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Job search advice only works when it’s applied!

Clearly, not all advice is good advice. No advice, however, works if it’s not applied!

Many job seekers look for ideas, best practices, strategies, techniques and other advice for hours each day.

Some, when they are with others, often talk as if they themselves are job search experts. They’ve learned it all… and yet, they are still unemployed.

The disconnect is in how much, or how little of the advice they’ve applied to their search.

Networking with others doesn’t work if you don’t reach out to contacts and potential employers.

Customizing your resume for each job doesn’t work if you don’t do it.

Sending a Thank You note after a networking meeting or interview doesn’t help you land a job if you don’t send one.

Interviews don’t go so well if you don’t take the time to prepare.

… and on, and on!

While some pieces of advice may not be as effective as others, and not all advice ought to be adhered to… many job seekers procrastinate and find excuses for not applying any of it.

The reasons vary.

Some are afraid of putting in all the effort without any results and becoming more discouraged.

Some are not willing to do anything outside of their comfort zones.

Some are convinced that their circumstances are different and none of the advice will work.

Some get stuck in “Analysis Paralysis” and can’t past the “research” phase.

Some are simply not willing to put in the effort.

Make a point of applying some of the advice you find today, and begin the process of becoming more effective in your job search!


Don’t get stuck in “Analysis Paralysis”!
Don’t wait for the ducks!
It's Not Easy!
Consider the source!

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