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Doing the hard things now to make life easier later

Many of us live our lives in a way to avoid difficulties, pain, and things that are hard for us. Our primary objective is to have a pain-free, easy, and comfortable life.

The irony is… often, doing only the easy things now makes life more difficult later, and doing the hard things now can make life easier down the road!

This principle applies in countless ways in our lives. It’s important in education, relationships, family, careers, hobbies, sports, and in a job search.

Working hard in school, studying instead of overly socializing, and making the effort to achieve a difficult degree will pay big dividends in a career. Working hard, achieving a high GPA and a degree in Engineering is very likely to land a job more quickly and pay more throughout a career than skating by and barely graduating with a degree in “Basket-Weaving Studies”. The hard work for a difficult degree up-front makes life much easier later.

Carving substantial time out of your busy schedule of work and favorite past-times to invest in your family will pay off big dividends in a more enjoyable and easier time with your relationships in the future. Allowing your schedule to run you and not being deliberate with your family typically pays off in hardship and heartbreak down the road.

Taking care of your health through difficult and usually unwelcome physical activity now can pay off in a more active and less painful life in your senior years. Avoiding the sweat and the toil now often produces hardship later.

Similarly, avoiding the hard things in your job search is likely to make it more difficult and longer than it need be.

    Avoiding networking calls because they are uncomfortable for you will likely mean that your job search results will be very anemic.

    Avoiding customizing your resume for each job you pursue because it takes a lot more time and effort will likely mean little response.

    Avoiding writing out and practicing common interview questions and answers because it’s a lot of extra work will likely mean that interviews don’t go as well as they could compared to other more prepared candidates.

There are countless other examples where doing the difficult, uncomfortable, strenuous, time-consuming, and sometimes stressful tasks now can produce faster, better, and more satisfying results later.

Don’t avoid the hard things! See them as an investment in an easier future and you’ll be glad you did.


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