How to Quit a Job Over the Phone – Tips and a Template

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Quitting a job in person is the best way to resign. But if you are a work-from-home employee or remote worker or in a situation where you have to resign all of a sudden, you may have to leave your job over the phone. While this is not professional, it is the next alternative to resigning in person.

If you have decided to quit a job over the phone but don’t know how to proceed, we’ve got your back! This post covers all you need to know before leaving your current job over a call.

Is It Okay To Quit A Job Over The Phone?

Ideally, quitting your job over the phone is not professional. You should visit your office and talk to the manager or human resource department to leave the job. But if you don’t have any other option and have to quit your work urgently due to a family emergency or any personal situation, you can use this method.

Besides, if you are a remote worker who never goes to the office or your manager is unavailable when you have to resign, you can quit your job over the phone and send the company your written resignation letter.

Reasons to Quit Your Job Over the Phone

Several reasons can cause you to quit your job over the call. These include:

  • When your boss or manager is absent and you have to leave immediately, you can resign over the phone.
  • When you have to join your new job immediately and don’t have the time to visit your previous office.
  • When you are not available in town, you work remotely and want to resign immediately.
  • You don’t want to visit your office since the work environment is toxic or uninviting.

Before You Call to Resign

Keep in mind the following points if you know in advance that you’ll quit the job over the call:

  • Collect all your personal belongings from the office before you leave.
  • Clear your computer/ laptop by deleting the browsing history and other personal data.
  • Be clear about what you’ll say on the call. Prepare yourself to explain your reason for resigning and avoid using unnecessary statements.

Tips for Quitting a Job Over the Phone

Quitting a job over the phone is not as easy as accepting a job over phone. You might find it hard to make this conversation at first. So, below are a few tips to get you sorted.

Talk to Your Supervisor

Call your supervisor or human resources department and clearly state your reason for resignation. You can talk about the optimal time to call him by writing a mail or message in advance. Once you get the optimal time, contact your supervisor and politely discuss the reason to quit.

When you give your resignation, your employer might negotiate your date of quitting. Allow him to do that. You can then agree on terms that suit you both the best.

Don’t Go Into Detail

Sometimes employees get carried away in emotions while resigning and end up giving lame reasons or having unnecessary conversations while talking on the phone.

You shouldn’t put yourself in that situation.

Call your boss and let him know the date when you’ll be resigning from the company. Also, state the reason for quitting only if it is a legitimate reason. And end the conversation right there, and you don’t need to go into other details.

For instance, you can begin by saying, “I am calling to provide you with a notice for my resignation at [company name] effective from [date of resignation].” or “Thank you for taking out the time to talk. My last day at work will be [date of resignation].”

Apologize If You Give No Notice

If you are in a hurry and have to leave your work immediately, without giving notice, be polite enough to apologize for it over the phone. Tell the employer you regret leaving the company and inform him about this decision over the phone, but you have to do it due to the circumstances.

Say Thank You

To leave your job on a positive note, thank your employer for giving you this opportunity. If you enjoyed your experience while working there, tell him about that. However, avoid stating any negative aspects of the workplace or coworkers and venting about the position. 

Include Important Questions and Information

Don’t miss out on discussing important information such as how to contact you in the future if needed or what to do about your final paycheck. You can ask them to deposit your paycheck into your account or mail it to you.

If you have to get anything (like your personal items) from the office, ask your manager if they can send them to you. Alternatively, if you will be collecting your belongings yourself, inform the manager of the date and time.

Other than that, ask all the questions you have on your mind related to your salary, work, and benefits.

Leave a Message

It’s probably not the best idea to quit, but if you find it awkward to quit the job over the phone, call your employer after work hours and leave him a voicemail message about your resignation.

However, before using this approach, keep in mind that this is unprofessional. Also, don’t expect any good references or recommendations from your employer in the future.

Follow-Up With a Letter

Finally, after resigning over the phone, send a formal resignation letter via email or mail to the manager. This will mark the confirmation of your resignation, and you can quit your company effortlessly.

Quit A Job Over The Phone[Real Samples]

Below is a resignation script to help with how to quit a job over the phone:

Hello [Manager’s_Name],

I am calling to inform you that I’ve decided to quit from [company name] effective from [date of resignation]. I’m resigning because of [reason of resignation]. I’ll mail my official resignation letter to initiate the procedure in response to this conversation.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else that I can help you with to ensure a smooth transition. Also, thank you for allowing me to work here.

Conclusion – What to Say When You’re Quitting Over The Phone?

If you are quitting your job over the phone, the above tips on how to quit a job over the phone will help you complete the process without any hassle. Remember not to mess up the conversation and be humble throughout the call. Also, send an official resignation letter after informing your boss.

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