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If you’re a job seeker, and you have a profile on LinkedIn so that recruiters, HR people, hiring managers can find you… how will they reach you?

If they are very impressed by your background and know they want to talk to you… they MIGHT use one of their InMail messages, or introductions, or find some other way to reach out. However, if you’re someone that looks interesting, but they’re not sure, it’s unlikely they will use their limited LinkedIn resources or put in the added effort to find a way to reach out.

It’s often that those “interesting” candidates get the job even if it’s not initially clear they are a great fit. If you’re too hard to reach though, the opportunity is likely to be lost.

Unless you’re a first level connection, LinkedIn doesn’t show your contact information to someone that finds you in a search.

So what’s the solution?

Put your phone number and/or email address in your profile! Near the top… where it’s easy to see!

Active job seekers miss opportunities all the time because there is no easy or obvious way to reach them. Getting found on LinkedIn requires a good profile, however, if you’re found, gain interest, and then make it difficult for them to connect, the profile doesn’t do you much good!

Be sure to include your contact information, easily visible, on your LinkedIn profile and see if it doesn’t improve your results!


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