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Networking and Friendraising

I was talking to a friend who was telling me about a project he took on to help a non-profit organization raise funds for a new multi-million dollar facility. As he was doing research into fundraising best-practices, he came across the concept of Friendraising.

As he described the concept, it made a world of sense to me and I immediately saw the parallel to effective networking in a job search.

When fundraising, people generally seek one contact after another to tell the story of what they are trying to accomplish and ask them for a financial contribution toward the cause.

If, however, they instead take the time to become a friend and gain a friend, they are ultimately more likely to gain a larger donor and advocate.

When the process is primarily hit-and-run relationship, with a focus on what I need you to do for me, results are not great.

When the process is building lasting relationships, with a focus on how I can be a benefit to you, and let’s share common interests, results can be amazing!

When a prospective donor gains a friend that cares about them and not just their money, they are more likely to show an interest in your passions as well. When they more fully understand the mission that drives their friend, they are much more likely to get more invested with their emotions, their time, and their money.

The exact same dynamic is true of job search networking. When a contact sees the job seeker as a new found friend that has an interest in them rather than just seeking a quick referral or lead, they are much more likely to want to help in more meaningful ways and continue to want to help over a longer period.

Great networking is about building relationships, not accosting strangers for information!

Take the concept of Friendraising and apply it to your job search networking for better results… and make new friends in the process!


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