How to Get a Job at Apple

Have you ever wondered what it takes to work at a tech giant like Apple?

Many people have the dream of working at leading global companies like Apple. And that makes it highly competitive and challenging to get a job here. But if you have the right professional skills and knowledge, you can land your dream opportunity and work for Apple.

Still thinking – How to get a job at Apple?

This article covers everything you need to know to get hired at Apple.

Is It Hard To Get A Job At Apple?

If you want to get a job at Apple, you need to be prepared to deal with a lot of competition. Several thousands of job seekers apply for every job opening at this tech company.

Besides, getting a corporate or full-time job is extremely tough. However, if you fulfil the job requirements, your chances of getting hired increase. Also, a degree from a reputed college can be a bonus while applying for a job at Apple.

That said, getting hired at Apple is challenging but not impossible. Don’t give up if you don’t get hired immediately. Keep applying and networking, and eventually you’ll land the job that you want.

What Are The Qualifications To Work at Apple?

The qualifications required to work for different positions at Apple vary depending on the job role. However, the top positions at Apple require employees to possess the following skills.

Product Manager

Educational qualifications – Bachelor’s degree

Skills – Create product prototypes, data analysis, communication, market research

A product manager is responsible for managing the entire process of Apple product development, including designing, marketing, budget planning, etc. Apple hires product managers having five to seven years of experience in the Tech industry.

Network Security Engineer

Educational qualifications – Bachelor’s degree or equivalent network security certifications

Skills – Ability to manage network firewalls, knowledge of Python, cloud networking, SDN, etc.

If you have five years of work experience and a passion for working in the network sector, this position might interest you. It requires you to work with the global network services team and handle the systems and firewalls used in Apple products.

Senior Data Science Manager

Educational qualifications – Not Applicable

Skills – Experience in working in a managerial role, executive reporting, data analysis, experience with machine-learning powers systems

Data Scientists with five+ years of experience can apply for this position at Apple. You don’t need any educational qualifications but should be passionate about data science.

Software Engineer

Educational qualifications – Bachelor’s Degree

Skills – Open CL, Open GL, Swift programming languages, Python, Video processing technologies

Apple hires software engineers with five+ years of experience to improve Siri and upgrade the assistant service and Apple software.

Hardware Engineer

Educational qualifications – Bachelor’s Degree

Skills – Knowledge of battery management systems, Electronic design, Lithium-based battery technologies, and battery cycle test methods

You can apply for the hardware engineer post at Apple if you have four+ years of work experience. The role requires you to design and test the performance of Apple products.

How to Get a Job at Apple as a Software Engineer- Step by Step process

Apple posts vacancies under the career page on its official website. If you have the skills and educational qualifications to apply for the Software Engineer position at Apple, follow the job application process below:

Step 1: Apply for the job

Prepare your resume and complete the online application process through Apple’s website.

Step 2: Clear the selection rounds

These rounds might include various stages such as a technical test, a video interview or phone interview with multiple hiring managers, etc. To increase your chances of landing a job at Apple, you should also have a strong portfolio and be able to showcase your skills during an interview.

Step 3: Ace the final interview round

The final interview round will decide whether Apple will be your next workplace or not. You will have to answer several questions like behavioral, technical, problem-solving, etc. And once you pass this interview round, you’ll be hired as a Software Engineer. The entire hiring process may take about two months.

How to Get a Job at Apple Retail Store Step by Step Process?

If you want to apply for an entry-level job position at Apple, you’ll have to apply for the Retail Sales position. Other than that, Apple has job openings for various retail positions like Technical Support specialists, Store managers, etc. Here is how you can get a job at Apple Retail Stores:

  • Search for the job positions you want to apply for on the Apple website.
  • Apply for the job role online and attach your resume with the online application.
  • Pass the telephonic interviews.
  • Ace the in-person interviews.
  • The Apple team will perform a background check on you, and if everything goes well, you’ll get your dream job at Apple!

Interviewing at Apple

The interview process at Apple can involve a variety of questions to test your skills and ability to work at this tech giant. The company typically conducts two to three telephonic interviews followed by at least two on-site interviews before hiring for corporate positions.

Below are a few things that you can expect during your job interview process:

  • Software engineers have to answer various technical questions and behavioral questions. To test your technical abilities, you may be asked basic interview questions related to programming languages, algorithms, data structures, previous projects, etc.
  • Managers are asked questions to test their management skills and problem-solving skills. For example, how you handled a challenging situation in the past, what to do in a specific situation, how to handle pressure, etc.
  • Support specialists or home advisors are usually asked troubleshooting questions and questions about how to solve a particular issue on Apple devices.

Overall, Apple interviews are well-organized and conducted professionally. You can expect the hiring process for any job role to last between a few weeks to two months.

What do Apple Employees say?

Working at Apple is the dream of many people. But what do its employees have to say about their experience working at this huge company? Let’s have a look at that below:

“Working at Apple can be a lot of pressure since hundreds of millions of people worldwide will use the product you create or design. So, you have to ensure that things go right, which motivates employees to do the best they can.” – Software Engineer at Apple.

“Working at Apple means working with a team of creative thinkers. Open to all types of feedback. Diversity of thought is truly respected here. There is a lot to learn at Apple, and the working environment is excellent. The chances of getting promoted to a new role are high.” – Product Specialist at Apple.

In a nutshell, Apple offers several benefits to its employees. It also allows paid time off leaves, remote working, insurance, etc., for its workers. However, some Apple employees find working at Apple an excellent opportunity to learn and grow in their careers. Alternatively, some find it hard to move up and handle the work pressure.

Apple Job Search Tips

If you want to know about the current job openings at Apple, you need to check Apple’s website regularly. The company shares information about vacancies, future hiring events, etc., on its website. Afterward, you can apply for your dream job and clear the job interview process to get hired.

Additionally, you can follow the tips below while hunting for jobs at Apple to increase your chances of getting hired:

Practice For The Interview 

If you want to get into one of the world’s leading technology companies, you need to prepare yourself to give the best answers during your job interview. You can do that by practicing to answer behavioral questions, case interview questions, technical questions, previous jobs, past work experience questions, etc.

You will also have to appear for a technical assessment test if you apply for a technical role. So be prepared for that.

Get Apple Employee referrals.

Employee referrals can do wonders to your job application while applying for a vacancy at Apple. You can create professional connections with the current employees at Apple and ask them to refer you. Also, reach out to recruiters, and ask your friends or family members if they know anyone who can refer you. This will massively increase your chances of getting interviewed and getting a job at Apple store.

Polish and Proofread Your Resume

Your resume is the first thing that will reach your recruiter. So, make sure to create a professional, error-free, clean resume that stands out from the crowd. Ask your friends or family members to proofread and review your resume before applying for the job.

Set Job Alerts Related To Apple On Various Sites Like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed

Another method to receive information about job opportunities at Apple is through job posting sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. So, create your profile on these sites and set alerts for jobs at Apple. You can also upload your resume to these sites to apply quickly for the job openings.

Does Apple Pay Well?

Apple pays its employees based on their work experience and job role. According to its employees, Apple pays the best salary in the industry. Besides, it also offers several benefits, including employee discounts on Apple’s products to its employees.

The top earners at Apple retail stores get $27 per hour, and the average annual pay of Apple employees is $98,438 per year. All in all, Apple pays what you deserve.

Can You Work At Apple With No Experience?

No, it’s not mandatory to have prior work experience to apply for all Apple jobs. For example, a retail or technical support specialist position needs no previous work experience. However, if you are applying for technical jobs or senior positions, you need work experience.

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