How To Quit Amazon (Using A To Z, Notice + More)

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Amazon is one of the leading corporations in the World and the dream workplace for lots of people. However, not every employee who joins Amazon remains there forever. You might need to quit your job for a better opportunity or some other reason at some point in life. And that’s completely fine!

Resigning from Amazon is no big deal! What’s important is to resign the right way. And that’s what we’ll walk you through in this article.

Here we’ll cover the stepwise process on how to quit Amazon using A To Z, by giving notice, and much more. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Everything You Need to Know Before Quitting Amazon

If you have already made up your mind to leave your Amazon job, here are a few things you should understand first.

  • Speak to your manager respectfully and inform them of your reason for resigning.
  • Give the company your updated contact details so that they can easily contact you in the future if required.
  • Complete all your outstanding tasks to leave a good impression on your boss’s mind. This impression will be helpful if you have to rejoin the organization in the future.
  • Write a proper resignation letter and hand it over to the manager two weeks before you plan to leave the job.
  • Return everything (property, documents, or other equipment) that belongs to the firm.

How Can I Quit Amazon in 2022?

You can quit Amazon using two methods: online or in person.

Quitting online is a relatively simple process. All you need to do is use the Amazon A To Z app or website and opt for resigning the employment.

Contrarily, to quit in person, you’ll have to visit your local HR office and talk to the human resources department or manager. They’ll ask you to fill out a resignation form and give a two-week notice period.

In either of the methods, you’ll have to clearly state your reason for resigning and the last day of work. Additionally, if you have to say something about your work experience, you can mention it in your resignation letter.

Both of these methods are formal ways of quitting Amazon. But if you don’t want to go through these methods, another option is to leave the company without giving any notice or resignation letter. To get a better understanding, We recommend you to read these two articles about quitting a job over text and quitting a job over email.

Nonetheless, we recommend the formal methods of resignation since they leave a positive impression on the employer, and you stand a chance of getting rehired easily in the future.

Can I Quit My Amazon Job Online?

Yes, you can quit your Amazon job online. All you need to do is head over to the Amazon A To Z app or website and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Amazon A To Z app or website.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the home screen, and there will be a message stating: “Thinking of leaving Amazon? We don’t want to see you go, but we can help you resign. Learn more.”

Step 3: Hit the Learn More button, and you’ll see an online resignation form on your screen.

Step 4: Fill out the form and submit it.

Step 5: That’s it! You’ll receive your Voluntary Termination mail in a few days, and you can leave on the last day of your work.

Do You Have to Give Two Weeks’ Notice at Amazon?

No, it is not mandatory to give notice to your employer. You can leave your job without giving the notice period. However, it is always a good practice to give your employer a notice period since this assists in a smoother transition.

Further, it also helps your employer to search for your replacement. This way, you can create a positive impact while leaving your job.

What Happens After You Quit Your Job at Amazon?

Once you quit your current job at Amazon, Amazon will pay you for all the accrued paid time off and vacation hours that you haven’t yet used. This rule is applicable to employees from specific regions such as Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, etc. You will have to contact the HR department to receive this payment if you live in a region that is bound by this law.

Will Amazon Rehire Someone Who Quit?

Of course, Amazon rehires employees who resign from the company. It has a fair rehire policy that states that employees who quit the organization can be rehired, but only after 90 days of their resignation.

Additionally, employees terminated by the company can be rehired after one year of termination has passed.

Nevertheless, Amazon doesn’t rehire employees who have been terminated for misconduct or theft. Further, employees who opt for the severance package while quitting the job are also not rehired.

How Long Do Employees Stay at Amazon?

Although Amazon is a leading tech company, it has a huge turnover rate compared to other tech giants. According to the reports, the average tenure of Amazonians is about 12 months only.

One of the main reasons behind this short term is that the work environment at Amazon is pretty stressful. Besides, Amazon employees find it hard to get promotions. As a result, employees typically leave Amazon within 9 to 12 months of employment.

Can You Resign Without Giving A Notice Period?

Yes, you can resign from Amazon without giving a notice period. However, this is not recommended since Amazon can penalize you for doing this. Besides, if you leave the job without giving a notice period, it will create a wrong impression on your employer, which may affect you in the future, especially when you want to get rehired. It may also create legal issues.

So, it’s best to resign after giving a minimum of the two-weeks notice period.

How to Quit Amazon Warehouse Job?

The simplest method to quit your Amazon warehouse job is through the A To Z app, provided you have access to the app. Alternatively, you can send a voluntary termination email to the HR department or hand them your resignation letter in person.

Make sure to enter all the necessary details like name, designation, your last day at work, and contact details on your resignation letter and give it to the HR person. No other process is required!

What Are The Benefits Of Voluntary Termination?

Taking a voluntary termination from a job is always advantageous compared to getting fired. Some of the benefits of voluntary termination from Amazon include:

  • If you leave the company on a positive note, getting rehired in the future is high.
  • If Amazon fires you, you’ll have to wait for 365 days to rejoin Amazon. However, if you resign from the job, you’ll have to wait for 90 days only before reapplying for open positions at Amazon.
  • If you get fired due to low performance, you won’t be eligible for collecting unemployment.
  • You can collect unemployment if you leave the job due to serious issues like health problems, etc.


That’s all about how to quit Amazon. Hopefully, you got all your answers regarding the Amazon resignation and rehiring policies.

Remember, you can leave Amazon formally through the A To Z app or talk to the HR office. And you can also opt to leave the company without giving any notice period or informing HR. But if you want to leave a favorable impression on your employer’s mind, go with the formal method and leave the company professionally.

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