31 Best and Funny Job Search Memes

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Searching for a job can be tiring and boring. Every day you wake up and apply to tons of jobs only to get a few or zero responses from recruiters. You may get frustrated and not know what to do to make your job search interesting.

At such times, all you need is a break from the hustle. So, we’ve compiled a set of hilarious memes to drive you crazy amidst your tiresome job hunt journey!

31 Best and Funny Job Search Memes

If you are tired of reading job descriptions, company requirements, and the application deadline of various jobs, grab a cup of coffee and scroll through these memes.

  1. When you find your ideal job but it’s already filled.

  1. Looking for a job without experience can be frustrating for a beginner. You can gain experience through other methods like internships.

  1. When your recruiter asks you why they should hire you.

  1. When you are asked about your plans after five years.

  1. Your recruiter wants to hire a young and experienced person for the position.

  1. Your interviewer is interested in knowing you.

  1. Tailoring your cover letter before applying for every job is a different sort of headache!

  1. You have to explain to the recruiters, “You are the best.” But your resume should only be one-page long.

  1. Your recruiter wants to know why you are interested in the position.

  1. The difference between your first day at work vs. today.

  1. When you tell the interviewer how awesome you are.

  1. Searching for a new job sounds impossible.

  1. When you return home from your first day at work.

  1. When the company wants an experienced entry-level employee.
  1. When you get to know you were rejected despite having all the qualifications.

  1. When your interviewer wants to know why you want the job.

  1. When you apply for a job for which you are under-qualified.

  1. When you have to answer the most obvious question during the interview.

  1. When you are tired of sending CVs to companies.

  1. When you know you have nothing to write on your resume and have zero work experience. Yet you keep applying.

  1. When your interviewer asks about yourself.

  1. When you lie to get your dream job.

  1. When you have to explain the reason for getting hired.

  1. The company wants creative employees.

  1. When the interviewers don’t keep their promises.

  1.  While waiting for replies from companies.
  1. Every job seeker’s story.

  1. When a recruiter finally calls you after the interview.

  1. Your interviewer wants to know your future plans.

  1. When your interviewer wants to know how many foreign languages you speak.

  1. When you are ready for your job interview.


Job hunting is not as easy as you think. It may take months to land your dream job. But don’t lose hope in the process. Read memes and quotes and keep applying for opportunities. The right one will knock on your door soon!

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