How to Get a Job at Twitter

Want to join the team that creates the biggest microblogging and social media service across the world? Here’s your chance to join the #twitterfamily. Much like the rest of the tech industry, Twitter is on the hunt for employees.

If you want to kick-start your career in the tech industry, what better way to start than from a company with a worldwide digital footprint. To tackle a problem or an obstacle, you must first understand its foundation.

Going in blind is a fool’s play. Job vacancies at Twitter are applied for at a high pace, increasing your competition. The breakdown of hiring has been provided in detail, so you can be ready to clear Twitter’s obstacles and get hired. 

How to Get a Job at Twitter – the Recruitment Process 

Twitter’s protocol for hiring is pretty similar to any company in the tech industry. Remember that your professional skills are what land you one of the Twitter jobs.

You start with an online application, following different rounds of interviews, and then you wait to be welcomed aboard. Let’s dive into a more detailed analysis of this process. 

Online Application 

On Twitter’s career website, positions currently up for grabs are displayed, so you can choose your preferred job and apply for it. Twitter’s career website is On this portal, filter out the options of positions to choose your preferred job.

Once you do that, read through the job description thoroughly and make sure to check if you are eligible to apply for that position. Attach your updated resume and submit your application online.

Your portfolio presentation must be up to the mark. Twitter offers an application process that is easy to understand and follow.

Screening Interviews

After your online application is reviewed by Twitter’s HR team, a hiring manager will notify you of a video or phone interview. During this Twitter interview process, your hiring manager will conduct an initial phone screen of your profile by asking about your background and qualifications.

You will have the opportunity to ask your recruiter more about the job and Twitter as a workplace. Asking questions will make you seem like you are prepared and ready to be an employee at Twitter. 

Assessment Round

Clearing the screening round will get you into the assessment round. Based on the position you applied for, you will be asked to take an assessment which will test the necessary skill set for the job.

This assessment can be given as a take-home test or you can be asked to take the test under the surveillance of a Twitter official. This round requires you to solve problems and tests your technical skills.

Depending on the job you applied for, you can also be asked coding questions. So be prepared for an online coding test consisting of questions related to your position. Be aware of any trick questions that might show up during this interview process.

Departmental Round 

You will be notified of another phone or video interview process after you pass your assessment in the previous hiring process. Your interviewer in this round will ask you department targetted questions, about the skill set you require for the job.

In this round, the questions will be more intricate and thorough. This will aid Twitter’s hiring manager to get a deeper understanding of whether you are the perfect person for the job or not.

These additional interviews are what bring you one step closer to your dream job of working in tech companies.

On-site Round 

Passing the departmental round will get you invited to attend a series of onsite interviews at Twitter’s office. These interviews will take place alongside your potential coworkers and managers.

By analysing how you perform in Twitter’s work environment and how compatible you are for the applied position, Twitter’s HR department will notify you of your next steps. 

Official Letter 

Crossing all the obstacles to becoming a Twitter employee will lead you to receive the long-awaited offer. This offer letter will be your chance to be a part of a world-innovative platform. By completing the entire process and finishing the final round of interviews, your dream job at Twitter is only a letter away.

What Are the Various Career Opportunities at Twitter?

The open positions at the Twitter company range from being a software engineer to being an outbound sales representative. With more than 17,000 jobs waiting to be filled at Twitter’s offices, you are provided with a vast number of opportunities to make your career at Twitter.

A few of these positions are listed below for your better understanding. 

Account Manager 

This position will require you to monitor one or more Twitter accounts on the Twitter app, and increase engagement between accounts. Data analysis is an important aspect of this position.

The educational qualification for this job requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration, sales or any other relevant field. The salary of a Twitter account manager is around $122,500 per annum. 

Software Engineer 

Software engineering at the Twitter company requires you to perform code reviews, write technical design documents and work with product management.

A degree in computer science or any relevant field is required to be hired for this position. The salary range for this job starts from $193k to $730k. 

Program Manager 

As a programme manager, you will be responsible for coordinating different projects and for achieving a large set of goals. Having a major in  Business administration or any relevant field, along with more than four years of experience is a must for being eligible for this job.

The average salary of a lead program manager is around $186,307.

Accounts Payable Specialist 

An accounts payable specialist will be responsible for managing the Twitter company’s financial records and making sure all the bills are paid. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or any related field will enable you to apply for this position.

An accounts payable specialist earns around an average of $112,150 per annum. 

Email Marketing Manager 

Under this job, you will be required to reach out to Twitter users through email. A Twitter user will be informed about the upcoming campaigns, new products and events launched by the Twitter company, through these emails.

Having a Bachelor’s degree in communications, PR or any relevant field is a requirement to be considered for this job. On average, an email marketing manager at Twitter earns around $100,000 annually. 


Questions frequently asked by Twitter job seekers are answered to help you get a better understanding of Twitter’s recruitment process and its working environment. 

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Twitter?

Despite Twitter being a social media giant in the tech industry, it is not that hard to land a job at Twitter. With multiple job openings across their year, the opportunities are endless.

The core eligibility for a position at the Twitter company is to have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, or a field relevant to the job. 

Are Twitter Interviews Hard?

The questions asked by the Twitter recruiters will start with background checks to questions that will assess your capability of being the perfect candidate for the job.

The interviews at Twitter are thorough, but not hard. With the right set of skills and a little confidence, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Do You Need a Degree to Work at Twitter?

You can get a job at Twitter even though a degree. Many of the employees at high positions have not graduated from college and you don’t have to either. Your reputation and experience in the technology and information field will be enough to get into the Twitter family. 

Is It Good to Work for Twitter? 

Twitter is a top-rated employer, providing an amazing working atmosphere and perks for the betterment of their employees. With free food and one of the best life insurance offered to Twitter employees, this company is rated at the top as an employer.

With colleagues that will help each other through any challenges, Twitter is an outstanding corporation to help sky-rocket your career in this field. 

How Long Is Twitter’s Hiring Process? 

On average, the interview process at Twitter lasts around 2 to 4 weeks. This depends only on the urgency for filling up the open positions at Twitter and the level of position you have applied for.

The higher your position, the more extensive your recruitment process will be. You will have to clear more interviews than an entry-level job. 

What Should I Wear to a Twitter Interview? 

Twitter provides a relaxed atmosphere for its employees to work in a stress-free environment. By not implying a strict dressing code, Twitter allows its employees to dress casually and comfortably.

Despite having no restrictions, you should bear in mind that this is still a professional setting and you are being evaluated on whether you would be the perfect fit at Twitter. So you can dress comfortable, but keep it on the formal side to maintain that look of professionalism. 

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