How to Find People Looking for Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful resources for job hunting. Several job seekers look for their dream opportunities through LinkedIn. And recruiters use LinkedIn to search for the right candidates for their companies actively.

However, most recruiters find it challenging to find people looking for jobs on LinkedIn. But the simple logic is that almost everyone is looking for a new opportunity on this platform. Some are looking for a job passively, while others search actively. Besides, some don’t know that they want a new job, but they might accept an offer that sounds interesting to them!

In short, it depends on how appealing an offer is to a job seeker. And how good employers are at hunting for the right talent for their company!

If you want to hire employees for your company, here are nine tips on finding active job hunters on LinkedIn.

how to find job candidates on linkedin

9 Easy Ways to Find Active Job Seekers on LinkedIn

Not everyone is actively looking for a new job on LinkedIn, and some might be thinking of switching their careers but have not taken the final call yet! As a recruiter, your target should be to search for people who actively seek new opportunities and possess the skills and requirements suitable for the position.

Seems challenging?

No worries! Below are the most effective ways to quickly find active job seekers on LinkedIn:

1. Use LinkedIn Search String to Find Active Job Seekers

Ditch the normal method of searching for candidates using keywords. Instead, create a search string comprising the terms that potential job seekers might use to declare they are open to work. You can mix several phrases and combine them with the word “OR” to find LinkedIn profiles of candidates seeking employment.

For example, you can write:

“Seeking” OR “Job Seeker” OR “Open to” OR “In Search of” OR “Actively looking for” OR “Searching for” OR “Actively pursuing” OR “New opportunities” OR “New opportunity.”

The above query will return LinkedIn profiles of candidates that have used these phrases within their profiles. And if you want to exclude specific terms from the search results, you can do that by adding a minus sign before the keyword.

For instance, if you don’t want LinkedIn profiles of other recruiters or recruitment agencies to appear in the results, add the following:

-(“recruiter” OR “recruitment agency”)

2. Using LinkedIn Jobs and Recruiting Groups

Another place where job hunters declare they are open to work is in LinkedIn jobs and recruiting groups. Several candidates participate in such groups to get information about vacancies in their industries.

If you want to recruit employees for your company, you can participate in existing groups or create a separate group. Candidates who share the same interest, backgrounds, and skills will soon request to become a part of your group, and you can share future job opportunities with them directly.

Besides, group members can also recommend potential candidates for the position.

You can also check out the common LinkedIn groups between you and job seekers in your industry. This way, you can reach a wider pool of candidates actively looking for jobs.

3. Develop a Keyword-Rich Profile

Keywords play a vital role in searching for companies or people sharing similar interests with you on LinkedIn. Similarly, when you want to search for potential candidates for your company, you should incorporate relevant keywords within your LinkedIn page and develop a keyword-rich profile.

Brainstorm keywords that candidates might use to search for companies in your industry. Also, ask your employees to add relevant keywords to their profiles. Add details that give a deeper insight into your LinkedIn page. For example, state its location, what you do, products and services offered, etc.

Finally, list the open positions under the jobs page. This will attract top candidates to apply for the position.

4. Use Your Company Page to Sell Yourself as an Employer of Choice

People don’t randomly choose companies to work with, and they choose a workplace that gives them a chance to grow in their life. As a LinkedIn recruiter, you need to market yourself to attract candidates to your company.

You can use your company page to state the benefits of working at your company, the company culture, and the achievements of your company. Also, mention stats that show your company’s success rate. And include as many positive aspects as possible to gain the attention of potential candidates.

5. Encourage Employees to Share and Network

It’s not only the employer’s responsibility to talk about the company, and your employees are equally responsible for sharing information about the company and networking with other users.

Ask your employees to post updates related to company events, the workplace, achievements, and benefits of working here. Also, tell them to share posts related to job openings with their network, which will help them grow and expand their network.

6. Use LinkedIn Inmail

One of the best ways to communicate with people beyond your LinkedIn connections is LinkedIn Inmail. LinkedIn’s internal email system allows users to send messages to people they aren’t connected with.

Job seekers can use LinkedIn Inmail to search for jobs or networks. Recruiters can utilise the Inmail functionality to connect with potential candidates, ask questions, offer jobs, or ask them to engage in posts.

This feature is incredible since you don’t have to wait for people to accept your connection to talk to them. You can leave them a message in advance, and they’ll get back to you if they are interested in the opportunity.

7. Post Jobs on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is a type of online job portal, you can also use the platform for job listings. You can post open positions directly through your LinkedIn profile. Once the listing is live, you will receive applications from interested candidates.

You can shortlist the candidates that seem a perfect fit for the role and ignore the rest of the applications. This method is also a time savior since it shows the job listing to candidates interested in similar positions. So, the chances of receiving irrelevant applications are the least.

8. Use Job Title Hashtags to Find Candidates

Hashtags are a great way to find relevant posts or information related to your industry. If you are searching for employees for your company, you shouldn’t ignore the power of hashtags. Use hashtags with specific job titles to find candidates who have used the same hashtag to announce their job search on their LinkedIn profile.

You can also add relevant hashtags to your posts while posting about a job opening or company update on your LinkedIn profile. Ask your employees or connections to share the post using specific hashtags. This will help you land your ideal candidate faster.

Hashtags will also increase the reach of the post and help you expand your LinkedIn network.

9. Upgrade Memberships To Take Advantage Of Paid Features

LinkedIn’s free plan offers access to several features. However, if you want to leverage LinkedIn’s advanced features, you should go for its paid plan.

By switching to the premium version, you get access to advance search filters allowing you to reach the best candidates faster. It also allows you to connect with users privately and provides insights into your account. Consequently, upgrading your LinkedIn account will cut the total recruiting time and simplify the hiring process.

Final Thoughts

Searching for the right fit for a company can be challenging and consume a lot of time. But with the correct use of your LinkedIn account, you can land a pool of candidates looking for jobs on LinkedIn. So, use the strategies mentioned above to look for job seekers seeking employment on LinkedIn effortlessly.

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