How To Post A Job On LinkedIn For Free

One of the best ways to search for potential candidates for your company is through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest networking site for professionals and one of the leading platforms for job postings.

Several employers trust LinkedIn to source the right talent for their companies. And the best part? LinkedIn job postings are free! So, recruiting the right candidate for your company will barely cost you anything.

That said, let’s go through the exact process of posting a job on LinkedIn for free.

Can You Post Jobs On LinkedIn For Free?

Yes, you can post a job on LinkedIn for free. LinkedIn allows users to post one free job at a time. Such jobs can be visible under the search results. Employers can also collect and manage job applicants.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that free job posts on LinkedIn are less visible in search results and paused after receiving a certain number of applications. Afterward, you’ll have to promote it to unpause and continue the job posting.

What is the Best Way To Post a Job On LinkedIn?

The best way to post a job on LinkedIn is through the jobs feature. You need to post a job by adding the job description and required skills and selecting how to receive applications. Once you complete filling in all these details, you can post the job for free or promote it.

Again, when you post a job using this method, LinkedIn shares the job post with your connections. Your connections can also share the job post to ensure you reach a wider audience and get the best candidate faster.

How to Create a Free Job Post In Minutes And Share It With The Right Candidates

Posting a job on LinkedIn is as simple as ordering pizza! Just enter a few details, and you are all set to go. Here is the step by step process on how to create a free job posting on LinkedIn:

Start your job post

  • Hit the LinkedIn jobs icon on your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Write your company’s name and job title. You can also select a job title from the suggestions that appear on the screen.
  • Mention the job location. If the job role is remote, select the remote job option.

Write the job description and add the required skills

  • Write the job description in the space provided.
  • Mention the skills required. This field is optional, but you can reach the right audience quickly by mentioning relevant skills here.

Add screening questions

  • Add screening questions to shortlist the top applicants. This will help save you time checking out applications that don’t match the job requirements.
  • Select the automatic rejection option if you want to send a rejection email to unqualified candidates automatically.

Post your job for free

Finally, it’s time to make your job listing live!

  • Click on the post your job for the free option. You will soon start receiving applications for the listing.
  • You can view and manage the listings from the jobs page and even revise them regularly to receive better applications.

How to Post A Job On LinkedIn Company Page?

If you want to recruit employees for your company, you can post vacancies on the company page. Here is the process to get it done!

  • Click the Work icon from the top-right side of the company homepage.
  • Choose the” Post a job” option.
  • You will see a prompt asking, “What job do you want to post?”
  • Enter the company name, job title, and location. (Write the description of your company if you haven’t done it yet.)
  • Choose the job function and company industries. Then the employment type and seniority level will be auto-populated.
  • Mention the job description and skills required.
  • Click continue.
  • You will be prompted to add screening questions on the following page. You can add as many questions as you want. However, it’s best to ask at least three questions.
  • Finally, click Continue, and your job will be posted!

How to Promote A Job On LinkedIn?

If you want to share your job post with more people on LinkedIn, you can opt to promote the job. This method requires you to choose your daily or total budget before posting jobs and pauses the positions once the budget is spent.

Following are the steps you need to perform to promote a job on LinkedIn.

  • Click on jobs and enter the company and job details.
  • Select promote job on the promote your job page.
  • Choose the daily budget or total budget option and enter the amount you want to spend.
  • Provide your credit card details by selecting Add Payment or selecting a payment method that you have already linked to your account.
  • Review the order before listing the job.
  • Click on “Promote job”.

How Many Jobs Can You Post On LinkedIn For Free?

LinkedIn allows employers to post only one job post for free at a time. If you want to post more jobs, you need to get the LinkedIn pay-per-click (PPC) plan or buy LinkedIn job slots.

Nevertheless, you can create several free job posts using the same profile or company page. The only catch is that only one job post should be live at a time. Overall, there is no limitation on the total number of free job posts.

How to Post Multiple Jobs On LinkedIn?

If you want to post multiple job openings on LinkedIn, you can do that by purchasing its pay-per-click plan. This plan allows you to select your daily or total budget, and you have to pay only for the clicks you receive. Further, you can also modify the start and close time of the job posting and receive insights into the listing.

How to Post A Job On LinkedIn Sample?

You can easily post jobs on LinkedIn using the steps mentioned above. However, while creating the job post, it is necessary to provide an overview of the company and mention your requirements so that you don’t waste your time or the applicant’s time.

Below is a sample of a LinkedIn recruiting post:

We are hiring!!

Our company [company name] in [company location] is looking to recruit a [job title]. The potential individual should possess the knowledge of [your requirements], and the daily responsibilities will be as follows:

[Mention a list of the responsibilities included in the job role.]

Click here to learn more about the opening: [company link]

Why Can’t I Post A Job On LinkedIn?

If you are trying to post a job on LinkedIn but not succeeding, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The LinkedIn servers might be down.
  • Your internet connection is slow.
  • LinkedIn is facing some technical issues. In that case, wait for some time and try again.
  • You are trying to post a job from the company page instead of an individual account. Note that LinkedIn allows you to post a job only from a profile that includes your real name and not a company name. If that is the issue, you can change the name and retry posting the job.

Bottom Line

You can easily post jobs on your LinkedIn page using the steps mentioned above. However, while creating the LinkedIn job posting job post, it is necessary to provide an overview of the company and mention your requirements to avoid wasting your time or the applicant’s time.

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