How to Quit at Walmart

Want to quit your job at Walmart? Have you decided to move on from one of America’s biggest retailers? If so, you have come to the right place. We have answered any queries you might have regarding your resignation from Walmart.

We’re gonna touch up on the different ways you can resign, the procedure and the consequences. Get ready to say bye to your Walmart job and welcome the new step in your career. 

Does Walmart Require Two Weeks’ Notice?

Walmart, like any other job, has mandated their employees to provide prior notice of at least two weeks through a formal letter to the HR department. It is considered a professional and proper way to quit your job by most companies.

You don’t want to send the wrong message and end up with a bad reference. It allows you to get your last pay stub and forfeits Walmart’s legal right to raise issues against you. 

Can You Quit Walmart Right Away? 

You have the right to quit your job at Walmart anytime you please, even if it is on the first week. There is no law that forbids you to quit your job until you finish a period of time.

What you have to keep in mind is the mandatory two-week notice that you can either submit to your direct manager or the assistant store manager. This leaves you working at the Walmart store until your last day because of the notice period.

However, Walmart may ask you to leave your job effective immediately, especially if you mention your new job or that you are looking for other employment. 

Quitting Walmart After a Month 

Leaving Walmart after a month will require the same resignation procedure as quitting your job after working as an employee for years. However, leaving after a month will put you in a disadvantage when it comes to PTO, as it is only availed after working for more than a year.

Keeping aside the unused paid time, you will receive your pay stub if you submit your 2 weeks notice. If they don’t do that then you should be able to go into the store and pick up your paystub from the customer service desk.

Additionally, you will be able to use your Walmart employee code until your last day. 

How to Quit at Walmart Online via Email

Quitting verbally is not enough to act as your two-week notice. Follow up regarding your resignation in a written format to the human resources department. Write a letter of resignation and email it to your direct manager and the human resources department.

Keep in mind to mention the reason that you quit Walmart and thank them for the experience you have gained. Mention that this email will serve as your two weeks notice and mention the date of your last day.

The HR department will do the necessary procedures and let you know about your next steps. 

How to Quit Walmart on the App 

The features of the ME Walmart app are utilised for improving the efficiency of their employees. However, the app has a feature that lets you connect to your associates and your line manager.

You can utilise this feature to immediately get in contact with your manager and verbally quit Walmart. This app is an advantage during a time like this, as it instantly connects you to your manager if you can’t find them in such a vast store. 

How to Quit Walmart Over the Phone 

To quit Walmart over the phone, you can contact your direct manager or the assistant store manager to spark up a formal conversation. Inform them of your resignation and thank them for the opportunity to work with Walmart.

In case they are busy on the shop floor when you make your call, confirm your intention to leave with HR and they can ensure that this information is passed on to your manager.

When You Leave Walmart, What Happens to Your PTO?

One of the main steps to take once you’ve decided to leave will be to make sure you get a payout of your earned and unused PTO.

Salaried associates who work at the retailer for over a year will get a payout of their unused and accrued paid time off for up to five days.

However, in some locations, an hourly associate who has been working for a shorter amount of time may also be eligible. Hence, your PTO is safe and sound if you have been a Walmart employee for over a year. 

Is It Possible to Leave Without Providing Notice? 

You don’t want to burn any bridges by leaving without submitting your two weeks notice. It is the responsible thing to give two weeks’ notice and leave your job on a good note.

However, it is not illegal for you to quit and not give two weeks’ notice. Unless your contract specifically states that you have to follow through with the two-week notice period, you are good to quit.

Don’t forget to collect your final pay stubs at the customer service counter. 

Will Walmart Rehire You if You Leave? 

The time period that Walmart set for re-hiring their employees is 6 months. So after 6 months from your final day, you can apply for a job at Walmart. If you are looking to go back to your job after a break, you have to make sure that you follow the right procedures.

Quitting Walmart by submitting your two weeks notice is in your best interest if you want to come back. It is always important to leave on a professional note, especially for the sake of being on cordial terms with other employees.

Even if you have been fired from the job, for reasons like poor attendance, you will have to wait six months to apply again. 

How to Leave Walmart With a Written Resignation Letter

When writing your resignation letter, make sure to maintain a formal and professional tone. You want to leave on a cordial basis and you still have to work at Walmart for about two weeks more.

Mention the reason for your resignation and express your gratitude for the opportunity you have been provided with.

Be sure to write that you are open to any questions or procedures regarding this resignation letter and provide your contact details with the correct address. 

Walmart Resignation Form 

Here is a sample of a Walmart resignation form 

Dear (Your manager’s name),

Hope you are doing well. 

Please accept this letter as a two-week notice of my resignation as a (name of your position) in Walmart store XXX. I would like to mention how grateful I am for this opportunity to work at Walmart.

However, I’m afraid my time has come to say goodbye to the Walmart family as I have decided to take the next step in my career. My last day of working will be on the (mention date of final working day).

You can contact me regarding this on my phone number at XXX-XXXXXX and I am always available by email at [email protected] 

Best Regards, 

(Your name) 

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