How Many Jobs Should I Apply for?

As a job seeker, you must have the criteria for job searching and a requirement that helps you land the perfect job. But you can not find the perfect job by applying for fewer positions.

The only way to land the next job is to apply for new jobs online so that you have choices to decide from once you have the job offer for the dream job. 

This article will discuss how many jobs you should apply for in one go. We will discuss the essentials that job seekers should focus on when applications are sent out.

Is it a Good Idea to Apply for Multiple Jobs at Once?

Applying for multiple jobs at once shows the job seeker is diligent in their job-seeking process. So, if you are not doing that already, you should start applying for more than one job.

Moreover, applying for several jobs means you have a backup plan and more choices if things work out with different companies. So, applying for multiple jobs at once is an excellent idea.

How Many Jobs Should You Apply for Every Day?

When confronted with the question of how many jobs you should apply for, the average job-seeker confirms applying for 5 to 10 jobs per day. And while this is a typical start for any new job seeker, the number goes down to fewer jobs for most job seekers.

Starting with a significant number, the applications you submit will decrease when you get into more phone interviews, video, and face-to-face meetings.

It would be best if you focused on your profiles and discussions with potential employers, spending time on submitting high-quality applications to find the best opportunity for yourself.

Doing so would help you have fewer applications, which will be a good thing because it will confirm that you are closer to your goal.

How Many Applications Should You Submit if You’re Still Employed?

If you are working a full-time job, applying for 5 to 10 jobs in a day may not be possible, which is fine. Considering that you are employed, it will be easier even if it takes time to perform a successful job search since you are financially stable.

But the good thing is that even though you won’t hit the maximum capacity of applications, you can look for quality opportunities and focus on creating a professional network with like-minded professionals.

Now, applying for jobs while at work may seem like a good idea, but it is also risky to do so. If you have not informed your peers or manager about your plans, and they find out about your job search, it can stir problems in your work life.

Your job searches may cause your manager to reconsider any possible promotion or salary hike they were about to offer or even lead them to fire you.

How Many Applications Should You Submit if You’re Unemployed?

For an unemployed person, asking yourself how many jobs I should apply for should not be a difficult one to answer.

You would have ample time to focus on finding the right job for yourself. It is ideal for spending 30 to 40 hours a week searching for a good profile.

Remember to maintain a track record in the form of a spreadsheet for all the applications sent to date. It would help you follow up on any future jobs that fit your requirement best.

Remember, positivity is the key motivator in finding a good job if you are unemployed. Also, changing your location where you do the job search now and then would be good.

Create a regular schedule to do the online job search while also managing time to reconnect with hiring managers or professionals from your field. But ensure to give yourself some time off during weekends or take some personal time every day to avoid negative thoughts.

How Many Jobs Should New College Graduates Apply to?

As a new college graduate, you should prioritize finding any entry-level positions in the industry of your choice. Finding an entry-level job is challenging.

So how many job applications should you apply for? New graduates should apply for 5 to 10 job positions daily if the job posting matches their profiles.

However, there may be a chance that entry-level job postings also require prior experience in the field. Hence, try to filter job postings that do not seek experience and are okay to hire freshers.

Also, applying for 10 jobs a day is not necessary if you can find quality daily opportunities that match your portfolio and apply for them. One thing to remember is that entry-level job availability will depend on the city you wish to find a job in and what your subject major was in college.

It might help if you connect with seniors who graduated before you and are working in the same industry or the company where you have also applied. 

You should also check with your professors for references to help you find the right job. Several universities offer career-related services such as career counseling, resume and cover letter building, and helping you prepare for more interviews.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity in Your Job Applications

Although you should apply for as many jobs as possible in a day, you should remember that quality always surpasses quantity.

You can apply for 10 or more jobs in a day, but it is useless if none of these positions are worth consideration at a later stage. 

Moreover, it is better to have 3 well-prepared job referral requests to peers working in good companies and over 10 copy-paste applications that may get rejected before the hiring manager can even look at your qualifications.

If you are not focusing on where you are applying or whether the job position suits your requirement, it may be of no use to send 10 applications daily. 

And, if these 10 job applications per day do not get you aligned for the next rounds, for face-to-face interviews, you should know that you are not focusing on the application or the job quality.

4 Tips to Apply to Jobs Faster

Whether you are employed, not employed, or a mere college fresher looking for the perfect job, you must follow specific guidelines to find the right opportunity in less time.

Follow the below tips to speed up your job application duration and one that offers quality over quantity.

Do Industry Research

It is essential to start your job search by looking at the trends and the work opportunities in your industry. You should know what kind of jobs are available in which part of the country in the industry where you want to work.

Moving headless, without knowing if a job opportunity is available in your city or state, will waste your time and not find you any prospects.

You must be sure of where our job centers for your field. Once you have found that, look for specific job titles to help you find the perfect job.

For freshers or people looking for a change, it is crucial to understand if an entry-level job is offered in the industry without prior experience or not.

Apply for a job after considering the industry standards and set your expectations and job filters accordingly. 

Create a Few Resume Templates for Common Role Variations

Using the same resume for every job application is not a good idea. If there is a difference in the requirements of the two employers, you might want to tweak both your resume and cover letter to match what they have asked.

Hence, keeping a few versions of your resume that fit well in different job applications is best. It would help you avoid getting rejected even before an interview round is set up.

It would also allow employers offering several roles in the same industry to consider you based on your varying strong resume and how it matches different roles.

Have a Document Prepared With Commonly Asked Questions and Materials

Collating and going through the most common questions asked during an interview can be helpful. You could also read what the hiring managers suggested as required for a specific role.

Also, consider taking advice from career counselors on preparing to interview for a specific job.

Use the Resume Optimizer Services to Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description

Several online websites help you create a fully optimized resume that can pass any applicant tracking systems used by employers. The optimizer helps you add keywords that align with your field and profile and allows you free resume review.

These online sites also add the skill set that describes your job description and creates attractive formats highlighting your strengths and efficiently showcasing your accomplishments. 

Benefits of Submitting Many Applications

Below are some crucial benefits of submitting multiple applications for several jobs:

  • The first and most crucial benefit of submitting applications for more than one job is your chance of getting hired at a good company—the possibility of landing an opportunity increases if you go through full job interviews.
  • The more applications you submit, the more you customize your application, resume, and cover letter to match the employer’s requirements. It will help you refine your resume and cover letter and quickly make changes for future applications.
  • Spending dedicated time applying for jobs every day would help you reach your goal of finding the perfect job faster. It would also ensure that you do not miss any good opportunities.

Disadvantages of Submitting Many Applications

While it is a good thing to go job searching and apply for more jobs at a time, there are some disadvantages to doing this:

  • If you spend too much time job searching applying for jobs along with a full-time opportunity or any other activity that consumes time, you may feel overcome with fatigue and stress.
  • Submitting applications for too many jobs can decrease the overall quality. You may apply for any opportunity without considering if it matches your requirement and profile. Also, you may stop focusing on the submitted quality applications if too many applications are done daily.
  • Suppose you are not careful with the number of job applications; you may end up going through the application process, and same job interview with the same employer on different platforms and lose any possibility of getting selected or even being considered later.

How Many Job Applications are Too Many?

While a job seeker can submit from 10 job applications and go up to 200 job profiles in the entire course of the job search, Hence, there is no upper limit to how many jobs one can apply for.

However, you might want to be careful if you apply for multiple jobs within a few companies because that may affect your candidature in front of the hiring manager. You may not even be considered for any profile or get the chance to make it to the interview with the hiring manager.

How Many Jobs Can You Apply for at One Company?

It is best to simultaneously apply for two to three positions in the same company. If you apply for more jobs in the same company, you may become desperate or unsure of your skill set. 

Eventually, submitting applications for different posts in the same company could make your profile undesirable for any position. You may not even get the chance to reach the interview stage.

How Many Job Rejections Are Too Many?

Getting rejected for jobs is not uncommon. All job seekers undergo the rejection phase before finding a good opportunity. And it is only through rejections that you learn something about your professional path and what is not working for you.

The good thing is you can avoid being rejected by applying for quality jobs that align with your profile completely.

Also, ensuring that your resume and cover letter are optimized to catch hiring managers’ eye could help you avoid such situations and get you through the hiring process.

Resumes and cover letters should showcase how the job seeker could be an asset to the prospective employer. It would help them consider the candidate and avoid any rejections.

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