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The 20-Minute Networking Meeting

I’m not generally one to recommend books to job seekers very often. Mostly because I know that people will rarely read them. There is a great deal of valuable information online for free (including on this site!), and people usually don’t go spend the money.

This is one book, however, that I do highly recommend…

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting: How Little Meetings Can Lead To Your Next Big Job   by Marcia Bollinger

The book had been referred to me a few times over the course of a few months when it first came out, and I, like others, just never got around to it. Finally, after hearing it brought up enough times, I read it… and WOW!

Marcia Bollinger, a recruiter like myself, articulated what great networking should look like as well as I’ve ever heard. She illustrates through real-life stories what most people do wrong, and gives terrific instruction and examples of what could be done right!

Her style of writing is very easy to digest, and the book is a quick read. Most importantly, however, page after page I was agreeing with her about networking blunders and what a highly effective meeting can look like. It takes preparation, and a conscientious effort to stay on track, and on time. She describes each in great detail.

While there certainly is a lot of great information out there about networking, this book is a direct, concise, and spot-on tutorial on how to do it well.

I have no stake in this book, and get no compensation if you buy it… but The 20-Minute Networking Meeting is a book well worth reading if you want your networking efforts to be far more productive!


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