11 Best Paying Jobs in Energy — Renewable & Conventional

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Building a career in the energy sector is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have the right skills and qualifications to work in this sector. Besides, the field welcomes professionals from various sectors, including accounting, engineering, marketing, technicians, chemists, etc., so you need to know your interest before applying for a job in the energy field.

If you’ve been looking for a career in the energy sector, we’ve compiled a list of the best-paying jobs in energy below.

Energy Careers: An Overview

Energy sector jobs are available for individuals looking to build a career in a particular energy sector. The field comprises various industries, including the oil and gas industry, power industry, solar industry, etc.

Again, the energy sector demands candidates specializing in various fields. You can land a renewable energy job after pursuing studies from multiple backgrounds and also without a degree. Some companies hire candidates without work experience and provide them with on-site training afterward.

Overall, the energy sector has millions of job opportunities. But you need to choose the right career path depending on your skills and interests to get the highest paying jobs.

Pros & Cons of Careers in Energy

The pros and cons of working in the renewable energy sector depend on your chosen career and industry.

The industry has numerous career opportunities, but the demand varies from time to time. Nevertheless, some advantages of getting renewable energy jobs are as follows:

  • The overall growth rate of the renewable energy sector is predicted to be 12.4% by 2023. That indicates that it is a growing industry.
  • Renewable energy is abundant and stable. So job opportunities in this field will keep increasing until the sun burns out and stops giving energy.
  • Renewable energy is technology-based, while other energy industries require man force. So, there are several opportunities for skilled professionals.
  • Energy plants generate new demand for goods and services in regions where they are located, stimulating jobs.

There are several advantages of working in the energy industry. But it’s not a bed of roses every time. The industry has some disadvantages, as mentioned below:

  • Working in most energy industries is risky since you must deal with heavy machinery and hazardous environments.
  • Energy and power plants can be set up in specific locations only. So, people will have to commit to long commute hours daily or stay away from their residences.
  • The decline in usage of certain energy can increase the unemployment rate in that sector.

Type of Education Needed for Energy Jobs

As mentioned earlier, the energy industry welcomes professionals from various backgrounds. It has opportunities for individuals from almost every sector. So, regardless of your educational background, you can find a job at an energy company.

Some educational qualifications needed for an energy job include:


Energy companies hire engineers to handle machinery, build new equipment, create efficient storage methods, and transport energy to various locations.

The sector requires chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, production engineers, civil engineers, and many more. You can apply for jobs in energy if you have a relevant engineering degree.

Information Technology

Information Technology professionals are required to develop and monitor systems for energy usage. They study and analyze the data to provide efficient storing and moving methods for energy.

IT professionals also develop new hardware and applications to simplify industry tasks and for smoother equipment operations.

Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.)

The energy sector demands individuals with a background in Science to perform industrial operations and manage the machinery. It has various opportunities for individuals with a background in Science, especially Chemistry and Physics.

These people use their knowledge to get the most out of the energy industry.


Individuals with a background in maths can help improvise the energy sector by studying and analyzing data. The energy sector also requires professionals having knowledge of statistics and accounts to handle the industry’s financial and economic departments.

Management & Business

Managers and leaders are mandatory for companies to manage their employees and make decisions. So, you will also find various jobs in energy after pursuing a degree in management or business.

You can get an entry-level position or executive-level position based on your experience and qualifications.

#1 Most Lucrative Job in Energy – Information Systems Manager

Information systems manager jobs focus on software and technology part instead of energy conservation and machinery installation. Your job as an information systems manager is to work on computer systems and networks.

You are responsible for handling, maintaining, and uploading new software and databases.

Information systems managers also ensure the security of systems and data privacy. If you are looking for a non-field job in the energy sector, you can work as an information systems manager.

As a beginner, you may earn less, but you can expect a higher income of more than $200,000 per year after gaining experience and reaching a senior position.

#1 Most Lucrative Job in Renewable Energy – Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are in high demand in the renewable energy sector. Aerospace engineers design and create satellites, aircraft, etc., and they can apply this knowledge to design efficient wind turbines and other systems.

Aerospace engineers are mainly required in the wind industry since they have expertise in understanding the wind resistance, force, efficiency, and other factors affecting energy production.

The average salary of aerospace engineers is around $118,000 per year, but you can earn more or less depending on your seniority level and expertise.

Best Paying Jobs in Energy

The energy industry has several opportunities for skilled and trained professionals. But if you want to find one of the best-paying jobs in energy, the list below will help you!

Architectural Manager

Architectural manager jobs are amongst the best paying jobs in energy. Architectural managers are responsible for designing and developing new construction projects. They ensure the construction completes as defined and within the executed budget.

Architectural managers also construct energy-efficient buildings and generate ideas to maintain them. They also monitor the technical accuracy to use minimum energy resources.

You need to hold a bachelor’s degree in architecture or a relevant field to work as an architectural manager. The earning potential for this position also increases depending on the work experience and expertise.

Petroleum Engineer

A petroleum engineer is a professional that develops and creates extraction methods for crude oil and other petroleum products. It is one of the best-paying energy jobs for those interested in the oil and gas industry.

Petroleum engineers are responsible for designing oil-extraction equipment, drilling oil fields, checking production methods, and finding new and safe methods to fulfill the energy demands worldwide. Petroleum engineers spend most of their time in the office or on the field to monitor the drilling and production operations.

You can become a petroleum engineer with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. However, the earning potential is higher after completing a master’s degree and gaining experience.

Chemical Engineer

With an average annual salary of $108,000, chemical engineering jobs are among the best-paying jobs in the energy industry. It is also ideal for those looking for oil and gas jobs.

Chemical engineers apply physics, chemistry, and mathematical concepts to find solutions for everyday problems related to fuel and other products. They test new techniques and manufacture new products to improvise energy production.

Chemical engineers convert renewable biomaterials into electricity and transportation fuels.

You can work as a chemical engineer in various energy industries, including solar, water, wind, oil and gas, nuclear, etc. However, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in Science, physics, chemistry, biology, or chemical engineering.

Atmospheric Scientist

Atmospheric scientists are professionals that study the weather and atmospheric conditions to enhance wind energy. It is one of the best-paying jobs in energy for those willing to work at wind energy sites or renewable energy companies.

By studying climate patterns, atmospheric scientists identify how the weather will affect wind energy production. They also help create efficient harnessing systems and locate the best positions for wind turbines.

They write computer programs to predict severe weather conditions.

Most energy companies hire atmospheric scientists with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology or a relevant field.

Materials Engineer

Material engineers are energy professionals that study materials used in an application and try to improve them. They deeply understand various materials like ceramic, plastic, metals, etc. These engineers also create new materials to increase the product’s efficiency and reduce energy usage.

Materials engineers also combine various materials to develop functional product creation combinations. They develop processes and evaluate materials to solve energy efficiency problems.

Material engineers are required in almost every energy industry. So, if you have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in material engineering, this high-paying energy job is a good career path.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineering jobs are the best-paying jobs in the energy industry. You can become an environmental engineer by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, civil, or environmental Science.

This high-paying renewable energy industry job requires professionals to design projects, monitor environmental improvements, and help create a safer and cleaner world. They must work in recycling, waste disposal, public health, and sustainability sectors.

They also have knowledge of soil, engineering, and chemistry.

Power Plant Operator, Distributor, Dispatcher

With an average annual salary of $86,000, power plant operator jobs are the best paying jobs in energy for freshers and non-degree holders. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to enter this field. A high-school diploma and on-the-job training can effortlessly help you get into this career.

The primary role of a power plant operator, distributor, and dispatcher is to maintain and service systems producing energy. They address issues and also perform steps required to avoid these problems.

Power plant operators are required in many energy companies, specifically solar and nuclear power plants. Read Why Power Generation A Good Career Path.

Nuclear Technician

Nuclear technicians work in nuclear power plants to maintain a safe environment. They are trained in handling nuclear equipment. They also monitor radiation levels and equipment performance and test air, water, and soil samples to improve nuclear energy while keeping the radiation levels low.

To work as a nuclear technician, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in nuclear Science or a relevant field, and you may also have to get on-the-job training.

Agricultural Engineer

The increasing demand and usage of biofuels have contributed to the high demand for agricultural engineers in the energy field. It is one of the best-paying jobs in energy for individuals interested in agriculture and energy.

Agricultural engineers work with machinery and power supplies and solve environmental issues to get the best results while producing energy. These energy jobs require individuals to use computer software, test procedures and have knowledge of management skills.

They should also be well-versed in maths, calculus, physics, and chemistry. If you have a bachelor’s degree in any relevant course, you can apply for agriculture engineer jobs in energy companies.

Which Energy Resource Jobs Pay The Best Salaries?

There are many high-paying jobs in energy sector. But energy jobs that pay the highest are aerospace engineering jobs.

Other highest-paying energy careers are civil engineering, solar energy technicians, wind farm site managers, and architectural managers.

Is The Energy Sector High-Paying?

Yes, energy jobs pay an excellent income to professionals. The salary varies depending on the study level, skills, and expertise. However, most individuals have succeeded in landing the best paying jobs in energy with a bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, it is anticipated that the number of renewable energy jobs will increase rapidly in the coming few years. So, the energy sector is an excellent option for those interested in energy systems and related work.

Is Energy A Good Career Path?

Energy is required in automobiles, electricity, and various other daily tasks. Its demand is continuous and won’t stop in the future even though another energy may replace one form of energy. So, energy jobs are a good career path for interested people.

Besides, the sector also offers some of the best-paying jobs in energy. But you need to prepare yourself to work for long hours and stay on-site for months, depending on your job type.

What is the Best Paying Job in Solar?

Solar energy jobs are quite popular among the highest-paying renewable energy jobs. Most solar jobs don’t require a bachelor’s degree. Also, many solar careers require solar plant workers to work at solar plants or a solar farm, install solar panels, monitor solar energy production, and manage and train the staff working under them.

Some of the best-paying jobs in solar energy systems include solar power plant operators, solar energy technicians, solar energy workers, solar project developers, etc. Of all these, the best paying job in the solar energy system is that of a solar energy technician.

Such technicians conduct solar installations, monitor the solar power plant, and check for errors in the installation. They receive excellent pay for working at solar power plants and contributing to the renewable energy management sector.

Best Cities for Energy Jobs

The city for the best energy job depends on your chosen energy industry. For example, Texas is best for wind industry jobs, while California is best for solar energy jobs. Other popular cities for landing a career at energy companies include Florida, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston, etc.

Highest Paying Renewable Energy Companies

The highest paying companies dealing with renewable energy sources include Canadian Solar Inc., TPI Composites, Brookfield Renewable Partners, Renewable Energy Group, Inc., and NextEra Energy. You can apply for job openings at these companies depending on your qualifications, skills, and interests.

Renewable Energy Jobs Salary

The pay of various positions in renewable energy varies. The average annual salary for some popular professions is as mentioned below:

  • Solar energy technicians – $72,000
  • Wind farm site manager – $107,029
  • Solar engineer – $72,323
  • Financial analysts – $85,660
  • Renewable energy consultants – $82,450
  • Civil engineers – $86,640

Wind Energy Jobs Salary

Wind energy professionals are responsible for various tasks, such as harvesting wind turbine installations, managing the staff, etc. The salary for different positions varies depending on the position and educational qualification. The salary for some popular jobs is as follows:

  • Wind Farm Site Managers – $107,029
  • Wind Turbine Service Technician – $54,370
  • Scientific Researcher – $77,173
  • Atmospheric Scientist – $95,380

Can We Get Renewable Energy Jobs With No Experience?

Most senior-level jobs in the renewable energy generation sector require you to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent studies and work experience.

However, you can land some jobs without experience, such as renewable energy consultants, civil engineers, solar panel installation, solar energy technicians, financial analysts, power plant operators, etc.

You can also enter energy careers by pursuing on-site training or internship while studying. This will help you gain industrial exposure and land a better job.

Conclusion – Best Paying Energy Jobs

Energy is an excellent career path for those having the right skills and interest in this sector. You can land a job in the oil and natural gas industry or other energy industries like wind, solar, nuclear, etc., and build a successful, high-paying career.

In this list, we mentioned the best-paying jobs in energy. However, you can get several other opportunities, such as financial analysts, civil engineers, solar engineers, scientific researchers, geologists, etc.

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