Best Sites to Find Remote Work Online in 2022

Are you looking to replace your full-time, 9-to-5 job with remote work?

Remote working has fascinated a lot of people over the past few years. Several employees seek remote opportunities that allow them to spend more time with their families and provide a better work-life balance.

However, searching for remote jobs is not a piece of cake for all remote job seekers! You could have a hard time looking for the right opportunity, especially when you don’t know where to search for your dream job. We have compiled a list of the best job sites for remote work to save your time!

Are Remote Jobs Good?

Remote jobs (aka telecommuting or flexible jobs) may not work for everyone. But they do save you from daily commuting, offer flexible work hours, and allow you to work from anywhere (from home, while having coffee at a cafe, or elsewhere).

Further, employers have admitted that remote positions boost productivity and bring more profit to the company.

In a nutshell, remote jobs have always been a good idea for both employers and employees.

The Best Remote Jobs To Work From Home

Telecommuting has become popular in several professions. Earlier, this opportunity was offered to professionals working under specific job roles. But now, every individual who has the skillset to accomplish his job responsibilities remotely can opt for a remote job. Here is a list of the best remote jobs you can look for.

  • Software developer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Project manager
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designers
  • Digital marketer
  • Social media marketer
  • UX designer
  • IT support specialist
  • Customer support representative
  • Account manager
  • Teacher
  • IT manager
  • Sales representative
  • Recruiter
  • Data entry associate
  • Voice-over artists

In addition to this, several other careers allow you to work from home. If you don’t see your profession mentioned in the above list, you can simply Google it or check out company pages to know if you can work remotely or not.

9 Best Sites To Find Remote Work

As the popularity of remote working increases, more sites serve as a platform for professionals to explore and apply for work from home jobs. Some remote jobs sites focus on specific job categories, while others let you explore remote positions across all types.

If you want the best remote job search experience, this list of the best remote job websites will get you sorted!

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs has been one of the most popular remote job websites for more than 14 years. This remote job site lists over 36,000 legit remote jobs across several job categories. Each job listing on this remote job board is screened and verified before posting.

Further, FlexJobs offers an excellent support team to solve all your issues before and after applying for a remote position.

Apart from full-time remote job listings, you can also scroll through their part-time or freelance opportunities if you are in search of a side hustle.

The only catch here is that FlexJobs is not free-to-use like other remote working websites. You have to choose one of their pricing options to find remote jobs. However, if you are not satisfied with their service, you can demand a refund within 30-days of your purchase.

An Easier Way To Find The Best Remote and Flexible Jobs

Searching for remote work becomes a no-brainer when you have FlexJobs! This leading job board is highly trusted amongst remote workers who seek flexible jobs. Whether you are searching for a full-time or part-time, entry-level or executive, local or global position, FlexJobs has it all!

FlexJobs offers remote job listings across 50 categories, making it easier for candidates to search and apply for their dream opportunities.

FlexJobs Benefits

Some of the benefits of choosing FlexJobs to hunt for your next remote opportunity include:

  • The platform is AD-free.
  • FlexJobs is Scam-free since all the job listings are screened before posting on the portal.
  • It offers various resources to help you build a better career.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Refund options are available.

2. We Work Remotely

With more than 3 million visitors, We Work Remotely is easily one of the world’s largest free remote work platforms. The site claims to have a 90% position fill rate for every job posted and an 80% customer return rate which justifies its popularity amongst job seekers and employers.

On We Work Remotely, you can find remote positions under various categories such as designing, marketing, programming, management, etc., posted by employers from all over the globe.

You can explore remote job listings using keywords, job titles, or contract types. However, unlike other job boards, We Work Remotely doesn’t let you apply from the site directly. Instead, it redirects you to the employer’s website to apply for remote work.

Though the platform is free to job seekers, employers have to pay a fee of $299 to share remote jobs.

3. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is another go-to platform for remote work seekers. The site lists more than 10,000 opportunities from over 3000 employers. You can find all sorts of remote positions on this platform, and the best part is that humans screen each opportunity before posting. That means you don’t have to fear being scammed!

Virtual Vocations offers several filter options to narrow down your job search and help you land your next role quickly. And you can also set up email alerts to get notified whenever a job of your interest is posted.

The job board offers free access to professionals, but it has limited job postings. So, if you want to access all the job listings, you’ll have to go for one of their monthly subscription plans.

4. Dribbble

If you are a designer looking for work-from-home opportunities, Dribbble is where you should be! This remote job board is designed exclusively for creative professionals to showcase their work and land their ideal job effortlessly.

Top companies like Apple, Vivid Motion, Atomic Health, etc., hire creative talent from this site.

The portal also has an incredible mailing feature that sends new freelance project leads right into your mailbox every morning. So you don’t have to go elsewhere to search for new projects!

On Dribbble, you can learn design and look for jobs according to your interests. There are also several career resources to help you out. Additionally, Dribbble has a marketplace where you can purchase creatives designed by other creators and use them for your projects.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest freelancing and remote job sites. The platform is well-known for bagging in freelance projects and microtasks. You can list your services on Fiverr for a minimum of $5, and potential buyers can contact you through the listing.

Fiverr also allows freelancers to provide gig extras to their clients. This means you can offer additional services and charge a fee from your client.

Unlike other traditional job boards, the best way to find the best remote job opportunities on Fiverr is by earning a decent rating. Once you get a good amount of reviews, your profile ranks higher, and you can land more remote freelancing gigs quickly.

6. Upwork

Upwork is another well-known freelance website that allows users to find remote jobs. Like Fiverr, you can find freelance job opportunities across several categories on Upwork.

The remote job board is available for free to freelancers. However, you’ll have to get your profile accepted to apply for gigs or sell your services. Upwork does this to maintain the quality of the platform.

Further, Upwork has been a great place for newbies. And if you search correctly, you can effortlessly land your next high-paying client using Upwork.

7. Freelancer

With more than 50 million users, Freelancer is by far one of the best remote job sites amongst freelancers. Whether you are a writer, editor, designer, manager, programmer, or any other professional, you’ll find several opportunities on this remote job board.

You can join the remote job board for free as a freelancer and bid for jobs of your interest. Freelancer allows a maximum of 8 bids per month to its free users. Nonetheless, switch to their paid monthly or yearly plans if you want to place more bids.

One of the best things about Freelancer is that it allows the client and Freelancer to stay connected via live chat throughout the project. So, freelancers can ask questions or demand feedback for the project from their clients while working.

8. The Muse

The Muse is one of the most trusted and best remote job boards used by over 75 million job seekers each year. You can use the site to search for remote work and even check out the company profile to learn more about your future workplace.

This job board is even better because it allows users to apply job filters and company filters to land their ideal roles faster.

Besides, you can check out their career advice page for tips to build a career that you love. The Muse also offers to coach individuals who are stuck in their lives or lost their job to get their life back on track!

9. Indeed

Indeed has remained a huge name in the list of online job search websites for several years. The robust job board receives thousands of job postings every day. It sources several remote opportunities from other networking sites, allowing you to explore all remote opportunities in a single place.

You can apply for jobs, create your CV, and use career resources to improve your career. The platform also has a salary guide that lets you know the salaries provided by different companies for different designations.

Pros And Cons Of Working From Home

Like regular 9-to-5 jobs, work-from-home jobs come with their pros and cons. Especially if you are new to this lifestyle, you may experience many challenges. So have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of work-from-home jobs before starting your new journey!


  • You can work at the time that sounds the most convenient to you since remote opportunities offer flexible work hours.
  • It saves your time since you don’t have to commute daily to reach your workplace.
  • You can work from anywhere, provided you have all the resources needed to complete your work responsibilities.
  • Remote work boosts your focus and productivity.
  • It improves your attendance and punctuality.


  • You might end up working for more hours.
  • You will have to deal with the at-home distractions.
  • You won’t be able to connect with your coworkers as you would do in an office job.
  • You will have to set up a proper work environment at your home, which can be quite costly in some cases.

FAQs About Remote Jobs

What are the best remote jobs?

Nowadays, you can work remotely for most job roles. However, you need to possess the correct skill set and the equipment required to accomplish your remote work responsibilities. Some famous remote job roles include designer, programmer, manager, virtual assistants, teacher, transcriptionists, illustrators, etc.

What companies are hiring for remote jobs?

Most companies provide work-from-home opportunities to their employees, especially post-pandemic several companies have switched to a fully remote environment. Some popular companies hiring for remote jobs include tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc.

Apart from these, several other companies offer remote work. You can use the above websites to find your dream remote job at such companies.

Can I make six figures working from home?

Remote jobs give you the flexibility to earn a six-figure and beyond income as long as you have the skills and ability to reach this goal. Several companies are ready to hire the right professionals remotely and pay them relevant salaries.

If you want to earn six figures working from home, it’s not as hard as you think! But you have to dig in for the right opportunity and gear up yourself with proper skills.

Do remote jobs pay more?

The pay for remote jobs and in-office roles is not different. Remote companies pay employees based on their skill set and responsibilities. So, if you opt for a remote job over an in-office job, you may not necessarily get higher pay.

Why is it so hard to find a remote job?

Many people complain that they fail to bag in good remote positions, and the main reason behind this is that they don’t do it correctly. And since the competition is constantly increasing, you need to work a little harder if you want to find your dream remote job.

Begin by creating a resume and cover letter that stands out from the crowd. Also, make sure you have all the necessary skills required to accomplish your job. And finally, research the company before applying for a position. This way, you’ll increase your chances of getting sorted and hired for the job you apply for.

Where can I find high-paying remote jobs?

Several remote job boards list high-paying remote working opportunities. Top remote job websites include Dribbble, We Work Remotely, Indeed, FlexJobs, etc. You can also use the filter options on these remote job boards to narrow down the listing to display only high-paying jobs.

Does Google hire remote employees?

Yes, Google hires employees for various positions for remote work. You can check the job descriptions to know if a position is work-from-home or not. Besides, it has a remote work policy that allows 20% of employees to work remotely permanently.

What major companies are fully remote?

Several companies, especially tech-based ones, are getting fully remote nowadays. These leading organizations are Microsoft, Apple, Slack, Adobe, Shopify, Coinbase, Twitter, Atlassian, Quora, Dropbox, etc.

Bottom Line

There you have it! That’s all about the best sites to find Remote Work. Whether you are a fresher or experienced individual, these websites will effortlessly help you land your next remote opportunity.

Check them out and start your hunt for a new opportunity without any delay!

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