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Harry Urschel is a Talent Acquisition Leader, Executive Recruiter, Job Search Coach, and Writer in the Minneapolis area with over 25 years of career development experience.

He’s been a Top 5 Recruiter and Leader... hiring, developing, and managing some of the highest performing teams in one of the largest international firms.

For 10 years he worked independently in an Executive Search firm he founded, called e-Executives.

He's also been the Minneapolis Practice Leader for the Search Practice of Baker Tilly.

He’s influenced thousands of people, changing and maximizing their careers. Along the way, he’s seen first-hand what works in a job search and career advancement, and what doesn’t. He’s also seen how technology and market conditions have dramatically changed a career search today, and he teaches how to successfully adapt.

Harry teaches job search courses, leads networking groups, and authors this site whose articles are used by a number of publications, schools, and organizations.

He speaks regularly on job search and career related topics. He’s been interviewed as a career expert in pieces for CNN, ComputerWorld, Chicago Tribune, JobTalkAmerica, multiple books, and other venues.

Through recruiting, hiring, and coaching he gains a unique perspective of what works in today's job market and what doesn't. The strategies, ideas, and resources shared here can accelerate any job search toward better results!

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