How to Get a Job at McDonald 

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Are you hard-working and looking for a job, but don’t have prior experience? Then McDonald’s is here to give you an opportunity to start earning and make you go “I’m Lovin’ It”. 

Considering this might be the first time you’re applying for a McDonald’s job; we will brush up on the process for being selected and employee FAQs. Applying for a McDonald’s job should be a breeze if you keep in mind the following points. 

Let’s dive into it, so you can start building your career the right way. 

Process of Hiring:

The process of hiring at Mcdonald’s is fairly straightforward and starts off with submitting your job application with your resume. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and factually correct.

Following this will be a series of tests that you’ll have to pass to get your hands on that Mcdonald’s offer letter. Let’s go into more detail about this process.

Search job at your preferred location & submit your application: 

Visit, find a store location suitable to your convenience, and submit your application online.  If not possible, you can visit your nearest McDonald’s store and ask any of the staff members if their store is hiring. 

If positive,  ask the store manager for an application and physically submit it.   Make sure to double-check for errors and fill out your application completely. 

McDonald’s team will review your application

Your application will be reviewed by the hiring manager, to see if you meet the requirements. Every position has different requirements, so make sure you meet the criteria before applying for the job.

The requirements for typical McDonald’s positions are specified at Your application will be screened to make sure everything complies with their employment policies.  You can expect to hear back within 1-2 weeks of submitting your application.

They will contact you for Video or Phone Interviews: 

Once you have passed the review process, you will be notified of a brief interview. This will take place over a phone call or video call with the hiring manager.  Once you’re done, you will have to attempt an assessment test.

This 64 questions assessment is used to understand how you would respond in certain situations that might take place during your job.  Be sure to mark the answers you most relate to and submit your test. Now all you must do is wait for a call-back. 

Meet them in person – Onsite Visit: 

After passing the assessment test, you will be asked to visit the McDonald’s store and meet the managers. This helps the managers to put a name to the application and provides you with an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the work environment. 

Meeting you will provide the managers with an idea of your personality and how you would be as an employee. This insight could get you brownie points and boost your application among other competitors. 

Pre-Employment Screening – employment and education verification

The final step to getting your dream first job is only a simple verification away.  The educational and employment experience will be verified to make sure your application is authentic.

This can be done by providing certificates of your degree or by the McDonald’s HR management calling the respective institutions to vouch for your qualifications. This verification proves the authenticity of your application and earns your employer’s trust. 

Notification – You will receive an offer to join:

By passing all the hurdles with flying colors, you will be served an offer letter by McDonald’s.  Carefully read through your employment agreement to make sure there are no errors or misunderstandings regarding the terms of your employment.

Once everything is in order, you are one signature away from officially being a McDonald’s employee. 

In case your application has been rejected, don’t get your hopes down. Retrace your steps and figure out where you could’ve performed better, so you don’t make the same mistake again.  After all, it is learning from mistakes that help us grow into better individuals. 

McDonald’s employment FAQs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about McDonald’s employment policies. These answers will help you understand the dynamics of employment policies in Mcdonald’s and clear any common doubts you might have. 

How old do you have to be to work at McDonald’s? 

The minimum age requirement to be a McDonald’s employee is 14 years. So if you’re 14 and above, you can apply for a job at your favorite fast-food chain. 

However, these age limits vary as per your state laws.  If you’re legally allowed to work as a 14-year-old, there should be no problem in working at a McDonald’s. 

How do I know if a McDonald’s location is hiring? 

To find out about the vacancies for jobs in a McDonald’s store location, you can visit the  McDonald’s website and inquire about the store locations which are currently hiring.

Another option is to physically go to the McDonald’s store you would like to work in and ask the manager or any of the staff members if their store is currently hiring.  If they are not, you can also inquire if they know of any other store locations that are hiring. 

What is the status of my McDonald’s job application? 

It usually takes a week or 2 to receive a call-back after submitting your application, so sit back and relax if you still have time.

In the situation that this period has elapsed, or you want a quick update on your application status, you can contact the McDonald’s store you applied for and inquire through the manager.  

What internship opportunities are there at McDonald’s? 

McDonald’s offers a variety of internship opportunities for individuals looking to kick-start their careers or earn a few bucks while pursuing their education. These include internships in Human Resources, Business Administration, and Marketing.

McDonald’s provides its interns with the window to gain hands-on experience in the fast-food industry. With McDonald’s being a household name, students will have the opportunity to witness the logistics behind a successful business.

Am I eligible for rehire at McDonald’s?

There are two types of McDonald’s stores. Company-owned & Franchised. The rehiring policy for both these kinds of stores varies. To find out the rehiring policy for the store you had in mind, visit the restaurant locator page at

All the required details of the store will be provided on this page. If there is still any confusion, the contact details of the store location are given for your inquiry. 

How to Get a job at McDonald’s at 14?

As the minimum age requirement to get a job in McDonald’s stores is 14, age wouldn’t be a problem. Unless the law in your state prohibits employment at 14.  It is safe to presume that at 14, you have no work experience. 

This confines you to a select number of positions and a minimum work wage, in any McDonald’s store. Otherwise, the process for getting a job at McDonald’s is standard for all employees. 

Submit your application at the McDonald’s website or physically to the store manager. Go through the selection process of interview, assessment, and verification. Then all you must do is wait for your offer letter. 

How long does it take to get a job at McDonald’s? 

The time period for being selected in the application process mostly depends on the degree of urgency to hire employees and how busy the hiring manager is. The notification for your final offer letter can be expected anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks.

However, if you feel like too much time has passed, you can always call the store manager to inquire about the status of your application. 

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