Is Power Generation A Good Career Path? (15 Best Paying Jobs)

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Power is an integral part of our lives. Most things we use daily, including gadgets, computers, etc., are energy-dependent. No wonder this sector has a plethora of job opportunities!

If you’ve been wondering about building a career in power generation, you’ve made an excellent choice. This sector is evergreen and produces various career opportunities in different industries.

This post will review the best-paying jobs in power generation and the required qualifications. Check it out before you begin your job search journey!

What is Power Generation?

Power generation involves the process of transforming energy sources into electricity. These energy sources could be water, wind, sun, biogas, etc. Green electricity can also be generated from low-impact hydroelectricity generation projects.

Over the past years, the use of green energy increased majorly because it reduces or emits the impacts of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. It’s an excellent method of producing clean and renewable energy sources.

Why Should You Build a Career in Power Generation?

The power generation sector has various opportunities in different industries. You can land an entry-level, mid-level, or executive-level opportunity with the right skills and qualifications.

Most entry-level jobs require a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree. However, you may need a master’s degree to advance to senior positions.

Pursuing a career in this industry can also contribute to building a better world through green energy. It’s a good career path for those interested in the energy sector.

Besides, as the demand for green energy increases, high paying job opportunities Renewable energy sector also rise. And it’s an evergreen industry. So, the jobs in power generation will not decrease.

What are the Best Paying Jobs in Power Generation?

Finding the best-paying jobs in power generation is essential to secure your future. But, the sector offers a range of opportunities making it hard to find the right best-paying power generation jobs.

So, here goes our list of the highest-paying jobs in energy.

Civil Engineer Jobs

Average annual salary – $108,079 per year

Civil engineers are the most important professionals required during site construction at a power plant. They are responsible for inspecting the land for project construction, planning, and building the power plants.

Civil engineers also define methods to help renewable energy companies build effective power plants. To become a civil engineer in the energy sector, you need a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a relevant field.

Petroleum Engineer Jobs

Average annual salary – $81,130 per year

Petroleum engineer jobs are the best paying jobs in power generation for individuals interested in working in the oil and gas industry.

Petroleum engineers are responsible for designing and developing machinery to extract oil and gas from the Earth’s surface. They work at drilling sites, offices, and well sites.

They conduct regular testing and maintenance of equipment. You can work as a petroleum engineer after pursuing a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in petroleum engineering.

Environmental Scientist Jobs

Average annual salary – $64,916 per year

Environmental scientists are individuals that analyze and study data to predict environmental hazards and provide solutions accordingly.

They create reports based on their research and educate the government and other people on how human activities impact the environment.

Environmental scientist jobs are among the best paying jobs in power generation and require individuals to have a bachelor’s degree in environmental science.

Solar Sales Representative Jobs

Average annual salary – $53,750 per year

Solar sales representatives are responsible for interacting with new, existing, and prospective customers like other sales representatives.

They communicate with customers to determine their solar equipment needs and maintain their existing solar energy system. They also pitch new solar systems to clients and provide effective solar energy solutions.

Though the role doesn’t require technical experience, sales experience is preferred for this position.

Geoscientist Jobs

Average annual salary – $91,130 per year

Geoscientists are among the best and most popular power generation jobs. Geoscientists study the physical components of Earth to determine the availability of water and land resources.

The demand for geoscientists is the highest in the oil and gas industry and the mining sector. You also need a bachelor’s degree in geoscience, geophysics, or geology to work as a geoscientist.

Maintenance Technician Jobs

Average annual salary – $50,606 per year

Maintenance technicians are responsible for troubleshooting problems in machinery or equipment in power plants.

They keep a record of malfunctioned, damaged machinery and repairs for the future. They run tests to check the machine quality and help other engineers to install machines in industries.

The minimum qualifications for maintenance technician jobs is a bachelor’s degree with a high school diploma. You will also have to take on-the-job training.

Power Plant Operator Jobs

Average annual salary – $80,900 per year

Power plant operator jobs are one of the best-paying jobs in power generation. They check the plant operations and maintain safety procedures at energy companies. They regularly check the equipment for errors and ensure that they operate correctly.

You can get a power plant operator job with a high school diploma, but the job also needs you to have extensive on-the-job training.

Power Technician Jobs

Average annual salary – $58,000 per year

Power technicians are popular jobs in the energy industry. As a power technician, you must maintain and repair different structures and components like power conversions, power generators, circuit breakers, transformers, etc.

They handle equipment needed for power distribution and maintain them. This job involves huge risks. So, you need to work within the safety measures declared by the companies.

Field Service Technician Jobs

Average annual salary – $54,649 per year

Field service technicians must travel to different locations to fix the client’s power issues. They assess and troubleshoot issues to provide on-site support to clients.

Field service technicians are also responsible for communicating with clients and fixing appointments. They ensure that the client’s issues are solved within the given timeline.

Entry Level Jobs

You can also apply for the following entry-level renewable energy jobs. These jobs require comparatively fewer qualifications. But you can still earn a decent income and enjoy other perks.

Entry Level Mechanical Engineer

Average annual salary – $58,726 per year

Mechanical engineers working at entry-level positions in the renewable energy sector are responsible for designing and developing machinery. They test prototypes and existing machines to detect operational issues.

They also provide solutions for solving such operational issues. They also stay in touch with other energy engineers and managers in the industry. It is an ideal profession for those interested in the mechanical and energy industry.

Solar Power Installer

Average annual salary – $70,069 per year

Solar power installers are professionals who assemble and install solar panels. Most industries nowadays are switching to solar energy. So, professionals in this field will be in huge demand in the coming years.

It is also the fastest-growing renewable energy job. Solar power installers install solar panels on roofs or fields to produce solar energy and convert it into electricity.

Solar installations require people to work outdoor since the solar systems are set up in open spaces.

Why Choose a Career in Power Generation?

There is a pool of power generation jobs. The renewable energy sector aims to establish healthy and greener Earth, which increases jobs in the renewable energy industry.

Power generation jobs give you excellent pay with the opportunity to serve society and build a better world.

Besides, energy is constant. So, this sector will always have job opportunities in the future. You can find opportunities based on your skills and qualifications in different parts of the world. And you may also have to travel to different locations in your career.

You can work in various energy industries like wind energy sites, solar power plants, oil and gas industries, etc.

Some popular power generation jobs include wind farm site manager, renewable energy consultant, financial analyst, industrial engineers, solar project developers, solar energy software developers, solar power plant operator, solar energy technician, and many more.

Education and Certification Requirements for a Career in Power Generation

The educational requirements for different careers in power generation vary depending on the role and seniority level. Some need a bachelor’s degree, while others require a high school diploma with training or relevant certification.

For instance, you need a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or environmental engineering to work as an environmental engineer.

Likewise, financial analysts, industrial engineers, wind farm site managers, solar power plant operators, etc., will require a relevant degree. Regardless, the following are some methods that can help you land a power generation job.

  • Pursue a certification course from an energy school after a high school diploma.
  • Go for apprenticeships to get relevant training, then apply for an energy job based on your skills.
  • Pursue a related bachelor’s degree.
  • Take practice tests to assess your ability and knowledge.

What Do People Working In Power Generation Do?

People in the energy sector apply their skills and knowledge to convert other energy sources into electricity. They aim to generate clean energy and provide new ways to store and harness the power.

Some power generation jobs also require individuals to explain to the world and government the importance of nature and how human activities affect it.

Energy sector professionals may have to work outdoors or at power plants like solar power plants, wind energy plants, etc.

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Conclusion – Is Power Generation A Good Career Path

That was our list of the best-paying jobs in power plants. The sector has abundant opportunities for skilled and qualified professionals. You can get an entry-level or higher position with a bachelor’s degree or high school diploma and relevant certification.

Apart from the jobs listed above, you can also apply for jobs like wind farm site manager, financial analysts, PLC programmer, solar energy engineer, water treatment specialist, etc.

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