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Never eat alone

If you’ve read much at all about job search, you’ve surely gotten the idea that effective networking is critical to landing a new position quickly.

Networking, however, is important for far more than a job search. Success in your career, success socially, success in charitable endeavors, and success in personal relationships can all be enhanced with effective networking.

One of my favorite books to help understand that more fully is:

never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi

His original book has been a New York Times bestseller, full of very practical advice and inspiration. It is now updated with more current topics, encouragement, and prescriptions for building and improving your professional and personal relationships.

The biggest update to the new edition is about how to successfully utilize social media in your efforts.
What has always appealed to me about the original book, and now this update, is his emphasis on being a friend before expecting something. Being sincere and genuine is more important than any process. Building relationships instead of simply adding connections is far more enriching professionally and personally.

The same is true in social media interaction. Adding contacts alone, without relationship does little to nothing when it comes to being able to gain benefit from your networking. Staying in touch regularly is key to building those relationships. Whether it’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, phone, email, text or any other form of communication, it’s critical to turning a contact into a valued professional relationship and… friend.

The book is full of “Connectors’ Hall of Fame Profiles” that illustrate points with examples of specific famous people in history that have demonstrated their mastery of those points. The stories give real-world examples of how they are done well.

Understanding that adding real value to others in all your interactions makes all the difference in the world. Being the one that brings value instead of the one always looking for something from others makes your call welcome rather than one to avoid.

Never miss an opportunity to be a friend, form a new relationship or form a stronger relationship. Thus the title… Never eat alone.

If you want to get a far greater picture of what great networking is all about, and how you can become a better networker yourself, be sure to check out this expanded and updated edition of never eat alone!

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