How To Accept A Job Offer Over The Phone

Finally, after several interviews, you received a job offer over the phone. But should you say YES to the job right away?

If you’ve been searching for a job for a long time and finally got a job, it is evident to think about how to accept the job offer over the phone.

Ideally, it is not the same as accepting the request in person or via text since you need to take care of what to say and ask questions about the position.

This guide covers how to accept a job offer over the phone and leave a favorable impression on the recruiter’s mind. And if you want to deny the verbal offer, we’ve got information about that as well.

Do Job Offers Come by Phone or Email?

Job offers can come via phone or email. Typically, companies call applicants to interview them and offer the job via call. If you don’t receive the call, they may leave a voicemail.

However, some companies send a job offer email to inform the candidate about his selection.

Should I Accept a Job Offer Over the Phone?

Yes, you can verbally accept the job offer over the phone. But before accepting the job offer immediately, discuss all the necessary points about your role, work environment, starting salary, job title, timings, leaves, etc., with your recruiter to avoid misunderstandings.

Also, if you want some time to think before accepting the role, tell your recruiter politely that you will get back to him later.

How do you Respond to a Job Offer Over the Phone?

After clearing the interview process, recruiters call candidates to verbally offer them a job. They mention all the details such as salary, responsibilities, benefits, start date, working hours, etc., while extending the job offer.

If you haven’t ever accepted a job offer over the phone, you might get stuck while talking with your hiring manager. Also, you won’t know which questions to ask the prospective employer to determine whether the job is right for you or not.

Hence, you must learn how to accept a job offer over the phone in a confident manner.

5 Easy Ways to Accept a Job Offer over the Phone

When you receive a call from a company to offer you a job, you need to ensure that you have a proper conversation with your recruiter. You should sound professional and confident throughout the discussion.

Here is how to respond to a job offer over the call.

1. Thank the caller for the verbal offer

As soon as your recruiter offers you the job, thank him for giving you the opportunity. This will show that you are professional and excited about the new role. You can express gratitude by saying:

“Thank you for giving me this job offer. I am excited about this job and to work for this company.”

2. Ask questions you have about the job

If you have any queries about the job or want to know more about the workplace and work culture, ask questions to your new employer. You can ask questions about your salary, timings, dress code, etc. Following are a few common questions to ask the employer while accepting the job offer:

  • Is there any dress code?
  • Who do I have to report to?
  • Where is the parking?
  • Can I work from home?
  • Whom should I contact if I have any issues at the organization?
  • Will I be working independently or in a team?
  • How can I measure my success while working at this organization?
  • Will I receive performance feedback regularly?

3. Request a written offer

If you accept the verbal offer, your employer will tell you that you’ll receive a formal written offer letter after the call. This letter will contain the job details and require your signature. Typically, companies send written offers via email and use apps for e-signature.

Nevertheless, if the recruiter doesn’t mention that you’ll receive a written letter, you can ask for it by saying:

“This sounds exciting! Can you also send me the offer in writing so that I can check the job details before starting my new role?”

Further, if you don’t receive a written job offer within 2-3 working days, you can follow up with the company via email.

Here’s a sample follow up email that you can use:

Dear Mr. Robert,

I am writing this mail to follow up on our Wednesday talk. Could you please send me the written job offer describing the position in detail?

I am thrilled about this position and looking forward to working for this organization.


Alex Gail

4. Ask about the next steps

Before closing the call, ask your employer what to do next. Some organizations have pre-employment processes, and you might have to complete them before joining the company.

For example, you might have to go for medical tests, drug tests, skill tests, complete assessments, etc.

These details are mentioned in the written job offer. But you discuss them with your employer after you accept the job offer over the phone.

5. Thank the caller again

Finally, thank the employer for extending this job offer and giving you their time, then close the call. For instance, say the following line:

“Once again, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am excited to get started.”

How Do You Not Accept A Job Offer Over The Phone?

If you have received a job offer over the phone but are no longer interested in the position, you can politely deny the offer straightaway. You can also reject the offer if you have already accepted a position at another company.

Here is how you can avoid accepting the job offer:

“Thank you for this offer. I appreciate the time you have given me, but I have accepted a similar position at another organization.”


“I appreciate this offer. Unfortunately, I have accepted another opportunity elsewhere. Thank you for giving me your time.”

Alternatively, if you want some time to think before accepting the role, you can request your employer that you’ll give him a callback or follow up via email after a few days.

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