How Pinterest Can Help Your Job Search

You must be using Pinterest to share food, fashion, and lifestyle pictures. But did you know this platform is a beautiful tool for job seekers?

Yes, Pinterest can help you land your dream career.

Pinterest is a social media platform where users pin images, videos, and links. Though the platform was highly popular amongst women, the number of male users is also increasing. And as a result, Pinterest is becoming a valuable and helpful social networking platform for everyone, including job seekers.

You can use this app to learn about the company’s insights and connect with recruiters in your industry. This article shares how Pinterest can help your job search.

7 Ways to Use Pinterest for Job Search and Work Inspiration

Pinterest seems like a photosharing app at first glance. So, thinking about how it can help you search for employment is evident. But you’ll be surprised to know that Pinterest is a beneficial tool for job seekers actively or passively looking for jobs.

Below are seven ways to use Pinterest for job hunting:

1. Follow Job Search Boards

Pinterest boards let you pin several similar items under the same board. It is like a collection of relevant content. Companies typically create job boards to share company information, career tips, job search tips, etc.

You can follow such job search boards to learn about vacancies at various companies and dig deeper into your favorite companies’ insights.

2. Follow Career Experts

Like other social media platforms, career experts use Pinterest to share their knowledge with job hunters. Various experts share their stories related to work experience, career advice, and success tips on Pinterest.

You can also find tips on succeeding in freelancing, part-time jobs, or getting your dream full-time job.

So, search for experts in your industry and follow them. Also, look for boards created by companies and follow them.

3. Launch Your Own Brand Boards

Creating your personal brand can help you market yourself and attract recruiters. You can create a board on Pinterest to showcase your skills, interest, etc.

You can also create separate boards for your passion. For instance, if you are passionate about technology, create a board for it.

This method is handy if you want remote opportunities. Recruiters can reach you through your profile and boards and identify whether you are the right fit for the work. And if they are convinced with your work, they can contact you.

4. Post Your Resume

The best way to share your profile, work experience, skills, etc., with recruiters is through your resume. And you can do that by creating a separate board on Pinterest for your resume. You can also add a portfolio of your best work samples.

To make the board more exciting, pin photos of your school, college, previous company, co-workers, etc. Once your resume board is ready, share it with your friends and ask them to share it with their network.

5. Support Your Networking Goals

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest allows you to comment on pins. You can add a link to your profile while commenting on pins to expand your network. This is an excellent method to build stronger connections with recruiters and individuals in your industry.

You can network with recruiters and ask them if they are hiring.

Nevertheless, remember not to spam the comment section. Only include your links on relevant pins and not on every pin.

 6. Follow Prospective Employers

Another interesting use of Pinterest is to follow boards created by your dream companies. You can get company insights and learn about the company culture through these boards. It will help you understand whether the company is the right fit for you.

You can also attract potential employers by following their boards, re-pinning them, and commenting on their pins.

7. Pinterest Can Help You Stay Organized During Your Job Search.

While searching for jobs, you might follow various companies, employers, and career-related content. Organizing all the content to quickly refer to them can be challenging. However, you can create a private board and add all the valuable pins to that board.

You can create separate boards for your dream companies, career advice pins, etc., and refer to the relevant board when you need inspiration. This is a beautiful way to keep yourself stress-free while searching for jobs.


There you have it! Those are some common methods you can use to search for a job on Pinterest. 

As mentioned above, you can do much more on Pinterest than posting photos of food, fashion, travel, etc.. Use Pinterest to follow companies, and employers or to establish your brand. And if that’s not enough, ease your mood while hunting for jobs by viewing job search memes and motivational quotes.

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