How to Get a Job at Spotify

Are you a music lover who wants to jump-start a career in the music industry? Then Spotify is here with opportunities that you can’t resist. Working in a company like Spotify is perfect for creating impactful change in this industry.

Spotify’s hiring process looks into your previous experience and whether you are a good match for the job. We have below explained Spotify’s hiring process in detail for your convenience.

How to Get a Job at Spotify

Landing that position at Spotify requires you to go through an intensive recruitment process, which is explained below for your understanding. From applying to receiving the offer letter, we’ve covered it all for your convenience. 

Application process

Before starting the job application process, be sure to have a creative resume and cover letter, that stands out from any potential employee. Having diverse backgrounds can be in your favour, as the music streaming company is looking for interesting potential employees.

A list of open positions is available on the life at Spotify website, i.e.,

Spotify’s talent acquisition team will review your application and notify you regarding the next steps of their hiring process.

Interview process

After the undertaking of the portfolio review, the hiring managers will inform you of an introductory interview. Spotify’s HR team will start the interview over a video call or phone call.

Next, you’ll meet with the talent acquisition rep, design partners and a member of the team you’re applying for. They’ll pick a few of your projects and have you walk them through your thought process from beginning to end.

You’ll also be asked to complete a real-time design exercise to solve a Spotify design challenge. The final interview is an on-site interview that requires you to meet many employees and work closely with the team you have opted for.


The intricate interview process will finally come to an end and leave you waiting for a call-back. Remember that patience is key, so don’t rush the recruiting team for declaring the results. Give it time and you will be notified soon.

By passing all the phases, you will get a job offer from Spotify. Weigh the pros and cons of your offer letter and make the right decision for your career.

Various Career opportunities at Spotify: Job titles and Descriptions

Spotify provides its employees with job opportunities from entry-level to fast-paced positions. For your better understanding, a few of Spotify’s job titles have been mentioned below, along with a job description.

These job descriptions provide you with an insight into what is expected of you and your approximate pay range.

Data engineer

Spotify is looking for data engineers who are driven by a passion for data and metrics to create organized, high-quality data solutions that focus on metrics, test assessment, and signal building for others in the organization. The pay for this position starts from around $1,24,386.

Project manager

This position comes under business development positions. From the proposal to the conclusion, project managers are in charge of planning out the extent and duration of a project.

They break the project down into intermediate milestones, keep track of which departments and people are in charge of each, and set deadlines. This business development position pays around $111,590 per annum.

Software engineer

These employees are tasked to run operations smoothly across our network by developing, implementing, and enhancing technology solutions. The primary responsibility would be to deliver timely technical solutions and advocate for agile software development practices.

They must be proficient in programming languages. The basic pay for a Spotify engineer starts from $157k.

Product managers

Such jobs are meant to predict what products and features Spotify listeners and creators seek and ultimately help get them. All of this while harnessing the latest technological advancements to provide the greatest possible user experience.

Machine learning is an important aspect of these jobs and this position will require you to be a part of a machine learning team. On average, the pay for this position is around $151,699 annually.

Tips to Get a Job at Spotify

Here are some amazing tips to get your dream job at Spotify, one of the biggest music streaming companies.

Be great at the job we want to hire you for

If you aren’t already talented in the field you are applying for at Spotify, you should consider going to a top-rated training program to sharpen your skill-set.

Being proficient in the skillset you require for the job is a great attribute to have as a job seeker. This can also be done through top tech bootcamps.

Have a little patience

Always remember that patience is key. No one likes being rushed into things, especially recruiters who have to sit through thousands of applications.

So make sure to have an appropriate time gap between your interactions with the Spotify team. You will be notified by the team when required.

Focus on what you are great at

Always play to your strengths. Identify your pros and cons as an applicant and use your strengths to your advantage. Try to change your disadvantages to your strengths by improving your skills in that area.

Make it easy for us to see how great you are

Showcase your talents and portray your strengths in the right light, so your recruiters at Spotify can easily identify you to be a deserving candidate. This will put you on the top pile as you would create impactful impressions.

It’s more important to stand out in your résumé than to have your résumé stand out

Submitting a fancy-looking resume will catch your recruiter’s eye for sure, but the content in the CV is what matters at the end of the day. Make sure your qualifications and skillset are presented in a manner that expresses your persona.

What It’s Like to Work at Spotify

Apart from the amazing benefits, employees have sung high praises for the company. Its work culture is said to be one of the best and the company also provides you a relaxed work-life balance.

How Hard is It to Land a Job at Spotify?

Spotify’s hiring process is pretty thorough and the company receives countless applications from qualified candidates, so it is fair to say that it isn’t easy to get a job at Spotify. However, your brunt is eased if you follow the tips above to get a job at Spotify.

How Hard is It to Get a Spotify Internship?

The open positions, even under an internship program, are endless in Spotify. However, it is fairly tough to get even an internship at this organisation. Applicants have to show their creative and gritty side throughout the hiring process to get Spotify to hire people.

Does Spotify Pay Well?

The average salary at Spotify is around $118,609. Taking this into consideration, Spotify pays its employees better than many companies in the music industry.

Is Spotify a Good Employer?

By providing its employees with an amazing working environment, countless benefits and perks and an amazing salary, it’s safe to say that Spotify is a certified good employer.

Is Spotify Work From Home?

More than 6,500 employees at Spotify are already working from home, so that option is up for grabs depending on your position at the company.

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