensure to have that locked with the right content in your final message. Mentioning a proper reason for resigning and staying firm helps back the letter.

Give Two Weeks Notice If Possible

It is a good thing if you serve your time before handing over the assets and exiting the company door. Confirming the date of relieving, with a possible stretch of two weeks’ helps maintain the faith that the company has in you. You could spend these two weeks handing over your tasks with documentation to confirm the handover.

Use Business Letter Format for Your Resignation Letter

Always use a formal business letter format when you write a resignation letter. You don’t want to risk your professional reputation or document your resignation that does not seem severe. 

Follow the below tips for better understanding:

Keep it Short

Try to keep the content of the document brief. You don’t want to get into the details of why you are leaving a company where you recently began working. Please specify the reason in the first paragraph. If it is relating to a family emergency or something that requires you to relocate immediately or on a specific date, let the same be known. Do add words of gratitude and appreciation for the support you received during your tenure. 

Keep It Positive

You must write the letter in a positive tone. No such words that give away dissatisfaction or negativity should be used in the letter. You want to impact your employer before you for a better job positively. Make sure you mention a few words about your manager to give them the attention they deserve.

Include Your Contact Information

Remember to add your contact number and email address to your resignation papers. This way, if anybody wishes to reach you later, they can do so easily. It also helps convey that although you are leaving the company, you wish to keep in touch with your employer and colleagues. 

Proofread your writing

A vital and very easily ignored point in resignation papers is proofreading. People tend to overlook any spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, professional salutation, or company address that may send the document to a wrong address. You should always double-check your resignation papers before sending it to your manager. 

You may also want to redo the tone and ensure it is professional and appropriate for the reader. 

Sample Resignation Letter for a New Job example

You must read a resignation letter example before you create one on your own. Read below resignation letter sample for guidance in writing the perfect resignation letter for a job you just started:

John Doe

111 ABC Road, 

New York, AB 12121


[email protected]

July 1, 2022

Jane Doe

Director, Human Resources,

ABC Company.

117 Business City,

New York, AB 12123

Dear Ms. Doey,

This letter is to notify you that I am resigning from my Manager – Sales position at ABC company. Although it was a difficult decision, I have finally decided to pursue my career aspirations for a better opportunity.

I would like to express gratitude towards ABC Company to say that all my achievements result from everything I learned from you and our team members. I am incredibly thankful to you for showing trust in me. It has helped me sail through this beautiful journey.

My last day at work would be on July 15, 2022, i.e., an official two weeks notice duration. I would document all my responsibilities as a part of the handover during this duration and ensure you do not face any challenges afterward.

I am hoping for your support during these last couple of weeks here.

Thank you so much again.

Sincerest apologies

John Doe

Signature(hard copy letter)

You could also add personal contact information such as personal email or cell phone number under your name to allow people to contact you or return messages from work. 

If you’re emailing your letter

In case you plan to leave a company you recently started working for, you can also email your resignation instead of a traditional hard copy letter, remember to format the text appropriately.

Remember to add an apt email subject line and mention the correct email addresses of the recipients. If you have two manager levels, add the email addresses in ‘To’ and ‘Cc’ to address both recipients. 

Also, do not forget to ensure the email is sent and not stuck in your Outbox folder. Such a mistake could delay the process and create miscommunication between you and your superiors. 

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