19 Best Career Podcasts for Job Seekers To Listening in 2022

Listening to career podcasts is one of the best ways to kill your free time or to make the most of your time while traveling or doing household chores. These podcasts are a great way to gain career advice, improve your personality, gain inspiration, etc.

However, finding the best career podcasts with tons of online podcasts can be challenging. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 19 best career podcasts to listen to in 2022.

19 Podcasts to Boost Your Job Search

The internet is flooded with various job search podcasts you can listen to while cooking, traveling, or sitting idle. These podcasts are based on several topics such as interviews, job searching, resume building, career development, etc.

So, if you want to step up in your job hunting process, here are the top podcasts you should be listening to in 2022.

1. 48 Days

Jon Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love is among the top 1% of job search podcasts. Dan Miller says everyone can find or create meaningful, purposeful, and profitable work.

This weekly show covers real-life questions about finding a career you are passionate about. You can listen to the show on several platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

2. CareerCloud

Career Cloud Radio is a podcast dedicated to job seekers. The show is hosted by John Dux, who shares information on job hunting tools and techniques.

You can listen to episodes covering topics like resume building, how to ace your interview, how to appeal to hiring managers, etc. John Dux also invites guest speakers such as HR professionals, career coaches, resume writers, etc., to share their knowledge.

3. Career Warrior

The Career Warrior is another popular podcast for job hunters that helps them find their dream career and fall in love with their work. The podcast host covers almost every topic concerning employment searching in this 30-40 minute podcast.

You can also listen to the inspiring stories of successful people and founders.

4. College Central

College Central is the podcast you should listen to if you are a recent graduate. It is one of the best podcasts for entry-level job seekers.

You can find episodes for everything related to employment searching, including personal growth, interview tips, internships, resume building, etc.

5. Find Your Dream Job

Find Your Dream Job is a weekly podcast hosted by Mac Prichard. On this show, Mac Prichard and guest speakers share expert career advice and practical tips to pursue your dream employment.

Listen to inspirational stories, job search tactics, and secrets to build a purposeful career.

6. Happen To Your Career – HTYC

Happen To Your Career is one of the popular career podcasts to listen to if you are looking for a profession you love. The podcast host Scott Barlow helps people to recognize their unique talent and provides practical advice and career path to pursue the work they love.

Scott regularly invites guest speakers who have switched careers to do what they enjoy doing to share their stories on this platform.

7. How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Unlike other podcasts on our list, How To Fail With Elizabeth Day is a motivational podcast for job hunters. On this podcast, interviewees, and people who have gained success in their career field after failure share their stories.

If you are bored of your lengthy job hunt process or have been laid off and want motivation to keep your spirits high, this podcast will help you!

8. The Job Hunting Podcast

The Job Hunting Podcast is one of the most helpful podcasts for career enthusiasts. Here you find career advice, actionable strategies, expert advice, and much more to boost your employment search. The podcast covers various topics to help job hunters of all levels.

9. Landed!

Landed! focuses on giving job hunt advice to help millennials get the job they love. The podcast includes content on personal branding, mindset, interview tips, etc. It also shares actionable insights on what should be improved to land the profession you love!

10. Switch, Pivot, Or Quit with Ahyiana Angel

Switch, Pivot, or Quit is a popular podcast hosted by Ahyiana Angel, who switched her career from sports entertainment publicist to a published author.

Through her podcast, she shares actionable tips and practical advice to those looking to switch careers. You can also listen to inspiring stories of women.

11. Being Boss Series

The Being Boss Series is the podcast to listen to if you are interested in establishing your business, freelancing, or side hustling. The hosts of this show offer advice on entrepreneurship and encourage people looking for a side hustle along with their work.

In simple terms, you can learn the secrets to becoming a boss in this podcast.

12. Ready Is a Lie With Angie Lee

Angelie Lee’s show is among the top seven shows on the Forbes list. Angelie Lee is a college and corporate dropout sharing valuable career advice through her podcast.

Through her show, she helps people discover their talent, develops a proper mindset, and take a big leap in their careers.

13. The School of Greatness

The School of Greatness is hosted by Lewis Howes, the New York Times bestselling author and former athlete. Lewis Howes invites world-class athletes, industry leaders, business people, and entertainment icons to share inspirational stories.

Listen to this podcast to learn how to unlock your inner greatness and live your best life.

14. Canadian Job Search Podcast

While looking for a new job, you might face challenges during the job search and interview rounds. The Canadian Job Search Podcast provides tips from industry experts, recruiters, and leaders to crack interviews and land your next job effortlessly.

This podcast aims to help people land the profession they want.

15. Career Talk: Learn — Grow — Thrive

Unlike other podcasts on our list, Career Talk is a podcast that provides career advice through a funny and playful approach. The host, Stephanie Dennis, helps millennials excel in their career field by providing an actionable career strategy, knowledge, and skills.

After listening to her lighthearted tone, you’ll fall in love with this career podcast.

16. David Lawrence Recruitment Show

David Lawrence’s podcast is best for those seeking motivation while searching for jobs. The podcast has short episodes filled with recruitment and success tips. It covers various career topics, including resume building, interview tips, how LinkedIn helps search for employment, etc.

17. Side Hustle School

If you want extra income aside from your regular paycheck, the Side Hustle School is the podcast to listen to. The show is written and hosted by Chris Guillebeau, a New York Times bestselling author.

He emphasizes the importance of side hustle to earn more money and how to create a profitable side gig. He shares stories of people who have established a side hustle and how they’ve succeeded.

18. Career Coaching with Jessness

Jessica Smith is a technical recruiter and the host of the Career Coaching podcast. She shares actionable tips to help millennials at every stage of their job hunting. You’ll find episodes from interview prep to personal branding on this show.

If you feel stuck while searching for employment, check out this podcast for tips to land your dream work.

19. Mastering College to Career

Mastering College to Career is a popular podcast by career coach Daniel Botero. The podcast aims to prepare students from their college days to land a career they love. The host also interviews career experts to share tips on interviewing, resume writing, networking, etc.


How do I find a job podcast?

You can find an employment podcast on Google by searching for it. You can also search for podcasts on music streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, and others. Such sites provide unlimited access to podcasts through their subscription plans.

What is the job podcast?

Job Podcast is a podcast sharing employment tips. It provides strategies and advice on searching for employment, preparing for interviews, building a resume, etc.


Whether you are looking for employment, want a proper work-life balance, or for career success, the podcasts listed in this article will get you sorted! You can listen to these podcasts on music streaming sites or their websites. And to get the most out of these podcasts, listen to them carefully and take notes while listening.

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