7 Job Search Tips for 2022 [By a Career Expert]

Wondering how to improve your job search skills to attract the best job opportunities for you? Below are seven basic yet essential job searching tips to land your dream position faster.

Job hunting can be tedious for most people, especially when you receive only a few or zero responses after applying to several companies. At the same time, this also indicates you need to change your approach to searching for jobs.

In this article, you’ll find effective tips to apply while job searching.

Job Search Tips That Are So Basic that People Forget Them

You don’t need to know any special method before applying for jobs. Basic knowledge on how to search for jobs that may be the right fit for you can save your time and help you get hired quickly. Here are the top 7 search strategies to apply to your job hunting process:

1. Make Yourself an Obvious Fit – Tailor your Resume to each job

Most companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) for hunting the right talent for their company. And if your resume doesn’t make it through the ATS, you won’t be selected for an interview.

So, the first step is to prepare a well-structured resume. Highlight your skills, work experience, and achievements in the CV. Also, use keywords relevant to your job within the resume to get noticed and mention why you are the right fit for the position. You can find important keywords related to your industry by reading the job description or job titles during your job search process.

Finally, cross-check your CV to ensure it doesn’t contain any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself to Online Applications During Your Job Search

Most people stick only to online job applications while searching for jobs. However, you shouldn’t do the same. Instead, check newspaper advertisements for new job openings.

Besides, apply for internships or volunteer for organizations. You can also attend career fairs to apply to companies in person. You can visit companies and ask them if they are hiring. If it is the case, they may immediately interview you.

3. Your LinkedIn Profile also Matters to your resume

Many employers post updates for hiring candidates on their LinkedIn pages and invite applicants to apply for vacancies at their companies. So, you should regularly update your LinkedIn profile and keep it optimized.

You can also post updates related to your achievements, profession, etc., and engage with other people’s content to get your profile noticed. LinkedIn also allows you to message and connect with companies using your LinkedIn profile directly.

4. Develop Examples and Stories that Showcase your Skills

An excellent method to impress your recruiter is by showcasing your potential. But you cannot do that by merely listing your skills. Instead, be creative and develop a story or example to prove your capability. This will leave a positive impression on the interviewer’s mind and make him more interested in knowing you.

However, make sure not to fake anything during the job search process. Only share honest information about what you can do.

5. Make Networking Part of Your Everyday Life Online and Offline

Networking can do wonders in your job search journey! You can attend networking events online and offline to connect with professionals in your industry and people working in different organizations during such events.

When you connect with people, you can learn about unlisted jobs and get noticed by recruiters. Networking can also help you get referrals from other professionals. So, always try to connect and interact with new people and maintain professional contacts.

6. Your Thank You Matters

Even if you don’t receive a job offer, don’t miss out on thanking your employer. You can do this by sending a thank you email to the recruiter.

Tell him you enjoyed discussing the job details with him and would like to apply for a relevant job opening in the future. Also, extend gratitude for giving you time and interviewing you.

7. Continue Following Up with Hiring Managers

Recruiters often have multiple tasks along with interviewing candidates. So, they may take longer to respond to your job application. In such cases, you can send a follow-up email after a day or week to follow up with your employer.

This email shows your employer that you are still interested in the new job and are waiting for their response. Also, thank him and tell him you enjoyed talking to him. This will create a good impression on the recruiter’s mind while reminding them about your job interview.


Those were the best successful job search strategies to reduce your job search efforts and help you land your dream job. There are several other tips, but the tips mentioned above are enough to increase your chances of getting hired. Apply these strategies while hunting for jobs to speed up the job search and save time.

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