How to Get a Job in Dubai: 9 Steps

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If you want to get your hands dirty in the Dubai industry and land your dream job, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s your own country or not, job hunting in the best city in the United Arab Emirates is not an easy task.

Although there are opportunities throughout this multicultural nation, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are where most employment in the UAE are located. Although the living cost is quite high, the level of life is of the highest caliber, so it balances out.

We have broken down the best pathway to getting a job in Dubai into just 9 steps. 

Is It Easy to Get a Job in Dubai?

Eleven though the competition is high due to the vast number of job opportunities, it isn’t hard to get a job in Dubai. To secure a career in Dubai, you must possess control over your abilities, broaden your network, and gain up-to-date knowledge of developments in your chosen profession or topic of interest.

You just have to stick to the recruiting procedure and be honest in your work. This way, any hardships you might face during this transition are eradicated. 

What Qualifications Do You Need to Work in Dubai?

The requirement of your qualifications depends on the position you are applying for. So get an idea of the educational requirements and experience that is a criterion for applying to your dream job. The top skills for those looking for work in Dubai are as follows: 

  • SEO/SEM marketing
  • algorithm design 
  • statistical analysis
  •  public policy 
  • web architecture 
  • UI design
  • data mining 
  • international relations

How to Get a Job in Dubai: 9 steps

The Emirates is an oil-rich nation with a 10 million population and a 3% unemployment rate. Although it has had to contend with changing oil prices and a worldwide glut, the economy is robust and has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

With a low unemployment rate, it is obvious that the job opportunities in Dubai are countless. Below you will find the 9 steps process to getting that offer letter from your dream company. 

1. Get the right visa

You cannot get employed on a visit visa or a tourist visa if you want to enter Dubai. An employer must endorse you. After you accept a job offer, your boss will file for a residency visa on your behalf, at which point the Ministry of Labour will issue you a work permit.

Without this authorization, you have no right to work, and undertaking such actions is against the law. You must either find employment and obtain a work visa or move out of the country once your visa lapses.

 If you are discovered working while on a tourist visa, you risk jail time, fines, and deportation. The good news is that the visa application procedure is mostly out of our control after you find work.

They’ll handle the full sponsorship and visa procedure for you, save for the need to give them a few documents, such as your passport number. 

2. Get your health and labor cards

You must send your medical records, passport copies, photo, employment offer letter, and immigration paperwork to the Department of Health and Medical Services whilst your work visa is being reviewed.

Additionally, a blood test will be required to rule out illnesses including HIV, Hepatitis C, and TB. 

The UAE now forbids foreigners who are carriers of such illnesses from settling in the emirates. After passing all of the exams, you’ll receive a healthcare card, which is required in Dubai for all international employees.

3. Know your job market in Dubai

It is essential to know the direction job markets in Dubai are heading. It’ll help you navigate when you’re finding jobs. You will get a better idea of which retail chains are currently hiring managers and whether there’s scope for you in the public sector jobs or communications jobs you might excel at. 

Knowing your market before investing your time and skills into it is always a safe bet.

Research online job portals to better understand where to concentrate your work search, but keep an eye out for shady web-based businesses that can profit from your inexperience with UAE law.

4. Check out the big companies in Dubai

Keep tabs on the big companies of Dubai through the internet. Know their next big events and how the company is growing. Alternatively, you can go through the classified ads in publications like Gulf News and Khaleej Times.

In Dubai, cold calling to relevant companies is also an option and is not as disapproved of as it is throughout the west.

5. Find a job in Dubai using LinkedIn

Make sure your LinkedIn profile states your country of residence, your visa status, especially if you have a valid work visa, and all major info about you and your skills. Be active on Linkedin. Check the recruitment pages of Dubai companies.

Approach the right people in the right way. To give yourself the best chance of being found and standing out on LinkedIn, ensure you have a great-looking LinkedIn profile picture and a well-designed LinkedIn banner image. 

You can submit a CV and cover letter through LinkedIn and go through a few interviews. It might start with a phone interview before seeing the managers in person.

Following that, a choice and an offer will be presented, and you may then discuss the terms as per your preference. 

 6. Apply online

Utilize the world wide web that provides you with a platform of job opportunities. Apply for positions on LinkedIn while your recruitment agency is doing its job.

To apply, make sure you update your resume and draft a cover letter meant for that position. Call, text, or send them an email depending on the contact details available. 

When you receive the meeting time, be ready and presentable. Touch base with them to find out the status three days after the interview. Try to attend however many interviews you can in the interim. 

7. Consider a recruiter in Dubai

Using one of the many recruitment agencies in the UAE could be simpler if you are a qualified person looking to relocate there. This is particularly applicable if you are an international job seeker in the UAE. You can also check some of the Best Job Sites in UAE.

It is worthwhile contacting the largest recruitment agencies in the world, such as Michael Page, Hays, and Robert Half, as they all have operations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Research the employment agencies in your area. 

Most Dubai recruitment agencies in the conventional West prioritize managerial posts, though this is not always the case.

Recruitment firms typically concentrate on filling manual labor roles in Korea, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Korea, and India. Decide on the industry you choose as the type of recruitment agency you approach will depend on this.

There are numerous specialty areas for agencies, but not every job category has a good recruitment agency that can match you with the position you want.

8. Work on your CV

The entire point of the CV is to highlight your experience and talents. For it to be successful, the job experience component must be done correctly.

Your professional background should be arranged in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position and working your way backward.

The required knowledge and experience should be listed in the job description or advertisement, along with maybe some “good to have” knowledge. 

There are a lot of volunteering opportunities happening today. Put it on your resume since it demonstrates your concern for other people and the fact that working hard isn’t just for the money.

A typical “mistake” on resumes is providing specific employment histories as a list of obligations and functions rather than explaining how the experience relates to the position being sought after.

9. Network

Networking is all about your communication skills and confidence. It’s the foundation to having a great career anywhere. You should establish a good relationship with outstanding recruiters if you want to have access to the top employment chances in Dubai.

If you keep up a positive connection with them, a good recruiter will be available to assist you in gaining promotions in the long term, in addition to helping you get your first job in Dubai.

How to Get a Job in Dubai From the USA

The usual process for getting a job in Dubai, coming from the USA, is pretty similar to the process when you’re coming from any other country.

A pathway you can choose coming from the United States is freelancing. Various international companies are looking for freelancers.

  • Applying for a freelance license inside the free zone you wish to operate in is the first step you must take if you want to work independently. 
  • Visit the American embassy. They will have all the details you need, including instructions on applying for a visa and a work permit. 
  • You will also need to submit a copy of your passport, a CV, a letter of recommendation from your bank, and photocopies of your credentials, but you should have your license in a little over 3 weeks.
  • Once you get your license and visa, you can start looking for a job online through LinkedIn. 

How to Get a Job in Dubai for Foreigners Without Experience for Freshers

Contacts and networking are the best way to get a job without experience. Your chance of getting hired increases by up to 6.6 percent if you have contacts in the company you are aiming for. You can still network even if you cannot travel to UAE for networking events.

Even if you are a foreigner and have no experience in working, you can do the following steps to get that dream job. 

  • Social media platforms and online forums are utilized to form a good relationship with recruiting agencies. Discover dedicated online job fairs to aid with the networking factor. 
  • If you’re from the UK, you have many companies in the British that have set up bases in the Gulf region. You can get a job in one of those companies and later request a move to their offices in Dubai. 

 Other Tips for Job Seekers in Dubai

  • Prepare the perfect resume and cover letter for job applications. Modify your CV for every application to highlight the skills that particular position requires. 
  • Work on your communication and negotiation skills to get yourself the best job for yourself. You must become an expert negotiator because getting the best pay and perks will primarily depend on your capacity for persuasion. 
  • Be cautious of recruitment companies that collect high fees from job seekers since they frequently operate as scammers. When trying to find a job through an agency, it’s crucial to seek businesses that receive a commission from the employer’s end instead of the employee.
  • Ensure to be ready before meeting with your potential employer for an interview. Research the business and its activities in the UAE. Dress and behave accordingly. They could ask you why you want to work in Dubai, so give it some thought and prepare a solid response.

Why working in Dubai can be great for you.

  • Working in Dubai opens a world of opportunities as the UAE is actively hiring in the fields of IT, banking, real estate, energy, and tourism. Given its rapid expansion, the job vacancies are truly sky-rocketing in UAE. This gives you space for your career to grow as well. 
  • Most of the companies in Dubai provide you with amazing benefits. These could include corporate accommodation or housing assistance, at least yearly return tickets to your home country, and support for your kids’ education, depending on your employer.
  • The UAE laws are pretty strict, especially when it comes to foreigners. This can be used in your favor as your rights will protect you from being taken undue advantage of in a country that isn’t yours. 

Types of Jobs available in Dubai

Dubai provides you with job opportunities across all the industries in the world. From internship programs to high-level positions, Dubai has them all.

Even great companies like Google, Accenture, GE, Hyatt, Marriott, and Ernst & Young, provide some kind of internship program.

A few examples of job opportunities available in Dubai are given below. 

  • Marketing Executive
  • Adidas storekeeper 
  • Administrative Coordinator 
  • Data entry clerk 
  • IT manager 

What Jobs are on-demand in Dubai?

The current jobs that are on-demand in Dubai are listed below 

  • Financial analysts 
  • Risk Managers 
  • Cyber Security Architects 
  • HR Managers 
  • Talent Acquisition specialists 
  • Legal Counsel 
  • Petroleum Engineering 
  • Aerospace Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Content Marketing Managers, Specialists, and Executives 

Top Paying Jobs in Dubai

Here is a list of top-paying jobs in Dubai 

  • Chief Executive Officers (CEO) with an average monthly salary of Dh 100,000.
  • Public Relations Managing Director with an average monthly salary of Dh 90,000
  • Lawyers with an average monthly salary of Dh 77,000
  • Marketing Experts with an average monthly salary of Dh 95,000


We have answered some frequently asked questions about making a career in Dubai.

Can I Get a Job in Dubai Without a Degree?

Yes, you can get a job in Dubai without a degree. In some cases, you don’t even need a high school diploma. However, the scope of job opportunities without a college degree is limited. You will be eligible to apply for entry-level jobs like being a taxi driver, waiter or electrician. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Job in Dubai

From the time you submitted your application to hearing back from the company after your interviews, the recruitment process takes around 35 days. This depends on the urgency to fill positions by the company and how well your potential employers like you. 

They might even offer you the job at the end of your interview; you never know. But it’s always a good idea to keep your options open. To place all your bets in one position. Apply to a bunch of positions and choose from the best. 


In conclusion, getting a job in Dubai isn’t so hard. By getting all your permits and interviewing, you will only be a flight away from a world full of possibilities. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned above carefully, and you have nothing to worry about. Your dedication and hard work will get you your dream job in Dubai. 

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