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Ya’ Gotta’ Be On The Ball!

One of the biggest speed bumps for too many job seekers in landing in a new position is a lack of projecting a sense of urgency in their networking, interviews, and follow up. It hinders them in making things happen, and it gives their contacts doubts when they’re considering giving more referrals.

If you want people to be more willing to help you in your search…

Ya’ gotta’ be on the ball!

The people you are connecting with want to see that you’re serious about your search and are jumping on things right away. If they gain that perception from you, you’ll often find that they will continue to feed you with leads, ideas and referrals.

If they don’t see you take initiative, or if they see you drag your feet on follow through, they won’t bother putting more time or mental effort into trying to help you.

You may not like it… but that’s the way it is!

As part of my activities in teaching job search classes, and in my recruiting business, one of my biggest frustrations is when I give someone a job lead, a networking contact, or make an introduction for them and they take days or weeks to follow up. It’s incredibly common.

If they don’t have a sense of urgency about it, and they don’t make an effort to respond right away then why should I extend myself any further to help them?

For people that do respond right away, and jump on the opportunity to connect with the people I give them, I go out of my way to continue to feed them with more ideas and referrals. If it’s clear it’s important to them, then I’ll make it a priority as well.

The number one complaint I hear in return from contacts I’ve referred job seekers to is always related to a sense of urgency as well. They tell me things like:

  • I never heard from them

  • It took them a week to call me

  • I told them to send me something / call me back / follow up and they didn’t

  • It didn’t seem like they were very interested in anything right now

Then, even if the job seeker does follow up later, the networking contact is polite, but has no intention of referring anyone else. They’re not about to subject one of their contacts to someone that doesn’t seem to take it seriously.

As a result, the job seeker often says…

“This networking thing doesn’t work for me.  I never get referrals I need!”

Demonstrate a sense of urgency! When you get a lead or referral… follow up on it TODAY, or tomorrow at the latest! Then, immediately follow up with the person that gave it to you, thank them, let them know the result, and that you’re grateful for any additional ideas they have as well.  You’ll find your results improve dramatically.

Be on the ball… and your job search will become more productive!


What keeps YOU from following up?


Help them help you!

Don’t drop the ball after you land

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