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Take This Prize or Wait for Door #3 in Your Job Search?

One of the most difficult things for a job seeker to deal with, is when job offers don’t come at the same time!

In an ideal world, you would receive all potential offers on the same day. You could lay them out on your dining room table, create your pro/con lists, and make the most rational decision of which offer to accept.

The reality, in the vast majority of cases, is that an offer comes, and other potential offers are still a week or two away. The employer making an offer wants, and deserves, an answer in the next day or two because they want to go after the next person in case you decline.

The process feels like a game show! Do you take the prize you’ve already won, or give it back in the hopes of a better prize package behind Door #3?!?


If you’re reading this article in order to get a flat answer to your career choice dilemma… I’m sorry to disappoint you, because it’s a decision you have to make on your own. There is no answer for everyone’s choices and circumstances.

Here are some things, however, to consider as you choose…

How are your finances?

If you are in dire straits financially, and don’t know if you can wait for another ‘potential’ offer, then your decision should be relatively easy. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush!

No matter how sure another offer seems, nothing is ever for certain and things happen along the way. If you were to pass on the current offer, and the other one never comes, are you able to make it financially while you continue your job hunt for an uncertain period of time? Doing the math may make the choice an easy one.

Culture matters!

While a current offer may seem attractive from a financial standpoint, the fit into the organization has a great deal of bearing on your likely success in the role or not. Compensation alone is never a good indicator of whether a position is the right fit or not.

Be sure to ask questions and evaluate the entire position and culture without rose colored glasses to determine if the position is one where you can be successful. If it’s not, waiting for one that does will help ensure you won’t be looking for another opportunity again in a few months.

What is your process for making decisions?

How do you make other important decisions in your life? Do you flip a coin? Or do you have a process to lead you to a well reasoned conclusion?

Seek advice from people you respect and consider wise. Write out your pro’s and con’s. Observe what’s worked or hasn’t worked for others. If you trust God… pray that He give you a sense of peace or restlessness about the different options.

Run the ‘data’ through your decision making process to come to a conclusion that you feel is the right one.

What does your gut tell you?

Trusting your gut is a factor that you have to determine for yourself. Has your “gut” been consistently right in the past? If not, don’t trust it now! Sometimes, your “gut” may just be reacting to a bad burrito!

However, if you’re “gut” reaction has proven to be a pretty good indicator for you in the past about various decisions you’ve made, you should certainly take it into consideration on this decision as well.

It’s your decision to make!

No one else can, or should, make your decision for you. You are the one who will need to live with the consequences every day as you go to your new job, or lack of a job if you pass and things don’t work out as planned. Take the responsibility. Process the information completely, and once you’ve made a choice, don’t look back! You can never change the past. You can only change the direction of your future. Be satisfied with your choice and make the best of every situation.

So, should you take the current offer, or wait for “Door #3”? Only you can decide!


Do the Math!

No Job and Running Out of Money!

Fill ‘Er Up!

Know Yourself!

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