How to Find Recruiters on LinkedIn

Looking for job openings on LinkedIn can be a tedious task. As more and more people use LinkedIn for their professional network, finding someone who can help them with a job search is also possible. Job seekers are reaching out to external recruiters for their careers and help with their job search on this site.

For a job seeker, it requires a perfectly optimized profile to attract the sight of a good recruiter.

This article will help you learn how to find recruiters for a particular area or in an exciting career, how these recruiters refer candidates for job opportunities on LinkedIn, and how your profile can be advertised openly for a new challenge.

How to Find Recruiters on LinkedIn

To connect with a good recruiter, you’ll first have to set priorities for your end goal in the job search. Once you have the target companies or jobs, you’d like to work for, finding a way to contact recruiters will be easier.

Here are a few crucial tips that will help you find and contact recruiters on LinkedIn for your job search:

Perform a Targeted Search for Your Desired Location and Position

Once you decide on the job type or the company you’d like to apply for, start by typing in the specific job titles, industry, or location along with relevant keywords on the search bar, for example, Communications Specialist recruiter in the Chicago area.

It will show results with all potential hiring managers and recruiters on Linkedin near you.

Another way of doing that is by changing the filter from ‘People’ to ‘Content’ when looking for recruitment ads. It will take you to all possible post results that offer a new position relating to the job title.

For example, by typing ‘recruiting for [job position and location]’ on the search bar and changing the filter settings, you will be taken to all posts offering a job with different titles.

This way, you do not need to contact the recruiting manager, asking for any potential leads, and instead can share your details on the post directly.

Also, when you search LinkedIn, the recruiters often show mutual connections with someone you already know. It can be beneficial when trying to find more about the recruiters on Linkedin or getting them to support your job search.

Make sure you have the right person

If you’ve overheard a suggestion about a potential recruiter or have been advised to check a Linkedin profile by your connections, it is crucial to be sure when reaching out to the person.

You can ensure that by doing a quick google search for the person before connecting with them on LinkedIn.

It will provide you with basic information about them, including their photograph and attractive profile details that match the LinkedIn search results.

Start with a platform other than LinkedIn, such as following a recruiter on Twitter

While LinkedIn is the go-to platform to approach or contact recruiters, it is always a good idea to follow your potential recruiter on another social media platform.

Making connections with the recruiter on sites such as Twitter or Facebook gives you access to understand them. It helps you have a better relationship with them before reaching out for professional help.

Send a personalized connection request

Once you decide which recruiters to reach out to, you must send them connection requests on their Linkedin profiles. But do not forget to include personalized Linkedin messages asking about any potential opportunities.

An added note that describes why they should consider your request in 300 characters means you’ll have to keep it short, crisp, and authentic.

Here’s a sample script that you can write to introduce yourself in the request message:

“Hello __, I’m a content writer and understand that you work as a recruiter for content management agencies. I’m reaching out to discuss any potential projects we can work on together. I have a background in content writing with an experience of over 8 years.

I’m looking for new opportunities to work on my career goal. Let me know if you like my profile. Thank you.”

Importantly, if you want the potential recruiter to consider your request and help you find any good opportunities, you’ll have to tell them how you two are connected and how a lead from them can help you a long way.

Send the recruiter or hiring manager your resume

Once the recruiters accept your request, you should know that they’ve considered your requirement and would expect you to reach out to them with further details, i.e., your resume.

After you’ve got them to accept you, and have received a response to your message, try to keep the conversation going subtly. Do not hesitate to ask questions and note down any leads they offer.

Also, once you feel they’d like to know better about your profile, offer to share your resume. Please send them your updated resume so they can set you up on potential job offers.

Stay in touch

After the recruiting professional sends you any potential jobs or helps you with the interview process, maintain contact. Try and send a greeting to all new contacts now and then so that they know you remember their support.

It will help build relationships and maintain professional connections. For a former recruiter that helped you through your previous company, it will be a good thing to stay connected via a Linkedin profile.

Imagine if you keep in touch and connect with them over the years, you may be the right choice and the first name that comes to their mind if they find any new positions at a growing company.

How LinkedIn Recruiter Search Works

Coming up on a LinkedIn recruiter search would require you to have a high-ranking profile. Only after your profile is optimized as to the needs of LinkedIn and the recruiter’s searches can you be on their list for the next best opportunity. 

Many recruiters use several advanced filters to narrow the list of potential candidates for a job function within their connections.  

Using the apt keywords is the base for all searches on Linkedin. Recruiters look for profiles with keywords that match their requirements. It helps find suitable profiles and saves time too.

Job titles on candidate profiles also work as a search filter for recruiters. This way, they can filter out people without experience in the required industry or field of work.

Recruiters also use Linkedin groups to select potential candidates. Active group members have a good chance of getting any new job opportunities. People who share relevant content and make intellectual comments on a Linkedin post author, and catch the attention of recruiters. 

Linkedin offers advanced search options on the left side of the screen to select a person from a specific industry, a particular company, or the required job position. You can also filter out their locations and look for candidates from the nearest city.

The critical thing to remember here is that candidates must ensure that the profile sections are updated with accurate and complete information for any filters or search optimizations.

Make sure to highlight whatever makes their profile stand out, with a special focus on the company name they’ve worked with, their education, skills, and the job descriptions.

Not to forget that having high-ranking connections on your list is a bonus. This combination allows LinkedIn recruiters to search and find their way to you.

Bottom Line on Finding Recruiters on LinkedIn

To sum up, finding a recruiter is not a big deal. But finding the right who’ll get you to the best job opportunities is.

And to find good recruiters, you’ll need to prepare a fully optimized profile with the right keywords, proper designation, and complete information on your work experience and educational qualification.

This will get your profile ready to get the traction you need. If you optimize your profile and look for the right recruiters, nobody can stop you from getting a job at some of the best companies.

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