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Reconnect for results!

Often, job seekers aren’t as effective as they could be because they are only hit and run networkers!

They might chat with someone at a networking group, reach out with a phone call, meet someone for an informational interview, or connect in some other way, and perhaps get an additional contact or lead, or not.

Unfortunately, for most job seekers, that one meeting is all there is.

It’s not unusual for that contact to think of something a few days, weeks, or a couple of months later. At that  point, however, they either can’t remember how to connect, or assumes that the job seeker probably landed by then. Opportunity lost!

The solution?

Reconnect with every contact on a regular basis. Every 4 to 6 weeks, send out an email to everyone you’ve been in contact with regarding your job search so far.

People who have done this consistently, report that email to be the greatest source of new leads, referrals, encouragement for their job search each month. Previous contacts are reminded of your search, ideas that came to them earlier will likely now be shared. Their thought process for referrals is renewed. Or, at the very least, many are likely offer encouragement and hope. When a job search drags on, every bit of encouragement helps!

If you’ve been networking effectively, the number of contacts can become large. Personalizing a note to each one can become burdensome. Sending a group email is most practical, however, put all the email addresses into the BCC field so that each contact doesn’t see who else it’s going to.

Key points in the email are to show you’ve been active (not just waiting by the phone for a call), that you are pursuing all you can, and that you are still interested in connecting with others in the process.

An example might be something like…



I’m reaching out to reconnect regarding my job search. I’m grateful for all the ideas, insight, referrals and leads I’ve been receiving and have been very active at pursuing appropriate leads wherever I can. In the last month, I’ve had multiple interviews, a great number of networking meetings, and many new connections. It’s been a great process.

While I’m still in process on certain opportunities, I continue to be grateful for any additional referrals, contacts or leads. I appreciate any ideas or insight you may have.

Also, please do reach out any time I might be able to be of help to you in some way!



Including some specific examples of companies where you are being considered, or listing specific companies you’d like to target can add credibility, and generate additional ideas.

Reconnecting with previous contacts can be one of the greatest ways to become a more effective networker. Try it and see!


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