Best Job Search Websites in Canada

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Online job portals have become the go-to places for most job seekers in Canada. Both residents and immigrants find it convenient to search and apply for jobs through these platforms.

Besides, these job search engines let you browse for jobs based on your preferences in just a few seconds on these platforms, regardless of your location. Most people prefer using online job boards than visiting employment exchange agencies.

But the question is: “Do you need to use all these websites?”

Of course not!

best job search engines canada

There are hundreds of Canadian job boards, but you don’t have to be everywhere. You can effortlessly land your dream job through Canada’s best job search websites. That being said, let’s look at which are the top online job boards.

11 Best Job Search Sites in Canada

If you are hunting for a new opportunity in Canada, here are the top online job portals you shouldn’t miss checking out.

1. Indeed Canada

As a job seeker in Canada, you cannot afford to ignore Indeed Canada. It is one of the most popular job sites in Canada and globally. The platform sources jobs from multiple networks so that job seekers can find all the listings in one place.

Apart from job postings, you can also use Indeed’s free resume builder tool to create a professional resume that increases your chances of getting hired, or scroll through the career blog page for some career tips.

Indeed offers candidates various filter options to narrow down the listings based on your preferences. You can also subscribe to email alerts when new jobs related to your choices are listed.

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2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another globally recognized platform and the top professional networking website. You can apply for jobs through employer listings and even find jobs across your network.

Another method to stay posted about jobs on LinkedIn is opting for job alerts. This feature notifies you whenever a job of interest or similar interest is published on LinkedIn. Further, you can join groups and follow company profiles to get information about their vacancies and apply directly from the website.

3. Workopolis

Workopolis is an online Canadian job search website offering services for more than 15 years. It is a leading job search platform that allows users to look for jobs in both English and French languages.

The website hosts more than 30 million users every month that can hunt for jobs through keywords, location, or industry and apply from the website directly. Besides, the user-friendly design of this website makes it an easy-to-use platform for people with disabilities.

Nevertheless, the downside of Workopolis is that applicants cannot upload their resumes to the site directly.

4. Monster is another well-known job board in Canada. You can search for jobs using various filters like title, location, job type, etc., and even take benefit of Monster’s free resume review tool.

Monster also gives you a score based on your skills and interest to know whether you are the right fit for a job or not.

In addition to job listings, you can spend some time reading the career advice page on Monster. Here you’ll find excellent tips to land your dream job quickly.

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an online job search website and an outstanding place to read company and employer reviews. The platform has many features that let you search for jobs in a few clicks. Here employees can review their company so that job seekers can get an insight into the company.

Further, Glassdoor also provides information regarding the benefits, salary details, and company culture. In other words, the platform provides everything you need to know about a company before applying for a job role.

6. Eluta

Unlike other websites listed in this post, Eluta is not just a job board. Instead, it is a job search engine managed by top Canadian employers. The platform is used by leading companies like Apple, Google, etc., to hunt for potential talents for their companies. No wonder millions of job seekers visit this site every month.

Eluta collects job listings directly from the company’s websites. You need to search for jobs based on your preference and apply directly from the platform. Additionally, you can opt for email notifications to receive alerts whenever new jobs are listed on the website.

7. Jobillico

With more than 90,000 job postings each day, Jobilico is another popular job search website in Canada. Jobilico features jobs from companies that are actively recruiting so that you can find the right job quickly. It even shows listings based on your profile to ensure that you don’t waste your time on jobs that aren’t relevant to you.

One of the best parts of this website is that it lets you check all the details of the company you are applying to. That means you learn about the work environment through videos and images before applying for the position.

8. Government of Canada Job Bank

The Government of Canada Job Bank is the go-to place for job seekers residing in any Canadian province. The website is the official job board of Canada. You can use the website or mobile app to search for public and private sector jobs.

The Canada Job Bank website is operational in English and French, making it easier for locals to search for vacancies. But keep in mind that you’ll have to send your CV to the employer via email while applying through this site.

9. CareerBuilder Canada

One of the leading job boards in Canada and worldwide is the CareerBuilder Canada website. This platform uses Google AI to shortlist jobs that would be a perfect match for you. It also offers a range of filter options like job type, salary range, job title, location, etc.

Apart from listings, the platform offers tools that can help you polish your skills, create an outstanding resume, and build a better career. Above all, the best feature of this website is the quick apply option that lets you apply for 25+ jobs in only a few seconds!

10. SimplyHired

On SimplyHired, you can explore millions of listings in a single click. The website curates job listings from more than 100 networks across the internet. It also sources listings directly from company career pages so you can access maximum positions in one place.

You can filter jobs based on your preferences and opt for email alerts for information on future listings. And once you find a job that interests you, hit the apply now button, and it will take you to the company website. You can then complete the rest of the application process over there.

11. Jobboom

Jobboom is the best platform to hunt for work for Quebec-based job seekers. The website is available in English and French, making it easier for job seekers to explore opportunities. 

Jobboom lists jobs from 16 employment sectors throughout Quebec and other Canadian provinces. Here, you’ll find plenty of job opportunities and access to career development resources like training and career advice articles. 

Further, you can check out Jobboom’s training courses to make yourself job-ready based on the current industry demands.

12. Google for Jobs

Google for job is another great employment site that aggregates jobs from several job portals. You can search for your perfect match by typing the title and selecting the geographical region. The results will then appear on your screen, and you can apply for the position by clicking the apply button.

The best part about Google for Jobs is that it avoids redundancy. So, only one job posting is available for every vacancy. Besides, the site also gives you an insight into the company ratings and pay range information. 

13. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter was launched in 2010 to help small businesses post jobs online at an affordable cost. Over time, the website has helped millions of job seekers land their dream job. ZipRecruiter uses AI to suggest jobs to job seekers and connect them with employers.

In addition to its website, ZipRecruiter’s mobile app is equally helpful for job searching. Once you apply for a job through ZipRecruiter, you receive an email notification whenever your application is reviewed. That means tracking the status of your application is also easier.

14. Local Recruitment Sites

Other than the above job search sites listed, you can use local recruitment sites to get work in specific regions in Canada. These job boards usually curate job listings from local companies giving you a chance to work in your nearby area.

Like most job portals, you can submit your resume and select your job preferences. You will then receive email alerts whenever a new opening of your interest is listed. Besides, most jobs are exclusive to these websites, so you won’t know about a vacancy near you unless you check these sites regularly.

If you are hunting for jobs at a local firm, local recruitment sites are where you should be.

How to Use Job Sites in Canada?

There are a plethora of jobs on the top job sites in Canada. But if you want to land your next job, you’ll need to make the best use of these online sites.

Begin by creating an up-to-date, professional resume. Make sure all the necessary information is available on your resume. Next, sign up for email alerts by these sites. They will notify you whenever an opportunity of your interest is available, and you can grab the chance to apply immediately.

Most job search websites also offer resources related to career guidance, and some even provide training courses. So make sure to check out these pages and tools to land a better job.

Finally, use the filter option to narrow down the job listings and find your ideal job listing quicker.

What is a Job Board?

Job boards (aka job portals or employment websites) are online websites used by recruiters to list vacancies. They use job search platforms for advertising opportunities and to share information about their company.

Job seekers visit these websites to look for jobs and apply for them directly from the site or by navigating to the company’s website.

Job boards can often be available for free to job seekers. However, recruiters may have to pay a fee to access all the features of employment portals and the resume database of candidates.

What to Expect from Job Boards?

The primary role of any online job board is to connect employers with potential talents for their companies. Job portals offer a range of job listings that candidates can browse and apply for employment.

These sites make job hunting more accessible by allowing job seekers to browse for jobs under entertainment, technology, health, restaurants, etc.

Contrarily, employers can access the candidate database to find eligible candidates for job openings. Some job boards also provide candidate scores so that the employer can identify whether the applicant is the right fit for the position or not.

Similarly, job seekers can find company reviews and other necessary information about their future employers on such sites.

In short, job boards help job seekers to browse and apply for opportunities without any hassle. And recruiters can hire candidates by reviewing their skills.

Bottom Line

Whether you are hunting for jobs as a fresher or looking to switch careers, you’ll find opportunities on the above-listed best job search websites in Canada. So make the best use of these online job portals to land your perfect job quicker.

Finally, keep in mind that some companies don’t use job boards to list vacancies. So, consider visiting the company career pages of companies you want to join.

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