How to Get a Job at Louis Vuitton

Getting a job at the world’s most luxurious fashion house seems like a herculean task. Don’t worry because we’re here to guide you into becoming an employee at the French fashion hub, Louis Vuitton.

With our step-by-step analysis of Louis Vuitton’s recruiting process, you can be prepared to receive that offer letter very soon. 

How to Get a Job at Louis Vuitton – an Easy Guide to the Recruitment Process

You will find below a breakdown of Louis Vuitton’s process of recruitment, so you can identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses. 

Preparing Your Resume and Submitting Your Application 

Make sure your CV is up to date and portrays your essence as a suitable employee. Once you’re confident with your resume, you can fill out your application on Louis Vuitton’s website at

Here, you will find various open positions in Louis Vuitton’s stores spread across the world. Find the position best suitable for you and keep an eye out for the eligibility criteria. You will find the option of submitting your application on the webpage for the open position itself. 

Selection of Application and Phone Interview

Your submitted application will be screened by the Louis Vuitton HR team. If your application is in compliance with the position you have applied for and satisfied the Louis Vuitton recruiter’s criteria, you will be notified of a brief phone call interview.

This will give your recruiter an insight into how you would be as an employee and you a chance to inquire about the position in detail. 

The Second Interview Will Be in-person 

After your interview on the phone commences, you will be notified of an interview with Louis Vuitton’s HR team once you pass the first interview. This meeting will take place physically and will involve a more detailed analysis of whether you’re fit for the job.

To stay on top, make sure to be up to date with Louis Vuitton’s latest products and ask all the questions you have about your job and anything else you’re curious about. These questions will show the recruiter your knowledge and interest in Louis Vuitton, earning you brownie points. 

The Third Interview With Your Possible New Manager

Once you pass your second interview, you will be called in again for a physical interview with your potential manager. This interview will reveal exactly what your manager is looking for in a potential employee as every position requires different skills.

Make sure you are well prepared for each of these interview rounds to make the best impression. 

Possible Further Interviews and Receiving an Offer Letter 

Depending on the position you have applied for, the number of interviews you will have to go through will vary. Once your final interview is over, you will receive a notification on whether you got the job or not.

Once you get your offer letter, you can carefully choose your next steps to navigate your offer. 

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Louis Vuitton? 

Louis Vuitton is considered one of the most high-end businesses in the fashion industry. With their keen eye for clothes and style, they curate a luxurious form of living for their customers.

To keep up with such an elite fashion house, an employee must possess the necessary skills to grow in a company like Louis Vuitton. With the business being a household name, there are countless applicants each year for the various opening positions.

Hence, it is considered to be a competitive field to get a job in. However, it is not impossible to be an employee at Louis Vuitton. You just need the determination and the qualities of a Louis Vuitton employee.  


Here are some frequently asked questions Louis Vuitton applicants usually have. They are answered to clear any confusions you might have during the recruiting process for Louis Vuitton. 

How Much Do Louis Vuitton Employees Get Paid? 

A Louis Vuitton employee’s salary range starts from around $20,000 per annum to around $150,000. The salary of an employee will vary from the various job positions Louis Vuitton offers. 

 How Long Does It Take to Get Hired at Louis Vuitton?

The recruitment process at Louis Vuitton takes an average of 27 days to complete. However, the time frame may vary depending on the need for new recruits and the level of position you are applying to. It is important to remember that patience is key during such a time. 

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Louis Vuitton?

The age requirement to work at Louis Vuitton is above 18 at a minimum. However, these age restrictions vary as per the position you are applying for. Higher positions require you to be older than a certain age. The minimum age of 18 starts with internships at Louis Vuitton. 

What Do I Need to Know for a Louis Vuitton Interview? 

Be sure to understand the essence of the company and the latest products released by Louis Vuitton. Make sure to ask questions about what is expected of you, the company’s motto and anything else you are curious about.

Confidence and a passion for working in the fashion industry are all you need for the interview. Having a great fashion sense is always a bonus when applying to work in the fashion industry, even if it is for an analytical job. 

Is Louis Vuitton a Good Company to Work for? 

Louis Vuitton as a luxurious fashion hub has left its mark on the world and changed the way fashion is perceived. Even as an employer, Louis Vuitton has proven to be an amazing working space.

Louis Vuitton’s employees themselves have said that being an employee at Louis Vuitton is an amazing experience and a step in the right direction for your career. 

What Are the Perks of Working at Louis Vuitton?

Apart from the regular insurance provided by almost every firm, Louis Vuitton offers its employees international relocation, team outings, discounts on Louis Vuitton products and the gymnasium for de-stressing. 

Who Owns Louis Vuitton Now? 

Louis Vuitton is owned by Bernard Arnault since 1989. He is the co-founder, CEO and chairman of LVMH. 

Do Louis Vuitton Employees Get Commission? 

In general, Louis Vuitton employees do not make a commission from each product that is sold. However, Louis Vuitton employees are given the benefit of being involved in bonus schemes. 

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