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Networking for what you want, or settling with job boards

Job boards seem great. They have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of jobs in your area and seem like the perfect place to find that new career venture.

They are, however, one of the least productive resources for finding the job you want!

Depending on which surveys you read, only somewhere between 10% and 16% of job seekers find their new position through a job board.

Of those, a large percentage settle for a job they were able to get rather than a job they would really want.

The issue lies in the fact that once a job is posted online, it’s available for the whole world to see… and apply to. Dozens, or hundreds apply. The only applicants that are contacted are the ones that are an obvious fit. Those, whose resumes show they most recently worked in a role most similar to the one at hand.

For a job seeker that has transferrable skills, but not an exact match in experience, however, wants to expand their horizons with new responsibilities, will most certainly be out of luck.

Even for the job seeker whose resume does show they have recent experience that matches the job closely, they are typically one of many with similar qualifications. The odds are generally not in their favor.

If, with enough online applications, the job seeker does land a job, it’s often one that they were finally able to secure rather than one they would have really preferred.

Reaching out and networking within the companies you would prefer, whether an appropriate position is posted or not, produces much greater odds of landing a more prized role.

Ultimately, uncovering a role that is early in the planning process, and not yet posted for the world to see, is the best way to arrive at the desired goal.

Most job seekers spend the majority of their time surfing job boards and applying to an endless array of posted opportunities. Generally with negligible results.

Spending a majority of job search time pursuing contacts at targeted companies is the way to land the job of your dreams!

Don’t become overly attracted to job boards!  They generally only get you what’s left rather than what you want!

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