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What LinkedIn Can’t Do Effectively

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for a job search. I’ve often claimed that LinkedIn has been a game changer for a job search these last few years. There has never been a resource as powerful and helpful before.

However, there is one scenario when LinkedIn can’t be effective…

Trying to pursue multiple career path possibilities at the same time.

For someone that has had multiple functional responsibilities in their career history, and very open to new opportunities in any one of those areas, it’s difficult to gain credible interest from their LinkedIn profile.

When they are pursuing a specific role, they can customize a resume to emphasize the most relevant skills and experience.

On LinkedIn, however, they don’t know what the recruiter or employer is looking for, so all their experience is listed to “catch” any interest they can. To that recruiter or employer, however, the background doesn’t compare well to other profiles they are reviewing that show more specialized experience. They are not likely to be contacted.

While it may seem to be a good strategy to keep your “options open”, the reality is it becomes much more difficult to land a position than to narrow your search to a specific type of role. Someone “open” to a number of types of opportunities seems less serious to an employer than someone that seems to know what they want to do.

Someone can focus their LinkedIn profile on one type of position. However, if they are pursuing something else, and that employer looks up their LinkedIn profile, it’s likely to raise red flags.

There is no easy solution to the problem. Being aware, however, of the limitations and likely impressions a “keeping options open” profile is likely create is important to recognize.

Deciding a career direction, and focusing all your effort in that direction is the most likely strategy to produce results.

LinkedIn is awesome, however, it can’t accomplish every objective!


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