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Picking a career?

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Jobs of the Future
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Never eat alone

If you’ve read much at all about job search, you’ve surely gotten the idea that effective networking is critical to landing a new position quickly.

Networking, however, is important for far more than a job search. Success in your career, success socially, success in charitable endeavors, and success in personal relationships can all be enhanced with effective networking.

One of my favorite books to help understand that more fully is:

never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi

His original book has been a New York Times bestseller, full of very practical advice and inspiration. It is now updated with more current topics, encouragement, and prescriptions for building and improving your professional and personal relationships.

The biggest update to the new edition is about how to successfully utilize social media in your efforts.
What has always appealed to me about the original book, and now this update, is his emphasis on being a friend before expecting something. Being sincere and genuine is more important than any process. Building relationships instead of simply adding connections is far more enriching professionally and personally.

The same is true in social media interaction. Adding contacts alone, without relationship does little to nothing when it comes to being able to gain benefit from your networking. Staying in touch regularly is key to building those relationships. Whether it’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, phone, email, text or any other form of communication, it’s critical to turning a contact into a valued professional relationship and… friend.

The book is full of “Connectors’ Hall of Fame Profiles” that illustrate points with examples of specific famous people in history that have demonstrated their mastery of those points. The stories give real-world examples of how they are done well.

Understanding that adding real value to others in all your interactions makes all the difference in the world. Being the one that brings value instead of the one always looking for something from others makes your call welcome rather than one to avoid.

Never miss an opportunity to be a friend, form a new relationship or form a stronger relationship. Thus the title… Never eat alone.

If you want to get a far greater picture of what great networking is all about, and how you can become a better networker yourself, be sure to check out this expanded and updated edition of never eat alone!

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Ya’ Gotta Have a Card!

Job Seekers are constantly told they have to network for an effective job search. That is true, and yet so many people don’t do it… or when they do, they do it poorly.

There is plenty written on this site and so many others about how to become a better job search networker. One aspect that’s not often covered, however, is the importance of having business cards! There are many reasons they are a critical part of the process, however, a great many job seekers don’t have them, or don’t use them.

Ponder these factors…


Lead opportunities are limited without them.

While it’s terrific to meet someone and chat about who else they know or opportunities they may be aware of… they are often very likely to think of other information for you after you part ways. If they didn’t already know you beforehand, how will they reconnect? Leads are often missed because the person with the opportunity didn’t know how to reach you! Giving them a business card is no guarantee, however, your odds are greatly improved that they may re-contact you with new ideas, advice, referrals or leads if they have a card with your contact information!


Still the most dependable form of information transfer.

Smart phones, tablets, smart watches and other forms of new media transfer and storage can be tremendous tools to trade contact information. The reality, however, is that we are still in an age where only a small percentage of people have the appropriate tools, apps, or knowledge of how to use them effectively even if they have them. If you only rely on opportunities to trade information by smart phone, you will miss out on sharing contacts with the vast majority of people you meet.


Greater likelihood of getting theirs if you offer yours.

Ideally, you obtain the contact information from everyone you meet so that you can be the one to take the initiative to follow up… always thanking contacts for their time and consideration, and making sure you include your full contact information in an email you send them. Human nature, though, can be funny at times. Simply asking someone for their business card, will often be met with reluctance or skepticism. Offering yours and asking for theirs in exchange, however, will much more likely be met without resistance at all. If you don’t have one yourself, it puts you at a distinct disadvantage.


Very little excuse not to.

Professional looking business cards can be had very cheaply… or often even free. There are multiple online and local printers that offer free business cards in limited quantities… especially for job seekers. Do an online search for “free business cards” and you will find a plethora of options. You can even take advantage of multiple offers to have a variety of styles or customized information for various audiences or occasions. When they are easy to get, and very little, or no cost, it’s hard to say it’s not worthwhile.


While business cards are certainly not the ultimate arrow in your quiver, they are a vital tool for effective networking and follow up. As you’re preparing for your next networking meeting, informational interview, or chance meeting at the grocery store…

Ya’ Gotta Have a Card!


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Choosing how to start… Money or Experience?

As new grads begin seeking their first career positions they sometimes have options between multiple opportunities. Often there is a choice to make between an opportunity that may pay more, and one that may be an investment in their future.

While the appeal of an impressive salary is clear… both for bragging rights and the ability to pay bills and fund a lifestyle, it may not be the best long term strategy.

Many career choices have an ‘ideal’ track that produce lasting benefits throughout a career:

In Accounting, a few years at a “Big 4” CPA firm (KPMG, PWC, EY, Deloitte) will benefit a someone throughout their career.

In Marketing, a few years at a Fortune 100 Consumer Products company (e.g. P&G or others) can be a valuable asset.

In Engineering, a few years at a Fortune 100 manufacturing company (e.g. GE or others) sets someone up very well.

And in many careers, the same is true.

Someone in Accounting and Finance will see the benefit of a few years at a Big 4 firm throughout their career. They will get interviews when others won’t, and edge others out of offers simply because of that highly desirable background on their resume.

Jobs at those firms won’t necessarily offer the highest salaries in the short-run, but the investment in time and effort in those firms will pay dividends for the rest of their careers.

What choices do you have to make?

A choice that’s better as a long-term investment rather than a short-term advantage is likely to be a decision you will never regret!

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