How To Get An Office Job With No Experience

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Do you always get disheartened when you see a job post, “Freshers, please don’t apply”?

Not anymore!

Most companies look to hire experienced individuals for several posts and overlook fresher applications. That’s because they wish to hire candidates having relevant work experience and skills. But this shouldn’t discourage you!

Luckily, there are several positions you can apply for without any experience and earn a good income!

In this article, we will learn how to get an office job with no experience and the roles and responsibilities of entry-level positions.

What is an Office Job, Exactly?

An office job is a job in which an employee works at an office, usually during regular office hours. The duties of an office job may vary depending on the position, but they typically involve administrative work, such as answering phones, filing paperwork, and data entry.

Office jobs are usually considered to be sedentary, meaning that they do not require a lot of physical activity.

Common office jobs include roles such as administrative assistant, human resources coordinator, and marketing research analyst.

While office jobs can vary widely in terms of duties and responsibilities, they typically involve regular 9-to-5 workdays and some degree of sedentary activity. 

How To Get An Office Job With No Experience

If you have recently completed your bachelor’s degree and are looking to switch your career, you might lack work experience. In such cases, the best way to kickstart your career is by looking for entry-level jobs requiring zero work experience.

Below are the top strategies to apply while hunting for office jobs without previous experience.

Do Your Research:

The first step to getting your first job is researching the careers that hire candidates without work experience. Not all entry-level office jobs are open for job seekers who are recent graduates and seeking full-time careers.

So, make sure to thoroughly research the positions you want to apply for and check whether you have the skills required for the office job. You can go to Google and check the eligibility requirements for the job title or check company websites and employment portals to know what companies look for.

Highlight Your Skills:

After checking the requirements for the job role, it’s time to tailor your resume such that you get hired for the job. Prepare a professional and up-to-date resume to highlight your skills in your application. Try to include all the critical skills, including soft skills required in your industry.

Apply for Internships:

Internships are a great way to gain work experience in any field. Apart from conducting job searches, as a beginner, you can initially apply for internships and gain experience. Most hiring managers usually look to hire freshers for entry-level office jobs and train them to reach higher positions.

You can also settle for a less-paying or unpaid position to gain work experience.

Besides, internships also give you exposure to the job you are interested in pursuing. So, you can know if the job is right for you!

Be Persistent:

If you get exhausted or give up after applying for jobs for a week or two, you aren’t going anywhere! You need to be consistent. Apply for multiple open positions daily.

Even after receiving responses or interviews from companies, keep applying for office work. This will help you get the best position! Do not stop until you think you’ve found your ideal job.

Put Together a Well Polished Resume:

Your hiring manager will get your first impression from your resume. So, create a well-polished, professional resume that shows you are the right fit for the job. Most office jobs require specific skills, so make sure to include these skills in your resume.

Also, prepare a resume that makes through application tracking systems since most companies shortlist candidates using such software. Make sure there are no spelling errors. You can ask your friend or relative to proofread the resume before submitting it.

Further, if you don’t know how to create a resume, you can hire a professional to make it for you! But these services might cost you a lot of money, so be prepared.

Have Good References:

References from former employers, friends, or family members can also help you land your dream full-time office job. You can ask these people to refer you to their company or inform you whenever an open position is available. Alternatively, you can also ask your professor to recommend you for jobs.

Dress for Success:

Since you have no work experience, you’ll need to stay motivated throughout the job application process and prepare yourself for the best! Be ready to justify why you want to do the job and what keeps you motivated. You’ll also have to explain to the hiring managers that you possess the skills needed for the work.

Besides, sticking to it even if it takes longer than your expectations of receiving the job offer. Don’t give up early!

Be Confident:

Most job seekers fail during the interviews due to a lack of confidence. It is okay if you don’t have all the skills required to accomplish various tasks. But make sure to appear confidently for the interviews. Assure your potential employer that you’ll put in all the efforts needed to complete the work successfully.

Don’t Stop at the Interview, Follow Up!:

After completing the office interview, don’t stop there! If you don’t hear back from the office, call the employer to check the status of your application. Ask the company when they’ll inform you about the hiring. And if you get rejected, ask for feedback from your recruiter.

11 Entry-Level Office Jobs That Require Little To No Experience

You can apply to several office setting jobs without experience, and some even don’t require a college degree. However, most jobs need you to hold a high school diploma or have relevant education to apply for the role.

Below are the top office jobs that any candidate can get without experience.

1. Office Assistant- 

Average Salary: USD 51,800 per year

An office assistant is responsible for keeping the office organized or tidy. Office assistants attend phone calls, answer emails, and messages, type memos, letters, and coordinate office calendars.

You can apply for an office assistant job if you have a high school diploma or equivalent education. You can check the job description to learn more about other skills required and qualifications. You can also visit offices to check if they are hiring assistants.

2. Data Entry Clerk-

Average Salary: USD 32,419 per year

Data entry clerks are responsible for handling and processing large amounts of data. A data entry clerk is usually provided with information that must be typed into the computer, and it involves knowledge of spreadsheets or typing work.

You can apply for this full-time job by visiting company websites or online job portals. If you are looking for remote work, a data entry office job is great.

3. File Clerk-

Average Salary: USD 31,946 per year

File clerks are responsible for handling paperwork and files in the office. This entry-level office job involves maintaining databases, organizing files, managing supply inventories, labeling paper files, etc. File clerks need to have relevant certification and knowledge of computers.

4. Receptionist-

Average Salary: USD 45,700 per year

A receptionist is typically the first person who contacts anyone who visits the office. It is a front desk career requiring the employee to greet customers, schedule interviews, attend phone calls, manage the office calendar, and do other administrative office jobs.

You can apply for this career without experience. However, you need to have excellent communication and soft skills.

5. Mailroom Clerk-

Average Salary: USD 33,680 per year

Mailroom clerks handle incoming and outgoing mails in a company. They are responsible for organizing the mail room, sorting mails, tracking supply inventories, and entering data into the computer system.

Though this office job doesn’t require work experience, having organizational and clerical skills can increase your chances of getting hired.

You can apply for this new job through networking or check out employment portals for vacancies.

6. Accounting Clerk-

Average Salary: USD 41,000 per year

Accounting clerks are responsible for handling the financial records in the enterprise. They use accounting software to organize, compute, and maintain numerical information within the organization.

If you want to get hired as an accounting clerk, you need to know accounting software and account handling. Some employers also look to hire candidates having strong mathematical, communication, and critical thinking skills for this office job.

7. Customer Service Representative-

Average Salary: USD 35,600 per year

Customer service representatives assist customers by answering questions related to the product and services. They handle customer complaints related to faulty products, refunds, exchanges, etc. You can apply for this career if you have excellent communication skills and a friendly attitude.

8. Medical Biller

Average Salary: USD 79,500 per year

This office job is one of the highest-paying jobs. Medical billers are the communicating links between doctors and health insurance agencies. Most of the work is done on the computer. If you are detail-oriented, this career might interest you.

However, you must take training or pursue a medical billing course. You can apply for such jobs by networking with doctors or insurance agencies and checking if they are looking for candidates.

9. Office Cleaner

Average Salary: USD 30,218 per year

Office cleaners are people tasked with keeping the office clean. They are responsible for sweeping, mopping, and sanitizing the entire office, including the canteen and restrooms. This work requires no experience, and you can apply for it through networking or visiting corporations in person.

10. Administrative Assistant-

Average Salary: USD 51,800 per year

Administrative assistants handle paperwork, calls, emails, schedule meetings, office calendars, and other administrative tasks. An administrative assistant may also require to attend office meetings to take down important notes. You can apply for administrative assistant jobs through employment portals.

11. Customer Care Specialist

Average Salary: USD 46,863 per year

Customer care specialists are responsible for describing products to potential buyers. Though the two jobs – customer service representatives and customer care specialists sound similar, they are different.

A customer care specialist handles customer requests within business organizations. So, it’s a better opportunity for those looking for a corporate office environment.


Apart from the careers listed above, you can apply to several other opportunities like event planners, sales representatives, etc., without work experience. You can find open positions by visiting the official websites, call centers, employment portals, or networking with employers.

And the best way to increase your chances of getting hired is by creating an excellent resume and sending a cover letter with the application.

Remember it may take time to land your dream career, have patience, and you’ll succeed!

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