How to Get a Job at OpenAI

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OpenAI is the biggest player in the Artificial intelligence industry, working at OpenAI is a dream of every individual working in this field. Through this article, we will provide you with all the details regarding how to get a job at OpenAI.

Furthermore, we will guide you step by step about the entire process of recruitment. You can read this article before applying for a job at OpenAI to increase your chances of selection.

Is it hard to get hired at OpenAI?

Getting hired at OpenAI is not difficult if you have the required skills and qualities that the AI giant expects in its employees. The application process is simple and is explained very well on the website, you can refer to the application process through this link.

The organization reviews all applications within a week and responds whether you are eligible or not. Therefore, it is very clear that getting hired at OpenAI is not hard if you possess the required qualities and experience.

How do I get hired at OpenAI?

OpenAI has a very detailed hiring process. The process begins with an application to be submitted on the website. You can check all the open roles for which you can apply through this link. You have to apply by selecting the position for which you are eligible.

The link will redirect you to the application page and you can fill the application form by providing necessary details. The openAI has a quick response process where the candidate’s application is reviewed within a week.

After the review process, the candidate receives the response to his/her application. If your application is accepted you move to the next stage, which includes introductory calls, skill-based assessment followed by a final interview. The last stage is the decision stage where the OpenAI will finally tell you if you are hired or not.

First know about OpenAI’s hiring philosophy and Interview Process

Hiring Philosophy

Before applying for a job at OpenAI, the first thing that you must know is their hiring philosophy. The interview and other assessments are based on the hiring philosophy of the organization and understanding helps you to know what exactly the OpenAI sees in a candidate.

  1. What is their Hiring mission?

OpenAI does not follow any strict hiring policy. Their mission is to hire talented candidates who have a keen interest to passionately build a safe AGI for mankind. The OpenAI does not require Phd holders in their areas, it has a basic requirement of talented candidates who are passionate enough to work for the organization.

  1. What are their Hiring values?

OpenAI’s hiring values are very different from other AI organizations. The organization does not rely on credentials, rather it looks for candidates with unique backgrounds who are ready to contribute to the team to their fullest.

  1. What do we look for?

Any candidate who applies to OpenAI is screened through a process that tries to test candidates through a rigorous set of stages. OpenAI looks for people who are already experts in the field or have the potential to be one. Apart from work skills the organization also looks for people who are open to criticism, have work ethics and are a team player.

What is OpenAI’s interview process?

The hiring process of OpenAI majorly consists of interviews sometimes through questionnaires and sometimes verbally. Despite coming from different backgrounds, the openAI expects its employees to be dedicated towards the mission of building safe artificial intelligence that benefits all of humanity.

Get Hired by OpenAI

Application and resume review

The first step in getting hired by OpenAI is to fill the application form for the desired opening that suits your background.After successfully filling the application form with a resume attached with it, the candidate has to wait for a week. OpenAI responds after reviewing the application within a week.

Introductory calls

The candidate reaches the next stage if the application and resume fits the job profile. At this stage the candidate will receive an email to schedule a conversation with a recruiting manager. The recruiting manager assists the candidate with further hiring process.

Skills-based assessment

The next and one of the most important stages of hiring is the skill based assessment stage. At this stage, your technical skills will be evaluated and you will be provided with one or more assignments. These assignments include take-home projects, hackerRank test, pair coding interviews among others.

Final Interviews

The final stage is the interview stage which can be virtual or at their office situated at San Francisco. At this stage, a candidate is interviewed by 4-6 people over a period of 1-2 days. The interviews are made in a way that they will try to get you out of your comfort zone and will test your expertise in your field through various means. 


The final decision regarding any hiring lies with the OpenAI management. After the last stage of the hiring process within one week your application will be finalized by OpenAI and you will get confirmation or rejection for your hiring.

How to be prepared for Openai?

The hiring process of OpenAI although defined still there is a lot of space for the recruiter to test your skills. The organization expects from the candidate that he/she shall be well versed with the OpenAI charter, the research publications and blog posts of his/her interest.

Other than these basic resources, a candidate can read a Deep learning book and Spinning Up in deep RL to have a better chance of selection. 

Do you need a Phd to work at OpenAI?

There are no openings at OpenAI which require a user to be a PhD holder. The OpenAI’s vice president DIane Yoon has mentioned that the major chunk of employees at OpenAI are graduates and even have not completed their masters. Therefore, it is very clear that a PhD is not compulsory to work at OpenAI.

Does OpenAI pay well?

Being a giant in the industry, OpenAI takes care of its employees in a much better way compared to others in the industry. The salaries at openAI range from $231150 to $800000 for the whole year. The salary varies from position to position with software engineers getting the best salary.

What is the highest salary in OpenAI?

The highest paid position at OpenAI is of the Software Engineer who is paid a handsome amount of $800000. The salary includes basic salary as well as stock compensations, you can read more through this link.


OpenAI follows a detailed procedure of recruitment of its employees. The organization not only tests its coming employees through their subjective knowledge but also focuses on core values of work. I hope after reading the article you are now aware of the entire recruitment process at OpenAI.

Every stage of recruitment has a weightage as if you do not get selected in any one of these stages you might lose the opportunity to work at OpenAI. 

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