How to Quit a Job On Short Notice – With Samples

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You may have to quit your job for several reasons. And ideally, you’d provide short notice of two weeks or a couple of days before resigning from your position.

But what if you have to quit immediately after giving short notice? How can you do that professionally to avoid burning bridges?

You can professionally quit a job on short notice under unavoidable circumstances. In this guide, you’ll learn how to resign from your job on short notice and how to write a short notice resignation letter.

What Is a Short Notice Resignation Letter?

Employers typically need employees to serve a two-weeks notice period before quitting the company. This notice period provides sufficient time for the employer to look for a replacement and reassign the employee’s current responsibilities.

Nevertheless, suppose you cannot provide a two-weeks notice period to the employer. In that case, you must write a short notice resignation letter to your employer stating you will leave immediately. You need to express gratitude to your manager and state the reason for quitting in the letter.

In simple terms, a short notice resignation letter is written to the employer to notify him that you are leaving your position in less than two weeks.

Why Do You Need to Resign With Short Notice?

You may have to resign on short notice due to various reasons. Some of these include:

  • Personal emergency
  • Family emergency
  • A new job offer
  • Toxic work environment
  • The company is affecting your mental health
  • Shifting cities

How to Write a Short Notice Resignation Letter – With Samples

Though you cannot serve a two-weeks notice period at your current company, providing a professional letter of resignation to your manager is recommended. This way, you can maintain a positive relationship with your boss and may gain references from your boss in the future.

So, provide as much notice as possible and talk to your company before quitting immediately.

Some companies may also require you to appear for an exit interview and ask for constructive feedback before departure. You can ask for these details with your company by meeting the manager in person or calling him.

Following is the approach you need to use to write short notice resignation letters:

1. Tell your manager first

First things first, inform your employer about your resignation plans. You can tell your boss about your resignation by writing a letter or calling him. If possible, you can also visit the office in person and talk to your manager directly.

This is common courtesy and a professional approach to resigning from your position. And you also get a chance to talk to your company about your last paycheck, last date of resignation, unpaid benefits, and other questions regarding the company.

2. Use the business letter format

Short notice resignation letters are professional documents attached to employee files. Writing the letter of resignation in a business letter format is essential. Also, maintain a professional and formal tone throughout the letter. Below are the sections you need to use in the resignation letter:

  • Your contact information and full address – This goes on the left-hand side of the document.
  • Date – Leave a space after your contact information and mention the date.
  • Recipient’s contact information – Add space after the date and mention the company’s contact details and full address below.
  • Opening salutation – Next, write an opening salutation for your resignation letter. You can address it to your manager or the human resources department.
  • Body – Mention your reason for resigning, last date at work, and express gratitude to your employer in the body section. Keep the body section only three to four paragraphs long.
  • Closing salutation – Write a closing salutation to your resignation letter.
  • Signature – Add your signature at the end of the letter.

Also, mention a clear subject line, so your boss knows what to expect in the letter.

3. State the position you are resigning from and the effective date

In the first paragraph of the resignation letter, it is necessary to mention the position you are resigning from. Also, highlight your last day at work so the employer can clearly know why this letter is written.

4. Explain why you are resigning on short notice

In the second paragraph of your resignation letter, you need to explain to your employer the reason for resigning without giving two week’s notice.

Whether you are resigning because your new job requires you to start immediately, you have to take care of a family member, or for other personal reasons, clearly state it within the letter.

Grab this opportunity to inform your manager why you are resigning on such short notice. But don’t go into deeper details unless your boss asks.

5. Express gratitude

At the end of the letter, you must appreciate your boss and the company members for supporting you. You can highlight some skills or projects that helped you grow.

Even if you weren’t happy in your position, mentioning a “Thank You” at the end of the letter will leave a positive impression on your manager.

Besides, though you cannot provide sufficient notice to your manager, you can offer to help your manager to make this transition smoother.

6. Close with your signature

Finally, wrap up your resignation letter by adding your signature at the end. This is important even when you are writing a resignation email to your boss.

Short Resignation Letter Templates for Your Reference

Following are a few resignation letter samples you can use to inform your company regarding your resignation.

Example #1: New job

If you have accepted another job offer and the next job requires you to join immediately, you can use the following sample resignation letter:

March 13, 2020

XYZ Company

Watch Mark Street

25515 LA

Dear Ms. Smith,

Please accept this letter as a formal notification of my resignation from my current position here, effective this Friday. I would have provided a two weeks notice, but I have accepted another job that requires immediate joining.

I appreciate your understanding, and I am willing to help you make this transition smoother. If you want me to answer questions regarding my current projects, you can contact me at my personal email address [email protected].

I am grateful for the support and career advice you have given me during my service here.


Peter Mark

Example #2: Due to Stress

If your workplace is toxic and you need to leave your job to stay positive, you can do that by resigning on short notice. You can use the following resignation letter.

September 25, 2019

Dutch Company

Wallstreet Road

46615 NJ

Dear Ms. Eric,

I am writing this letter as formal resignation from my position as an accountant at Dutch Company. Due to the current circumstances, I feel stressed at work and won’t be able to come to work from this Monday.

I apologize for not giving sufficient notice. But I have talked with the human resources department, and no action has been taken to solve these issues. I have no choice but to resign.

Thank you for your mentorship and guidance. I have enjoyed working at your company and am willing to help in any manner to make this a smooth transition.

Best regards,

Joe Robert

Example #3: Due to Personal reasons

If you have to resign from your job due to a family emergency or personal issues, you can inform your employer by writing the following formal letter of resignation:

September 14, 2018

ABC Company

Near Mexican View Station

48966 NY

Dear Mr. Alex,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position as a Senior Editor at ABC company due to personal reasons. I understand that three weeks’ notice is standard. However, I will have to leave this job immediately due to my current circumstances. My last day at work will be this Wednesday.

I would highly appreciate it if you could send my final paycheck to the full address mentioned in this letter. I am available for any help the new employee may face initially.

I have greatly enjoyed working with you and my colleagues. Thank you for your support.


Jessica Stone


Regardless of your reason for quitting, always write a professional short notice resignation letter to your employer. And politely explain to him the reason for your resignation. Also, if you have questions regarding the job, pending payment, or anything else, ask within the letter.

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