How to Get a Job at Netflix

Want to make a career in high-tech companies that provides you with creative roles and hands-on experience? Then the tech entertainment company you should be looking into is Netflix. Working in a leading entertainment provider is the dream job that we will help you get.

Did you know that you can even get paid just to watch Netflix? Let’s get into the details so you can better understand Netflix’s hiring process. 

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Netflix?

The streaming company, unfortunately, lacks any entry-level jobs for graduates looking for their first job. Hence, it is relatively hard to get a job at Netflix with the experience part of your job application empty.

However, job candidates who show promise and excellent skills are the exceptions to this drawback for fresh graduates. Thanks to Netflix’s culture and the company’s success, becoming a Netflix employee requires you to cross several hurdles. 

What Major Do You Need to Work at Netflix?

Making a career in Netflix requires you to have a bachelor’s degree for sure. However, the subject you must have a major in differs according to the position you have applied for.

For example, a financial analyst will require a degree in finance, and cybersecurity engineers require a degree in cybersecurity. Hence, it is best to do your homework regarding what positions you are eligible to apply for depending on your degree. 

How to Get a Job at Netflix?

Netflix is always looking for employees who understand their company’s values and fit into the Netflix culture. Getting that job at Netflix will require skills and patience. We have broken down the hiring process for your better understanding. 

Application Process

The first step in any application process is revising your CV. Take some time to scan the job description and carefully collect information before sitting down to revise your resume and prepare your cover letter.

Jot down any frequently encountered keywords and mention them in your application. Creating a unique resume to wow the hiring manager by meeting every criterion outlined in the job description is the best approach to impress a Netflix recruiter.

This will help you stand out from the other candidates. Don’t forget to explain why you would fit in with Netflix’s company culture in your cover letter. Now all you have to do is apply through Netflix’s official career website at

Interview Process

Netflix’s hiring process begins with a brief interview over the phone. Before your interview process begins, Netflix will send you a copy of their company’s culture memo and company values.

This first phone interview assesses your personality traits and whether you understand the company culture. An hour and a half are spent on the second phone interview.

You will be technically questioned about the role a recruiting manager seeks. Depending on the position, you could be required to do a take-home project to demonstrate your abilities. The next part involves seven rounds of in-person interviews.

Speaking with the HR department, your recruiter, and the engineering manager are all on the agenda for your on-site interview round.

The recruiting team will ask more questions that are centered on behavior and culture, whereas the engineering manager will ask more technical questions.

Be prepared to respond to data formats, cultural fit, and algorithms inquiries. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked brain teasers, even if your position doesn’t require any technical skills. There is no correct response to these questions, but hiring managers are interested in how you analyze and solve problems.

The second round usually lasts around eight hours, and this set of interviews will make or break your career on Netflix. 


After carefully weighing all of the input from all parties involved in the recruiting process, recruiters make the final decision regarding whom to hire. Depending on this, you might receive an offer letter to begin your career at Netflix. 

Various Career Opportunities at Netflix: Job Titles and Descriptions

This entertainment company has various job openings up for grabs. These titles range from basic-level jobs to advanced positions in the company. Let’s have a look at a few career opportunities that Netflix provides its future employees. 

Senior financial analyst

Senior financial analysts often devote time to creating investment hypotheses, corresponding with other investors and firm management teams, and marketing concepts.

To be eligible for this position, potential employees must have a degree in economics/ finance/ accounting or any other relevant subject. The salary of a senior financial analyst ranges from $67,000 to $175,000. 

Data scientists 

Data scientists assist companies in resolving challenging issues by extrapolating and disseminating these findings.

They provide the answers to big problems that assist firms in making unbiased decisions by fusing computer science, modeling, stats, analysis, and mathematical abilities with solid business sense.

The educational requirements for applying to this position require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in either of the following subjects; Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics, Computer Science, or Information management.

The average salary of a data scientist at Netflix is $465,000 per annum. 

Product management 

A product manager describes what perfection looks like for a product by pinpointing the consumer’s needs. They address bigger corporate goals that a feature will address and rallies a team to make that vision a reality.

Getting a spot in Netflix’s product management team will require you to have a master’s degree or Ph.D. in statistics/ machine learning/ information theory or any relevant degree. A product manager on average, earns around $101,000. 

Tips to Get a Job at Netflix

  • During the application process, sharing your Linkedin Profile with the recruiting team will give them a colorful idea of you as an eligible candidate. 
  • Scan through Netflix’s culture memo carefully as you will be asked questions regarding it. One of the most important aspects that a Netflix recruiter looks at is if you will fit into the company’s environment. 
  • Maintain a network in the entertainment industry. Having connections in Netflix will allow you to get the inside scoop of the company, which you can use to craft the perfect application. 
  • Be confident during your interviews; if you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t panic and go blank. Instead, say that you will get back to the recruiter on this. Use your good judgment during these times. 
  • Ask your recruiters any questions you have about Netflix. This shows that you have done your homework and are thorough with the task at hand. 

What It’s Like to Work at Netflix?

To begin with, Netflix company offers outstanding incentives, equitable pay, and a great work atmosphere. You can work independently and develop creative campaigns because of the corporate culture at Netflix.

However, Netflix employees have expressed that if you don’t show results, you’re fired faster than in any other company.

The ‘hire slow, fire fast’ principle characterizes the Netflix hiring process. Hence, the work environment at Netflix is fast-paced, to say the least. 

Does Netflix Pay Well?

The average salary at Netflix is $107,814. This number may differ depending on the role, degree of experience, and level of education. Salaries will depend on the levels of your Netflix careers. Low-level positions will often pay substantially less than this, but once you get the hang of it, it will be simple to go up the career ladder.

Does Netflix Hire Without a Degree?

Typically speaking, you need to be a college graduate to get a job at Netflix. Most of the positions have a minimum requirement that you have a degree in the relevant field. However, your skills and experience might make up for not having that degree if you’re exceptional in what you do. Netflix has made exceptions for promising candidates who don’t have a degree. 

How Long Does Netflix Take to Hire?

The process from applying to receiving an offer letter takes about a month. This varies depending on Netflix’s need to hire employees and how good you are as a candidate. 

What Should I Wear to a Netflix Interview?

Even though Netflix doesn’t have a formal dress code, it is always good to maintain a professional look around your recruiters. Business casual is the way to go, as wearing casuals for interviews is majorly frowned upon. 

Can You Work From Home With Netflix?

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings believes that working from home negatively affects the company. However, the company allows its employees to work from home depending on their roles and workload. 

Does Netflix Hire Interns?

The company usually refrains from hiring interns as they do not have the time to spoon-feed their employees. Traditionally, Netflix doesn’t even have an internship program. 

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