11 Ways to Be Awesome at Your Job

Are you looking to be awesome at your job? Whether you’re starting a new job or wanting to improve in your current position, there are some key things you can do to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Here are some tips on how to be awesome at your job:

How to Be Awesome at Your Job

We all want to be great at what we do, and being awesome at your job is no exception. Here are some tips to help you become the best employee possible!

To be the go-to person at your job or the best colleague to be around here are the 11 ways to be Awesome at Your Job.

1. Keep a positive attitude

Being good at your job is useless if you keep cribbing about it. People like to be around those who can stay positive in bad situations as well. Especially in the workplace, you must remain positive and help others build that attitude too.

It is not easy to stay positive all the time, but once you start looking at work and everything that goes on at your workplace with perspective and an open mind, you can attain the ultimate calm attitude. And everybody loves a calm and positive person around them. 

2. Dress for success

The workplace is one space where your dressing sense decides which personality you wish to portray. You could act casual, be carefree about work, and not worry about mistakes, and your persona will show that too.

Imagine having a lawyer come dressed up in khakis and sandals. Would you consider them taking up your litigation case? Not at all. So, why would you succeed or be appreciated at work if you don’t dress up appropriately? 

So, if you wish to succeed, you will need to up your dress-up game too. Be sharp, wear proper formals or smart casuals, depending on your workplace guidelines. Try and be the best dressed and well-groomed person in the room, and your success will follow. 

3. Be punctual

Punctuality is the key to being a good employee. If you wish to perform well at your job, start by going to work on time, submitting the assignments on time, and ensure the same when attending meetings.

One of the most crucial traits of a good employee is their time management skills. People get recognized at their job because of the way they manage their time. So, if you wish to be a great employee, managing time should be on your to-do list.

4. Be a team player

As an employee, you must help your colleagues be better at their job. Helping people with their responsibilities, and adding value to a team activity, is always counted as a trait of a good employee. 

Nobody likes a person who, even when in a team, prefers to work alone and does not believe in supporting others. Being a team player is also an important personality trait considered during job interviews. You cannot succeed in your career or achieve personal goals by being selfish or a solo player.

5. Be proactive

Bringing new ideas to the tables and offering innovative solutions to existing problems helps management and colleagues to recognize you. If you think you have that ability, try, and showcase that you are proactive.

When you help solve problems and add new activities at work, it creates a positive environment at the workplace. Also, taking responsibility for any actions that have led to a situation is a good way of proving that you are proactive and accountable for the decisions you make.

6. Be flexible

A team member who is helpful and flexible at work is considered a good person by all. Imagine what it would do if you supported a colleague by handling their part of the responsibilities during their absence from work or helped a new team member by offering them to work on the easy tasks while you took over the tedious tasks.

It would make them see you in a different light, and even get them to appreciate you in front of the management. Not being rigid to your work hours or responsibilities formally assigned to you can be a plus for you when management decides to give out promotions in your team.

7. Be organized

Everyone loves an organized person in a team. If you know where your work files are, have a list of things important to the team, or where the attendance register is kept, you could be the go-to person for all queries.

Organized people also act as human calendars sometimes, reminding everyone about that important presentation schedule right after the lunch hours.

If you can stay organized in the office, you will always be the one who gets all the attention when something important is to be done. 

8. Take initiatives

A proactive person who also suggests new ideas and initiates things to make their team’s life better is the best thing that’ll ever happen in an office.

Not keeping ideas hidden in a closet, thinking that maybe the manager should take care of a problem, is something that people with a drive to take regular initiatives do.

Such people are appreciated since they offer a support system that enables their colleagues with easy ways to do their job. So, if you have ideas that can help your team, try and share them with your group.

9. Accept constructive criticism gracefully

Only when you work you will make mistakes. One who does not work cannot. And receiving criticism on such occasions is a part of the job. However, if your manager shares their knowledge with you, informing you about where might have gone wrong, try not to take it personally.

Your manager only gives you feedback because they know you can do better.

So, be grateful and accept your mistakes. Whatever learning comes from such situations and related discussions will only prove beneficial in the long term.

10. Have a sense of humor

Even Jack became a dull boy for working too much with zero fun. You don’t want that. It is good to be a hard worker, but it’s even better when you do that while also being fun at work.

Being a little playful and cracking a joke now and then will not hurt your performance if you do your job diligently. Being humorous or non-serious during work hours can be crucial for a hard-working person to feel humane.

And as a person who wants to be the best one out there, you must stay fun to work with, or you will just be another Jack in the crowd.

11. Continuously improve your skills and knowledge base

To move up the career ladder, you will need to increase your skill set by learning new things. Take up short-term courses, sit with a colleague who can teach you something new, or try to do a hit-and-try for things you’d like to acquire knowledge for.

For example, you can learn new things on your computer by simply looking them up on the internet or by asking that colleague who is considered a tech geek. All this will only add to what you already have and help you achieve your goals.


Being awesome does not require much. Except yes, you will need to have some of all the abovementioned 11 tips. See, humor! In the end, it is all about being open to new things, learning as you move up the career ladder while helping those around you, and ensuring you are a healthy addition to their list of most-talked-about colleagues at work.

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