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Unknown said...

Awesome. Its not like me to give out praise to anyone, but I must say your blog has delivered me from the hell of searching.

Honestly, I didn't know how to do a job search. Your blog is easy to follow and easy to find stuff, so I don't spend a lot of time searching or reading through stuff I don't need at the moment.

And now I'm tied down with family matters, its so easy for me to give up over that. But your blog has a section for that too which got me back on track.

Tomorrow is Canada Day, and its election year. Lots of city staff around the park. I'm bringing my business cards, because the city is on my target list of places to work for.

So yeah, I didn't know where to start a job search before reading your blog.

Thank you

Harry Urschel said...

Thank you Joan! I appreciate the comments and am gratified that the blog has been helpful to you.

Best wishes on your continued search, and keep at it.


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