How to Get a Job at Disney World and Corporate 

Want to work in the world’s biggest producer of entertainment? Well, the Walt Disney Company has got it all. From positions at Disney World Resorts to working as an analyst at their corporate office.

Due to the vastness of their organization, the Walt Disney Company is always recruiting people for jobs around the world. We’re going to help you work out all the kinks in your application approach, so you can get that Disney dream job. 

What Is the Hiring Process at Disney World and Corporate?

The recruitment process at Disney World and Corporate is pretty straightforward. You submit your application on Disney’s official website after you choose your preferred position. After your application is reviewed, you will be notified of a phone interview.

Clearing these two stages will get you to the face-to-face interview with Disney’s HR team. Soon after this, you will be notified of whether you’re a part of Walt Disney’s family or not. 

How to Get a Job at Disney Corporate?

Here is a breakdown of Disney Corporate’s recruitment process, to provide you with a clear picture of the hiring protocol you will have to follow. 

Here’s how to apply for a job at Disney Corporate

The application for any open positions in Disney Corporate is found on their official website at

You will be provided with a list of jobs open for hire, go through the position and pick a position suitable for you. Make sure your qualifications match the eligibility criteria given for that position. 

Notification of a phone interview 

After your application is reviewed by Disney Corporate’s HR team, you will be notified of a telephonic interview with an HR member. After you’ve cleared that stage, you will be notified of the next step of your recruitment process. 

Call for an in-person interview

Clearing the phone interview stage will lead you straight to a physical interview at one of Disney’s corporate offices. This interview can take place in a group or individually. The number of face-to-face after this one will vary, depending on the level of position you have applied for. 

Joining the Walt Disney company’s corporate family

The call for receiving an offer letter may come right after your interview or even a few weeks later. By passing all the stages of Walt Disney’s recruitment process, you will merely be a signature away from joining Walt Disney’s corporate family. 

How to Get a Job at Disney World

The process of recruitment for being hired at Disney World is somewhat similar to that of Disney corporate offices. You can fill out your application at Disney’s official website at, and wait for the interview round.

Now the interview round will be different for positions at Disney World as the questions will deal with more hypothetical questions. In accordance with the level of job you have applied for, the number of interviews you will have to clear differ. 

What’s It Like to Work at Disney World or Corporate? 

The Walt Disney Company is known for providing a sense of security to its employees and their hard work pays off as they get the promotion they truly deserve. The benefits of working in Disney World or Corporate are pretty similar, even though one needs you to be more physically active than the other.

All of Disney’s employees are provided with the perks of tuition assistance, great health insurance, and wellness programs. 

Disney Corporate Career Opportunities: Job Titles and Descriptions 

The positions available at Disney Corporate are vast and choosing the right level of position is an important step in your application process. All these jobs come with the perks and benefits mentioned above. Let’s discuss a few common job titles and their descriptions. 

Being a software engineer at Disney 

This is an entry-level position with a required experience of more than a year. The salary for this position will range from $61k to $112k and the qualifications require you to have a major in computer science or any relevant field. You will have to be proficient in Linux, GNU, and C++. 

Animating Disney’s characters 

Getting a job as an animator at Disney will get you a salary from $116k to $125k as it is an intermediate-level of position. More than two years of experience in computer animation and a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field are required to be considered eligible for the job. 

Disney’s senior network engineer 

This is a more advanced level of the position. You require an experience of more than three years in the field of information security, along with a computer science and management systems information degree. The salary range for this job is $80k to $244k. 

Being a senior IT security specialist 

This high position at Disney pays you around $154,000. The eligibility for this position is having more than five years of experience in any relevant system support and a degree in computer science or any relevant field. 

Getting a Job at Disney FAQs:

We answered the questions future employees of Disney frequently ask, to clear any doubts you might have regarding the working environment at the Walt Disney Company.  

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Disney Corporate? 

With the right resume and required skill set, getting a job at Disney Corporate should be easy peasy. Be sure to double-check your CV and write your cover letter after extensive research about Disney Corporate and the position you are applying for.  

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Disney World? 

Getting a job at Disney World is very similar to getting a job at any other amusement park. You just need the right set of qualifications and experience to be a part of Disney World’s massive family. If spreading smiles through entertainment is your forte, landing a job at Disney World wouldn’t be too hard. 

What qualifications do you need to work at Disney? 

If you are applying for a position in Disney’s corporate offices, you will be required to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. You will also be required to have experience in the relevant field if the position is not an entry-level one. This applies to positions at Disney World as well. 

How much does it pay to work at Disney? 

You can get paid anywhere from $10/ hour to $138,000 per annum. This depends on the level of position you apply for and your experience and qualifications in the relevant field. 

How old does Disney hire? 

The minimum age requirement to be an employee at the Walt Disney Company is 18 years and above. However, the age requirements vary depending on the level of position you are applying for. A higher position requires you to be older than a teenager. 

Do Disney employees get free tickets? 

Disney does provide its employees with the benefit of free admission tickets with each visit. However, there are some constraints to this perk. Every trip to Disney will only cover tickets for 3 more people coming with you. The number of trips differs on the number of hours you work at the Walt Disney Company. 

Does Disney pay for college? 

The Walt Disney Company offers eligible part-time or full-time employees the benefit of 100% educational reimbursement. This eligibility only applies to select schools and select employees. Find out more about this benefit at

Do you have to go to college to work at Disney?

No, you don’t need to go to college to be an employee at Disney. However, non-graduate employees consist of only a small portion of the vast community of Disney employees. Most of the jobs require you to hold a bachelor’s degree from the relevant field of your position. Students are required to be enrolled in a recognized educational institution. 

How much money do you make working at Disney?

The money you make at Disney differs according to your job. An advanced-level job will pay you around $100k while menial jobs will start with an hourly pay as low as $8.

What is the highest-paying job at Disney World? 

The highest paying job at Disney is being a senior software engineer. This is an advanced-level job, which requires multiple years of experience in the field, along with a degree in the relevant field. Disney pays its senior software engineers around $138,000. 

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