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Watch For News on LinkedIn!

As with so many aspects of LinkedIn, your Home Page can be a tremendous resource in a job search. The more 1st level connections you accumulate, the more useful it becomes.

The Home Page lists updates from all of your connections. They may include:

Job changes
Work anniversaries
Posts of news or comments
Comments they make on other’s posts
Upcoming events
New connections
Introductions to others
Changes to profiles
…and so much more!

Keeping in mind that LinkedIn represents your professional connections, those updates can be great pieces of market intelligence or specific leads for your search!

Did one of your connections update their title to reflect a promotion? What a great opportunity to nurture a relationship by congratulating them. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to professionally, unassumingly inquire about opportunities in their organization now that they are in a more senior role. Perhaps their promotion leaves an open position that needs to be filled. What other opportunities might you deduce from one of your connections receiving a promotion?

Did one of your connections change jobs to a new company? Are they announcing a new venture? Are they referencing someone else that works at one of your target companies? Have they reached a new anniversary milestone that makes clear they’re well entrenched at their company? Did they comment on an article that reflects your views or expertise?

These, and so many other “updates” can represent great opportunities to learn about new companies, new people, new industry ideas or trends, or further foster a valuable business relationship to further your networking opportunities for your job search and career.

Too often, people skip their home page in their quest of other information on LinkedIn. Taking the time to scroll through and creatively think of professional and mutually beneficial ways to improve the quality of your network or find new opportunities is time very well spent!

Don’t skip past your LinkedIn Home Page… look for news you can use!

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