How to Quit Your Job Without Giving Notice

Standard practice for quitting a job is giving your employer two weeks’ notice. Though most companies provide at-will employment, this notice period helps employers find your replacement and wrap up pending projects.

However, if you want to quit a job immediately due to some emergency or other reasons, you can also do that. But be careful to check the company policies and employment contract before quitting without notice. Otherwise, your company can file a case against you.

Let’s see how to quit a job without notice and some sample resignation letters you can use.

When Is It Okay To Quit Without Notice?

It’s always a good practice to give your employer sufficient notice before resigning. This way, the employer gets time to look for your replacement or reassign your responsibilities to a new employee. It also leaves a good impression on your employer.

However, under some circumstances, you may have to leave the company without giving notice. Some of these include:

Unsafe work environment

If you feel your work environment is mentally or physically unsafe, you might want to quit your job immediately. Specifically when you have discussed the issue with your manager, but the manager hasn’t provided any solution.

Your employer is responsible for keeping the workplace safe and addressing any safety issues for the staff members. And if the issue remains unaddressed, you can leave the company without notice.

Hostile work environment

Do you think your workplace is toxic and you cannot go there anymore? If so, you can leave your job without notice. You don’t need to ruin your mental health for two more weeks. Instead, look for a better position where you can grow better in your career.

Family emergency

Sometimes you may have to leave your job due to a family emergency or care for a family member. Many employers understand this situation and won’t consider you unprofessional for leaving immediately.

You can talk to your former employer to give you a good reference in this situation or adjust your tasks in your absence.

Personal health

Nothing is more important than your mental and physical health. If you have health issues, there is no point in continuing the current job. So, leave it and look for a new job that values employees’ health and provides a proper work-life balance.

Fear of retribution

Some employers fire employees soon after they send a two weeks notice to the employer. This way, the employees don’t get their last paycheck. If your employer does the same, it indicates he doesn’t value the employees.

And in such cases, you don’t need to think twice before resigning. You should quit your job without providing notice and search for other employment opportunities.

Better opportunities

If you have accepted another job offer and have no time to serve a two-week’s notice period at your old job, you can quit without notice.

Some companies agree to hire potential candidates who wish to provide notice before leaving their last job, but it’s best to quit a job without notice if you have to meet a deadline at your new job.

Frequent layoffs

During layoffs, companies won’t prefer keeping an employee and paying him for two more weeks. In such cases, it’s best to quit without notice. Also, if your employer decides to keep you or another employee, you can quit without giving notice and remain on good terms with your former employer.

Lack of work opportunities

If your company is overstaffed and you spend most of your time doing nothing or irrelevant tasks, you can quit the job without notice.

You don’t need to give two weeks’ notice to your employer since you are already working an irregular shift. However, if you wish, you can give a short notice period before resigning.

Short-term employment

If you have signed a short-term employment contract with your employer or are a new employee, you can immediately leave the job if you think it’s not right for you.

You don’t have to explain your reason for leaving to your prospective employer. You can tell him that you aren’t comfortable with the work culture or your role and want to quit.

The company won’t mind your resignation since they prefer training candidates willing to work dedicatedly.

How to Professionally Quit Without Notice?

Employers expect employees to quit the job professionally. Even if you are an at-will employee, your employer will appreciate you for giving two weeks notice period before resigning. Employees leaving all of a sudden may negatively impact the employer.

So, you need to know how to quit a job without notice period professionally.

Here are the strategies to follow to quit a job without notice period:

1. Understand the risks

Although a two weeks notice is not legally required, most employers expect their employees to give them a notice period before resigning. However, if you have to quit a job immediately, you can do that under certain circumstances.

But before you proceed, calculate the risks linked with your decision. Check if your employment contract has terms and conditions for quitting. Go through the documents you signed during the hiring process or your employee handbook and see what will happen if you quit immediately.

Some companies typically prevent employees from getting specific benefits if they resign immediately. So, carefully review everything before quitting your job without notice immediately.

2. Communicate clearly

Don’t quit a job without talking to your employer. If you can’t give two weeks notice period to your employer, it’s okay. Clearly talk to your employer and inform him that you will be discontinuing your job. You can write an email, call, or meet your manager in person to inform him about your resignation.

Besides, if you are leaving the job due to a family crisis, informing your manager will help you get a positive recommendation in the future and maintain a good relationship with your manager.

3. Be polite

Quitting your job without notice is all about giving mutual respect to your employer. However, don’t lose your patience if your employer responds to your resignation negatively or gets angry with you. Instead, be polite and talk calmly to your manager. Try explaining why you want to resign.

While stating your reason for resignation, don’t blame a team member or the company. Try to keep the conversation positive and professional.

4. Recognize the situation

Your employer might not be happy to see you resign immediately. But you can improve the situation by offering your manager to use your final hours adjusting your responsibilities. You can also offer to find or train your replacement in the last days of your employment.

Additionally, apologize for quitting without notice. This will open doors for a positive relationship with your manager.

5. Contact human resources

After quitting your job, you may still have to talk to the human resources department to learn the next steps to collect your final paycheck. Some companies may also ask you to appear for an exit interview.

You can talk to the human resources staff to know how you can get your payment and even provide them with your personal phone number to contact you in the future.

Examples of Resignation Letters Without Notice Period

Your employer might expect you to leave the company after providing formal notice of at least two weeks. But if you want to quit your job without notice, inform your manager by writing a resignation letter. Following are some resignation letter templates for resigning without notice.

Example 1: Leaving for personal reasons

Following is a resignation letter sample for quitting without two or three weeks’ notice due to personal reasons.

Jack Smith

St. Lawrence Street

Vancouver, CA – 53268


[email protected]

March 15, 2018

Mark Twain

Digital ABC company

Brown Street

Toronto, CA – 54268

Dear Mr. Twain,

Please accept this letter as an official notice of resignation from my position here at Digital ABC company due to personal reasons. My last day at work will be this Friday. I understand that this letter provides short notice of my resignation, but I need to quit this job due to unavoidable circumstances.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and guidance. I have enjoyed working at this company and learned a lot during my service.

Please let me know how I can help in making this transition smoother. You can contact me via email at [email protected].

Thank you for understanding,

Best regards,

Jack Smith

Example 2: Leaving due to illness

If you have to leave your job due to health issues, use the following resignation letter:

Robert Joe

St. Peter Church

Vancouver, CA – 53268


[email protected]

May 23, 2020

Alice Ray

Sunshine Logistics Ltd.

Hallmark Street

Thunderbay, CA – 55228

Dear Ms. Alice,

I regret to inform you that I am resigning from my current position as a Sales Manager at Sunshine Logistics Ltd., effective immediately. I apologize for not giving a two-week notice period, but I cannot come to work anymore due to medical reasons.

I realize that the employee handbook asks for a two-week notice before resigning, but I have to quit this job immediately due to my current circumstances. I understand that you may face many difficulties because of my immediate resignation. You can contact me on my phone number (785-522-5562) for questions regarding any pending work in the future.

I enjoyed working for this company and appreciate your mentorship throughout my service.

Best regards,

Robert Joe

Example 3: Leaving due to a new job

Sometimes you may have to leave your job because your new employer wants you to join immediately. In such cases, you can use the following resignation letter sample to inform your former employer about your resignation.

Joseph Layman

Mall Road

New York, US – 44568


[email protected]

April 4, 2021

Monica Clark

Den Technologies

Church street

Florida, US – 45845

Dear Ms. Monica,

Please accept this letter as an official notification that I am resigning from my position as a Vice President at Den Technologies on April 7, 2021, as I have accepted a job from a new company that requires immediate joining.

I appreciate you for supporting me throughout my service period here. I have enjoyed being a part of this incredible company. I understand that my immediate resignation will cause difficulties for the company, so please let me know if you need assistance. You can call me on 564-321-6675.

Please let me know what I can do for a smooth transition and how to collect my final paycheck from the HR department.

Thank you once again.


Joseph Layman

Understanding Company Policy

At-will employees can resign their jobs without notice since their companies allow them to leave the employment without providing notice. But if you are not an at-will employee, you should go through the company policies to learn how to resign from your job professionally.

Ideally, companies provide an employee handbook stating the rules to resign from the job. If you have your copy of the employee handbook, check the company policies for resigning. If you don’t have one, ask a former employee or the company to give you one.

If the policies state that your employer won’t provide positive references for immediate resignation, your future employers won’t be able to verify your experience.

Again, check if you are eligible for unpaid benefits and how to collect your last paycheck.

Once you know how to quit your job without notice, return the company property and send your resignation letter. You might want to hire or consult an attorney before resigning without notice to ensure you are not held guilty by your company.

Preserving Your Reputation

If you have left your previous job without notice, it will affect your future employment. If you have left it to join a new company, start the job immediately and inform your new employer that you’ve left the previous one without notice. This will leave a positive impact on your new employer.

Further, if possible, get a reference letter from your previous boss. If your new manager decides to call the previous one to know about you, a letter of reference will prevent him from doing so. However, sometimes the new manager may still call your previous boss.

Your future employers will ask why you left your previous job during your interview. You need to answer this carefully and explain why you had to leave your job immediately. Do not blame anyone for your resignation. Simply tell the truth and let the employers make the hiring decision.

Tips For Quitting A Job Without Notice

Whether you resign your job without notice for more money or other reasons, you must do it professionally to maintain a good relationship with your former manager. Following are a few tips for quitting a job without notice:

  • Ask yourself if quitting is the solution to your problem.
  • Politely explain to your current employer the reason for resignation.
  • Prepare your financial plan before quitting. Make sure you have enough funds to survive until you get new employment.
  • Write a letter to the company mentioning your exact date of resignation, company name, job role, and reason for quitting.
  • Express gratitude to your employer.
  • Ask your company if you need to appear for an exit interview and how to get your last paycheck.
  • Provide your contact details to the company for future use.

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