How to Get a Job at Goldman Sachs 

By being the oldest investment bank on Wall Street, a career in Goldman Sachs is like a dream come true. Working in such an elite financial organization surprisingly doesn’t require you to have a degree in finance or accounting.

Goldman Sachs has an inclusive nature of accepting employees from diverse backgrounds, to build a community that will aid in the growth of each individual. To be a part of such an amazing workspace will bring you to new heights in your life.

Goldman Sachs is brimming with top-tier employees who are the cream of the financial world. With a client base consisting of elite corporations and legendary diplomats from all over the world, Goldman Sachs seems like a paradise for career-driven people.

Let’s get into the hiring process of Goldman Sachs to bring you one step closer to getting a job at one of the elite banks in the world. 

Is it hard to Get into Goldman Sachs?

Only a tiny portion of more than 200,000 applicants was selected in 2016. Despite being hard, it is not impossible to get in. Every organization requires people to run it to the heights of success.

To get into an organization like Goldman Sachs, you must yearn to learn and grow into a better employee every day. With passion and hard work, you can achieve your desire to be a Goldman Sachs employee. 

How to Get a Job at Goldman Sachs

The recruitment process for getting a position at Goldman Sachs is laid down for you to come up with the perfect action plan.

Apply for a position at Goldman Sachs 

You can apply as an experienced professional looking for positions or as a student looking for internship opportunities on the Goldman Sachs website at

You will be provided with a list of currently open positions, along with the position’s required qualifications and what you are expected to do.

Carefully go through the list to find a suitable preference and make sure your application is perfect with this application checklist provided by Goldman Sachs at

The first interview after the application is selected 

Your application will be reviewed by the HR department of Goldman Sachs, which will make sure you’re eligible and if your goals align with the banks. The authenticity of your application is tested as your qualifications are all verified.

Once your application is selected, you will be notified of a 30-minute video interview. If you’re applying for an engineering position at Goldman Sachs, you will be tasked with a HackerRank assessment. 

In-person interview at Goldman Sachs 

If you’re selected in the virtual interview process as well, you will be notified of a face-to-face interview. You will be called to the Goldman Sachs location and be interviewed by the finest, along with meeting the various employees who you might work with in the future. 

Notification of recruitment 

If you are still waiting to hear back about your offer letter or are curious about your application status, remember that patience is key. You want to give it a few days before you inquire about the status of your application. Once you get your offer letter, make sure to keep in mind your long-term goals and navigate the offer accordingly. 

What it’s like to work at Goldman Sachs 

A prestigious bank like Goldman Sachs provides its employees with an environment of diversity and excellent perks. New mothers are given maternity leave, along with many Headquarters providing child care.

Employees of Goldman Sachs have regular de-stressing activities such as meditation and pilates. Goldman Sachs also has a charity scavenger hunt once a year, with elite guest speakers to motivate their employees. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about working at the world’s biggest bank, Goldman Sachs. 

How do you get selected by Goldman Sachs?

Your original thinking and confidence in yourself are more valuable than any educational qualification. Standing out from the vast crowd of applicants will get you brownie points from the Goldman Sachs HR team as you won’t get lost in the monotonous list of applicants. 

How much does a job at Goldman Sachs make?

Depending on the position you are selected for, your pay range at Goldman Sachs can vary. At Goldman Sachs, a first-year analyst’s salary is $110,000 per annum. Goldman Sachs has always kept their employees happy in the monetary plane. 

What GPA do you need to work at Goldman Sachs? 

You don’t have to be the valedictorian to get a job at Goldman Sachs, however, you have to be a bright student to be considered a competition in such an organization. The average percentage of each employee was 93%, which is 3.72 out of 4 GPA. 

What majors does Goldman Sachs hire?

Goldman Sachs is a very inclusive organization who are always looking to hire employees from all kinds of academic backgrounds. You don’t need a major in finance to work in the bank of Goldman Sachs. There are employees with majors in English and humanitarian subjects as well. 

Is the Goldman Sachs interview tough? 

The fact that you got an interview proves that Goldman Sachs sees you as a potential employee. Use this to your advantage as the interview will be tougher than a regular firm. Elite banks like Goldman Sachs will only hire employees who will take the organization to the next level, so be confident and put forth your ideas even if they seem out of the box. 

Do you need a degree to work at Goldman Sachs? 

No, you don’t need a degree to get a position at Goldman Sachs. This wall-street bank provides various positions which don’t require you to be a college graduate. However, without a degree, the criteria for getting the job would be based on professional experience. 

What Goldman Sachs looks for in a resume? 

For your application to be put on the top list, you don’t need a fancy degree. What your resume needs to portray is ambition, passion, and resilience. Employees in Goldman Sachs have great financial modeling abilities, outstanding verbal and written skills, are strong analytical thinkers, and are excellent in Excel. 

Where does Goldman Sachs hire from? 

Most of the recruitment takes place in top-tier universities, especially in the UK. These include Oxford, Cambridge, LBS, Warwick, and Durham. While the Ivy League schools get the first preference, Goldman Sachs is open to recruiting from any educational background. 

Do Goldman Sachs interns get paid? 

Interns at Goldman Sachs do get paid for their position, even if they are college students and have no work experience. Summer interns in 2022 were expected to get $85,000 as salary. 

What qualities does Goldman Sachs look for? 

Your personality, character, and values are what recruiters from Goldman Sachs look for, as they make their decision based on the kind of employee you would be. Portraying that you have a work-life balance and hard grit is exactly what Goldman Sachs is looking for. 

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