How to Get a Job at Starbucks

Working with Starbucks is a dream of many aspiring students and job seekers. As one of the world’s best companies that offer a comfortable atmosphere to its employees, Starbucks receives millions of applications every year.

But only half a thousand make it to the final jobs with the company. So, you can understand the checks and hiring process Starbucks follows.

In this article, we will help you find the best ways to crack an interview with Starbucks. We will also share details about Starbucks’ hiring process, how you can tell if and when they are hiring, what you will require to clear an interview with the district manager, and more.

How do I know if Starbucks is hiring? (where to apply?)

Starbucks hires people all the time but does not consider walk-in interviews, and directly approaching them will also prove unhelpful unless you have applied for the job position online. 

Hence, the only way to find out whether that one neighborhood Starbucks has open jobs is to apply on their official website. The career page on their website will confirm whether they have an open job position in your city.

Once there is a job opening, and if it suits your experience or field of interest, you can apply for the said open positions.

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Starbucks?

Although you do not need to be an expert or a master’s degree holder to get into Starbucks, it is still quite hard to make it to the brand’s employees list. 

The main reason for this is the number of applications they receive yearly. As mentioned in the first part, less than half of the applications get accepted and finally make it to a job at Starbucks. 

And yet the one thing to remember is that the only qualification you will need is 16 years of age or above to be hired by this company for a job.

Rest, you can rely on your attention-grabbing application and a little luck to get shortlisted amid the millions of application forms.

Requirements to work at Starbucks

There aren’t too many things that one requires to get selected to work at a Starbucks store. However, what is mandatory and crucial for the store managers is a basic job description that they like to stick by when hiring new employees.

Here is a job description that you will need to ensure to get through that job interview at Starbucks:

  • You will have to demonstrate strong communication skills to become a potential candidate for a job position. Be assertive and polite during the interview to help them assess your soft skills.
  • If you are a fresher and do not have relevant experience working in a team, you should know that Starbucks requires people who can manage well under pressure.
  • You will need to work on your management and interpersonal skills, it is crucial if you are going to work out of a Starbucks that is busy throughout the week.
  • Any company or brand wants people who value their own time and the organization. So, being punctual is very important. You can show that by being on time for the interview if you get shortlisted. Also, how you utilize your time will be an add-on to showcase your punctuality and your planning skills.
  • Being a multitasker would be a sure plus for a job position in Starbucks especially. Their work culture allows people to learn several things during their tenure. Hence, try to manage your work while also learning new things. A similar experience with any activity, previous roles in an internship, or job would help them consider you for the position.
  • Any previous jobs in customer service support or having worked in a restaurant will prove helpful since Starbucks would require a person to deal with walk-in customers at their stores.
  • Another essential is a professional summary in your resume application or a mission statement that describes your professional goals. It is also an indicator of the human spirit that many resumes lack.

How to Get a Job at Starbucks?

Getting a job at Starbucks is not tricky. Here’s what you need to ensure to get a job at Starbucks:

  1. You need to remember the job description mentioned in the above section.
  2. You can only get a job at this great coffee shop if you are legally eligible to work. 
  3. Remember to do your research before going for the interview. Read about the company, its values, and what makes it stand out from other brands. 
  4. Demonstrate your best skills during the interview and how you can utilize these skills at your job, enhancing the overall services provided at the store. 

All this combined will help you get a job at the Starbucks coffee store.

How Long Does It Take To Get Hired by Starbucks?

Usually, the hiring process at Starbucks coffee shop is completed within 1-2 weeks. The process is shorter for the store jobs. Sometimes candidates are interviewed and hired within three days also.

However, for job roles such as shift manager, the duration may be extended, and you will only hear back after 2-3 weeks. 

What Is the Hiring Process for Starbucks in 2022?

The company follows a hiring process to find potential candidates and hire the best from the lot. The process is segregated into stages to ensure only good candidates get through. It includes:

  1. Job application process – An online application must be submitted on the official website.
  2. Assessment test – A personality assessment test is the base for hiring managers to add new workers to the coffee stores. 
  3. Interview – After shortlisting candidates based on the assessment results, a round is conducted with the shortlisted applicants with a list of interview questions.
  4. Orientation – Once hired, the Starbucks recruitment team is responsible for conducting an orientation session for new joiners. It is the final step in the hiring process.

Starbucks Application Process

Below is the application process to submit your online application on the Starbucks site:

  1. Starbucks only allows potential candidates to reach out to them by submitting an application online and a cover letter on their website.
  2. It is crucial to ensure that you fill out all required details in the form before submitting it. 
  3. Interestingly, you can apply for more than one job position. By doing so, you can increase your chances of getting hired. 
  4. Also, when you apply online, ensure that you share all details about yourself, such as your correct age, past job experiences, or if you are a fresher, and most importantly, your qualifications and the cover letter. 

If you follow the above guide, you will likely be considered by the recruitment team over other applicants.

How long does it take Starbucks to process an application?

The online application is processed in a short time duration. Potential candidates can be selected in 2-3 days, sending them onto the next round.

However, it is essential that before submitting the application, the candidate fills out crucial details so that the recruitment team can work on it and process it for the next round.

How long does it take for Starbucks to call you for orientation?

Once the interview process has been done and you receive the final call confirming your selection, the Starbucks recruiter will send you the details on the schedule for the orientation program. 

Ideally, the orientation is done right after the candidate is selected. But this is before completing the background checks and giving approval to the team.

Hence, it may take time before you get the call to share the details about the orientation. The waiting period can be up to two to three working days.

How do I check the status of my Starbucks application?

To follow up on an online application, you should try and visit the nearest Starbucks store that may become your eventual workplace. It is always better to visit the store to check your application’s status by meeting the store manager.

Check if the manager is available, ask for their time, and see if they can help you with the application’s status. You can also tell the store manager how passionate you are about being a part of the brand and remember to answer their questions properly.

This way, it is easier to check than calling their helpline number and talking to an executive. 

If it is delayed, this is the only way to check your application’s status. However, it only takes a week before you get the final call. So just sit tight and wait for the recruitment team to reach out to you.

How far back does Starbucks background check go?

The background checks at Starbucks are specific to the candidates’ information and only consider all individuals based on their merits and not their records.

It is crucial to share all your details in the application form. It helps if the background checks happen, your application form matches the findings in their background checks on you. 

If you are a candidate with any criminal records, you should know that Starbucks also hires people with criminal records. However, Starbucks considers the type of crime the candidate was involved in and how it can affect the brand or its services.

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How long does the background check take at Starbucks?

Generally, the background checks at Starbucks take about a week to check the information they find about a candidate and make a strong match with the details they shared on their application form.

So, if you have passed the background checks, you should expect a call from them in a week.

Starbucks Interview Process

The interview process at Starbucks is considered a chilled-out process. Here’s what the interview process looks like:

  1. Once your application has been selected, you will get a call from the recruitment team confirming the interview date. 
  2. You will have to visit the Starbucks store on the day of the interview. Remember to carry your resume, cover letter, and any other relevant documents. 
  3. The Starbucks hiring manager asks simple interview questions about your strengths and weaknesses, your experience in working in a team, and more.
  4. About 15 Starbucks interview questions were asked during the interview process, seeking your understanding of the company and why you wish to work for Starbucks.
  5. Your behavior throughout the interview will be significant because of how Starbucks functions. 

The important thing to understand is that questions may vary based on the job position you are applying for.

And yet, the core interview question remains the same- why do you want to work for Starbucks? If you get this right, everything else should be easy. 

Does Starbucks drug test?

No, the applicants are not required to do a drug test to get a job in Starbucks. Even though they have a strict policy on not allowing drug usage inside the store, the Starbucks employees or the potential candidates are not asked to do a drug test. 

So, with all this information and detailed FAQs, you should be able to prepare yourself for your dream job at your favorite coffee store brand. While Starbucks is one of the most loved workplaces to be at, we hope you can become their favorite employee by following this guide. 

Good luck with the application. We hope you crack that interview and become a Starbucks barista too!

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