How to Get a Job After Being Fired for Misconduct

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Getting fired for misconduct can hit your career badly. Fortunately, it’s not the end of your professional life. You can still apply for jobs and start afresh in life. Nevertheless, before thinking of bouncing back after getting fired, you must prepare to deal with this situation positively.

The following guide will help you find answers on how to get a job after being fired for misconduct and increase your chances of getting hired.

What to do After Being Fired for Misconduct

Regardless of the reason you got fired, you still have a chance for employment. So the first thing to do after being fired from a job is to start applying for new jobs. Send job applications to companies and mention that your previous employer has fired you for misconduct.

You can also ask your previous employer, manager, or colleagues to recommend you if you are on good terms with them. But, if you aren’t, it’s best to avoid adding references from your last job to your resume.

Additionally, here are a few tips on what you should do after getting fired for misconduct:

Learn From Your Mistakes and Keep Your Head Up

Getting fired from your current job can leave you stressed and frustrated. However, instead of holding on to being unemployed, learn from your mistake and try to improve yourself.

If you lack skills, learn them. Try to figure out the reason that led you to misbehave at your workplace. Also, identify your weaknesses and try to improve them.

Further, if you hated something at your previous job, apply for jobs where you enjoy doing most of the tasks. And try to keep yourself calm and positive since this will help you ace your future job interviews and leave a better impression on your future employer.

Start Networking

Networking is essential while looking for a new job. You can connect with your people working with your previous employer and other professionals from your industry and ask them if they know someone who is hiring for their company.

Also, ask your people from your previous job to refer you to other prospective employers in the industry and if they can get a job interview for you. Check if you can get a positive reference from your last job and use it while applying for jobs.

How do you Explain Misconduct?

When you highlight that you were fired for misconduct from your last job, the interviewer will ask you the reason during the job interview. It can be tempting to lie or not go into details of the termination at this time.

But you shouldn’t do that. Instead, apply the following strategies to explain misconduct:

Honestly Disclose Information

Never lie about your misconduct or termination in front of your new employer. Whether you were fired for poor performance, a criminal record, not following company policies, or anything else, honestly disclose the reason to the interviewer when asked.

Again, you don’t need to tell the interviewer you were fired unless asked. Your interviewer may or may not bring up the topic during your interview.

But when questioned, you should not lie to your hiring managers since they will get to know the reason when they cross-verify it with your previous employers.

Take Responsibility

Being fired is not a crime, and you are still eligible for future job opportunities after termination. So, take responsibility for your termination and avoid spreading negativity about your company. Also, don’t blame anyone for your misconduct.

Additionally, be prepared to answer questions regarding your termination during the job interview. And make sure to give an honest response since your answers may affect the hiring manager’s decision.

Consequently, you can boost your chances of getting hired if you convince the boss that you won’t repeat the same mistake and will improve yourself.

Describe Lessons Learned

You learn from every experience in your life. And when you are terminated from a job, you may have learned several lessons. You can tell your new boss what you learned from your last job and your mistakes. Also, assure the recruiter that you will not disobey the company policies.

For instance, if you broke the law at your previous job and have a criminal record filed, mention that during your interview and tell your employer how you have improved yourself over time.

Hiring managers often hire people who are self-aware and willing to work on their weaknesses. And learning from your past experience can increase your chances of getting hired.

How to Get Hired After Being Fired for Misconduct

Landing a new job offer can take a while after being fired for misconduct. New employers may consider your job application sooner if you were terminated for some negligible reason.

However, if the reason for termination is bigger, you may have to tell your new boss that you have learned from your mistake and improved.

Here are a few techniques to help you get employed quickly after being terminated:

1. Learn from your mistakes

If you’ve been let go from your previous job, highlight the experience you got while working for the previous organization. Admit your mistake to your hiring manager and tell him you’ve learned your lesson during the job interview.

Also, improve your behavior, attitude, and skills to be more valuable to your prospective employers. Work on your weak points to ensure you leave a good impression in front of your hiring manager.

2. Be open to change

Do not have an “I-am-the-best attitude.” Instead, show your boss you are willing to change and learn new things.

Especially while sending job applications, if you feel less qualified for a job, apply for it. And express interest in learning the skills required for the position. Most recruiters nowadays train their employees to make them the best fit for the job role. So, you can land a job even when you are not fully qualified for it.

3. Be willing to work hard

Knowing that you were let go from your past job can negatively impact employers. But you can improve your impression by assuring your interviewer that you are willing to work hard for the position and learn the required skills.

4. Show that you’re a team player

Most companies prefer to hire a person who is a team player than someone who wants to work alone. So, you need to highlight that you are a team player and value your teammate’s growth as much as yours. Also, share any experience from your work history to demonstrate the same.

Besides, if you took responsibility for misconduct on behalf of your team, you can create a story and share it with the recruiter.

5. Be positive and upbeat

Being fired for misconduct can leave you frustrated. But you need to handle the situation calmly. Do not panic and start spreading negativity about your previous job on social media or in front of your friends.

Instead, analyze your mistakes and identify how you can make yourself a better employee for upcoming positions. Continue applying for other positions while working on your weak points.

6. Emphasize Your Skills

Companies typically focus on the applicant’s skills during the hiring process since they aim to hire candidates that are the right fit for their business.

So, if you were fired for misconduct from your last job, you can use your time to learn new skills that can help you land better opportunities.

Besides, when applying for a position, highlight your skills within the resume to impress your recruiter. This will help your application get noticed and reduce your chances of rejection due to termination from your last job.

Pro-Tip: Make Sure You Get Paid After Being Fired for Misconduct

If you have worked for an organization for a few years, you may be entitled to bonuses, commissions, unused holiday leaves, etc., even if the firm fires you. So, check the company’s law and ask for your payment after being fired.

You can also contact your previous employers if they haven’t yet cleared your pending payments after a few weeks.


What do I say if I was fired for misconduct?

If you were fired from your previous job, share the honest reason with your prospective recruiter. You can be rejected if you lie to the manager, and he gets to know the truth while running a background check on you. So, give a brief explanation or state the reason for being fired during the interview.

Is it hard to get a job after being fired?

It’s not hard to get a job after being fired. But you must carefully explain the reason for your termination to your hiring managers to ensure that you leave a positive impression on them. Do not blame others. Instead, accept your fault, express your regret, and show the recruiter you are willing to improve.

How do you answer why did you leave your last job if fired?

The best way to answer questions related to why you were fired is by telling the truth. Be humble and describe your side to the interviewer. Also, express your grief for losing employment. And while answering the question, redirect the conversation to highlight your interest in the current role.

Should I tell the interviewer I was fired?

Yes, you should tell your interviewer you were fired. Especially if you have been working for an organization for a few years, it’s best to highlight you were terminated instead of showing a gap in your career.

How do you explain being fired for misconduct examples?

Companies typically require candidates to justify that they won’t repeat the same behavior as their previous work in the new role. So, you must safely and calmly inform your recruiter that you were dismissed due to misconduct. Here is an example you can use:

“My previous organization didn’t allow the use of cell phones during work hours. However, due to an emergency, I had to receive a call from my family. My supervisor found out, and I got fired for my misconduct. If I had explained the situation and talked to my supervisor earlier, he would have helped me work in line with the office policies. I learned from the experience that I should obey the office laws and communicate directly and upfront with the supervisor whenever I need help. Hence, I will be more careful while handling such situations in the future.”

Can you reapply to a company that fired you?

Yes, some companies have a rehire policy for hiring back employees released due to misconduct. So you can reapply for work and get employed. However, you need to check the policies and see if you are eligible to get rehired after termination.

What is considered gross misconduct?

Gross misconduct refers to the serious act of employees which violates office policies. These include activities that can lead to immediate termination from work. For instance, drug consumption at work, theft, sexual harassment, fights, fraud, misuse of the business’s name or property, etc.

Can a company find out if you were fired?

Generally, you don’t need to tell your new employer that you were dismissed from your previous organization. However, if the interviewer asks you about your past work during the interview or calls your former recruiter, he can know that you were let go from your office. Hence, it’s best to inform upfront or mention in your CV that you were dismissed.

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