Job Search During the Pandemic: Tips and FAQs

The economy dropped drastically during the pandemic and impacted a lot of people. Thousands of people working in different industries have lost their jobs due to COVID 19 pandemic. Some were laid off, while some turned jobless because their companies shut down.

Besides, finding a new job during the pandemic has become more challenging. Job seekers must put in more effort and time to look for their dream opportunity.

In this article, we’ve shared helpful tips for job seekers seeking new jobs during Covid 19. If you started your job search during covid 19 pandemic, these tips we’ll help you land a better position faster.

Tips for Job Search During the Pandemic

Job hunting is no longer the same as normal times after the pandemic. Job seekers must be patient and apply to several jobs to receive a single response. The job market is also unstable in the current situation.

So, here are a few tips to boost your job search during Covid and land your next job quickly.

Strengthen Your Network and Utilize Social Media During Your Job Hunt

Networking is an excellent method to get information about job openings at various companies. You can connect with employers and professionals in your industry through online platforms or networking events. You can also ask them to refer you to their companies.

One of the best ways to strengthen your connections is through your LinkedIn profile. You can search and apply for jobs, connect with professionals, and follow companies on LinkedIn. This will help you create a robust professional network.

Know who’s Hiring

Not all companies post their job openings on online job boards. However, networking with employers and company workers can give you information about hidden opportunities.

Use social media or check company websites to know which companies hire new employees. Make a list of companies looking for new hires and apply for positions of your interest.

Utilize Social Media Such as Linkedin

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. The platform offers various features for job hunters and recruiters. You can create a LinkedIn profile and search for full-time or remote jobs.

Again, having a solid social media presence is vital after the pandemic. Online platforms allow you to learn about new opportunities, expand your network, and current hiring trends.

Most employers also search for and hire employees on LinkedIn. So, you should create your profile and stay active on LinkedIn to get your future job faster.

Use Online Job Search Sites Such as Handshake, Indeed, Linkedin, and Glassdoor

Online job search sites are beneficial for job searching. They let you browse and apply for opportunities in your current field from the comfort of your home.

can also appear for a job interview directly from these sites. Most companies post vacancies on an online job board and conduct the entire hiring process using these job search sites.

Again, you can search for employment under various categories. Some job search sites also provide resources for creating a resume, building a successful career, and personal branding. Popular employment searching sites include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

Be Willing to Take a Temporary Job to Demonstrate Your Abilities

If you cannot find a full-time, permanent job, you can accept temporary work until you get a new position. Most companies allow employees to work remotely or hire seasonal workers.

You can search and apply for such opportunities while continuing your job search for a full-time opportunity. Besides, some hiring managers may hire you permanently after the temporary contract ends.

Tailor Your Cover Letter and Resume to the Specific Job for Which You Are Applying

Most job applicants use the same cover letter and resume for all job opportunities. This negatively impacts the hiring manager. So, take some time to tailor your application specifically for the company you are applying to.

Additionally, focus on creating a professional and well-structured CV. Most companies use applicant tracking systems to shortlist candidates. So, your CV should make it through the ATS to get hired.

Brush Up on Virtual Interviewing

Job search during Covid 19 pandemic and interviewing have shifted online. Most companies call the candidate for a video interview before hiring him.

Especially if you are applying for remote jobs, you will most likely be called for a virtual interview. So, prepare in advance to appear for the virtual interview.

You can check online resources on preparing for a video interview. Also, keep regularly practicing to boost your confidence.

Be Patient and Persistent

Another rule to getting work faster during the Covid 19 pandemic is consistently applying for opportunities. You need to apply for jobs every day and be patient.

Don’t stop your search after sending applications during the first week or month. Continue it until you get a response from your dream industry.

It may also happen that you may not receive a response initially. But you need to be patient and focus on job searching. Soon you will land your ideal career.

Set Up Your Workspace

Since most companies offer remote work after the pandemic, you must keep your workspace ready. Keep your computer/ laptop ready and check if your internet connection is strong enough to handle online work.

Some industries may require you to meet specific criteria to work remotely. So, make sure to leave no loose ends before applying for new positions.

Be Prepared to Start Work Immediately

Suppose your industry demands you to join immediately after your interview and selection. You must be prepared for that. Most industries usually mention the expected start date within the job description, so you can check that before applying and prepare accordingly.

FAQs About Job Searching During the Pandemic

Are employers still hiring right now?

Yes, employers are still hiring workers in almost every industry. However, most positions are now remote. So, the way of working has changed, but the demand for new hires still exists.

Should I even bother applying right now?

If you have been unemployed recently due to the pandemic, it may take longer for you to get hired. Again, most companies might take longer to respond to job applications. So, you should continue applying for jobs of interest to land an opportunity sooner.

My interview was postponed due to the pandemic. What can I do?

Many companies laid off existing workers and kept applications on hold during the pandemic. If you received an offer or interview from a company and it got postponed due to Covid-19, contact the company to know the status of your application. If they ask you to wait, contact them again after a week.

In the meanwhile, you can apply for other positions. You can also invest time learning new skills to improve your skill set. If possible, suggest to take a video interview.

Is there more competition for remote jobs now?

The number of remote positions has increased during the pandemic. Likewise, the number of people interested in working online has also increased. Most people now prefer working remotely instead of in office jobs. The major reason behind this is the flexibility and convenience of remote careers.

Consequently, the demand for online work has increased. But in the long term, it looks like most people will prefer going back to the office rather than working from home. So, the competition for remote work is higher, but it may change in the future.

Do I change my expectations about employment opportunities?

You may expect a change in your career after the pandemic. Though most companies are hiring remote workers right now, the trend will change in the upcoming years. So, you can currently focus on remote opportunities but prepare for in-office work after the pandemic.

My offer was frozen. Now what?

If you began your job search before or during the pandemic and your offer was frozen, you should contact the hiring manager and as him when the freeze will be lifted. The recruiter may put your offer on hold for various reasons.

So ask the recruiter who conducted the hiring process about your offer’s status. Again, you can use your free time to look for new opportunities or learn new skills.


Getting a job during the pandemic can take longer than usual. But that doesn’t mean that you put your job search process on hold. Instead, use this time to browse for remote opportunities and learn new skills. You can apply the tips in this article to boost your job search.

Also, use online job portals and other sites to strengthen your professional network and get a job faster.

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