How to Announce New Job on LinkedIn [With Example]

Have you landed your dream job? And are you excited to share the news with your LinkedIn followers? But how should you break the news?

If you have recently switched your job or started your first job, it’s evident that you’ll want to share the news with the world. And the best social media platform to do this is LinkedIn. But will you announce your new job as a normal post?

Of course not!

You’ll want to highlight it such that everyone knows how excited you are to take this new path in your career. So, ditch the boring ways and learn how to announce new job on LinkedIn safely and professionally.

how to share new job on linkedin

Should You Announce Job Change On LinkedIn?

Yes, you can announce job changes on LinkedIn after starting a new position. But you shouldn’t announce it in a hurry.

Typically, people make new job announcements on LinkedIn soon after starting a new job. While this is an excellent method to share your career update with former colleagues, employers, and other LinkedIn members, it can sometimes put you in trouble, especially if you make a job announcement while still working at another company.

Also, you should wait for some time, say two weeks to a month, before posting about your new job on LinkedIn. This way, you’ll get to know whether you can continue working at the new firm or if you still want to find jobs.

Why Should You Update Your Job Position?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, and most people use it to share their career achievements with their connections.

But why should you even do that?

Well, you should make a job announcement on LinkedIn for several reasons.

Firstly, a new job is a reward for yourself. When you share this information with your connections, it shows your excitement about your new life. It also helps you get noticed by recruiters. And you can get in touch with your new colleagues.

Next, a job change announcement gives you the chance to thank your previous employers and colleagues. And finally, it keeps your profile up-to-date. So people can know your current position and company.

When Should You Update Your Job Position?

You should never post your new position as soon as you begin it. Instead, wait for at least two weeks, and once you are comfortable in your new work environment, break the news.

Once you share the job announcement post, your connections will know that you are no longer looking for jobs.

How to Announce Your New Job on LinkedIn?

There is no correct way to share information about your new role on LinkedIn. But you should ensure that your announcement is professional and positive. It shouldn’t include information about your previous role or why you left the past job and joined another one, and it should be concise and clear.

Here are some essential points to consider while you make a new job announcement on LinkedIn:

Posting An Update On Your Profile By Thanking Your Old Employer And Tag Your New Company

The best part about announcing a new job on LinkedIn is that it allows you to express gratitude towards your previous employer. When you express gratitude, it denotes that you left your previous job on good terms.

So, you should write a new post on how you enjoyed working with your former colleagues and update it on your LinkedIn profile. Also, thank your former employer for supporting you throughout your service. You can also highlight specific team members and managers who helped you grow in your career.

And don’t forget to tag your new workplace and manager in the post. This will also notify them that you’ve made your new joining public.

Write a LinkedIn Article About Your New Role, And Share It With Your Network

Another cool way to share your excitement with your LinkedIn connections is by writing a LinkedIn article to announce your new job. You can write a dedicated article that includes information about your new job role and workplace. Also, highlight your plans and what you expect from this new position.

You can also describe your job hunt journey until you landed this opportunity. And mention the people who helped you throughout your job search and supported you in your career.

Additionally, include an image of your new workplace or something related to your new position to make the LinkedIn post attractive. Finally, share the article with your network to let them know how eager you are for this new chapter in your life.

Share the News In Relevant Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great place to share exciting news with specific members. You can write a separate post to share the new job news with your group members. Especially if you used LinkedIn groups to look for new opportunities, you should notify the members that you are no longer looking for jobs.

Besides, if a group member helped you get the new job, tag and thank the member for the support, your achievement will also inspire other group members and job seekers to keep growing in their careers.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile Headline And Include a Link To Your New Company’s Website

Once you’ve switched your company, it’s essential to update your LinkedIn headline to state your current job. You should remove the previous job details from the headline and write something attractive about your new position. Try to be descriptive rather than just mentioning the new job title.

Also, add a link to your new company’s website. This way, your connections can check out your company’s profile and get information about it.

5 LinkedIn Job Announcement Examples

Below are a few examples of how to announce your new job on LinkedIn:

posting new job announcement linkedin examples

Example 1:

“I’m delighted to share that I’ve started a new position as Marketing Executive at Merciful Media Company! This new role is an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my horizons and grow in my profession.

I want to thank my coworkers at Excel Media Works for supporting me throughout my career. I’m looking forward to this new chapter of my life!”

Example 2:

“I am thrilled to report that I’have finally accepted a new job as Senior Editor at Accenture Marketing Company. I have worked hard for this achievement, but I couldn’t have succeeded without the help of my former manager and my connections.

Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me during my job hunt. I’m excited to be a part of this organization!”

Example 3:

“I’m excited to share the news that I will be taking on a new job as Senior Full Stack Developer at Jackson Technologies. During my time as a Junior Full Stack Developer at Sunrise Technologies, I learned how to develop websites and work with a team.

I’d like to thank my former boss Mr. Alex, and my coworkers for their ongoing support and for motivating me to take up this new opportunity.

I am eager to see where this new journey will take me. I’m looking forward to learning and growing within this new role.”

Example 4:

“After a long job search, I’ve finally landed my dream job as a Regional Sales Representative at Mern Private Ltd. I am excited about this new opportunity and I want to thank all my connections for their constant support during my job search journey.

I am looking forward to growing my career with Mern Private Ltd!”

Example 5:

“I’m thrilled beyond words to share with you that I’ve accepted the role of Senior Project Manager at MoonlabTechnologies! I couldn’t have had this chance without the help of my friend and former colleague, Robert Twain, who referred me for this role.

I happily look forward to starting this new adventure and growing in my career!”

What to Do After You Announce Your New Job on LinkedIn?

After announcing your new job on LinkedIn, you may receive offers from other recruiters. So, be prepared with an answer to respond to their offers. You will also receive thank you messages from your connections and other professionals, so make sure you respond to them soon.

Besides, look for people from your new organization and send them connection requests. This will help you expand your network and build a better relationship with them. You can even search for alumni from your college or university that work at your company and connect with them.

Again, connect with groups related to your company and job role and interact with content relevant to your new job on LinkedIn. 

Final Thoughts

While announcing your new job on LinkedIn, ensure that you keep the post short, simple, and positive, and announce your new job such that it doesn’t cause you any trouble. If you are still working in your previous position, avoid posting your new job on LinkedIn. Also, wait for some time before you make your new job announcement on your LinkedIn account.

Once you get comfortable in your new work environment, share the news with your connections and update your LinkedIn profile.

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